Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 5 Episode 11

The Lexicon of Love, Part One

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 28, 2005 on MTV - Music Television

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  • Paige and Alex go to "Jay and Silent Bob Go Canadian Eh,?" movie premiere.

    "Lexicon of Love" Part 1 is a fun Degrassi episode to watch. I really love the Paige and Alex friendship and I love that they become more than just friends. I just love how they completely flirt with each other in this episode yet, both are unaware that they like each other even more than they think. I love how they pretend to be lesbians to get into the after party after watching "Jay and Silent Bob Go Canadian,Eh?". I love how Paige and Alex kiss at the end of the episode. I give this episode a 9/10.
  • Paige and Alex make out...wooptie wow.

    I honestly don't get why other people are rating this 9 and 10. Are they mostly guys who want to see girl on girl action or something?

    The secondary plot of Snake cheating on Spike was somewhat good. Would have been better if it was the main plot, but Next Generation is supposed to be about the current Degrassians I suppose. I just see these parts better written and acted than the whole "Oh my God, Alex and Paige have been kissing each other," thing. At least with Snake and Hatzilakos it wasn't completely pulled out of the magicians hat like Paige and Alex because it was somewhat set up when Snake started having his little mid-life crisis.

    I agree with a thread on to a certain extent. It must be some kind of Kevin Smith curse.
  • Scandalous! It definitely goes there.

    This episode was so scandalous, like the most scandalous of Season 5, this episode was so amazing, I just can't stand it! The premiere of Jay & Silent Bob, everyone is having a good time, too much of a good time, Jay pursues Alex again, Emma & Peter are secretly dating & making out, Manny & Craig are celebrities of the night, Snake cheats on Spike with the principal, and Paige & Alex kiss for the first time, a fiery episode filled with surprises, and when Emma doesn't know if she should tell Spike cause she saw them when she was sneaking around with Peter so that means Peter & Emma could be siblings!? A great cliffhanger & a great way to fit in Alex's miserable home life. Most scandalous episode yet!
  • ok i liked it. i did...

    yeah i don't know what is this but ok, i'll shut up
    the episode when is the best of all i just don't care maybe wella little came on to her so she would have a lot of that she calls love or so this is so boing allready i'm lost of all the things she told him ill guess i'll keep on trying or whatever this wants me to do. sure i will
  • Paige gets confused about her personal life after a rough night with alex...

    Again another great episode u loved it! I was so excited to see it because everyone was like paige is a lesbian and i was like what! So i couldnt wait to see it and i think hazel handled it really well but not so much for paige but she got over the fact about what her friends thought and went for it with alex which was also a good thing about the episode! Also alex didnt really take it too well either but they both got over it! Another great degrassi the next generation episode!
  • Unexpected surprise!

    Who would had thought that Paige & Alex would had turned into... PALEX! I was totally shocked in the beginning, but then again I wasn't. I had a feeling the show may go in this direction with these two especially viewing them in "Islands in the Stream" and "Death of a Disco Dancer." I loved how they made Jay jealous of the whole situation in the first show and how Alex stuck up for Paige. I thought that was too cute! Of course, when the kiss happened I founded it to be cute, Paige was too funny when she pulled away and how Alex wanted to get all into it somemore. Paige thought she was totally into guys, now she has to deal with possibly of being into girls.
  • OMG!!!!!!!!!!

    Okay that episode was AWSOME!!!So Pagie is a lesbean!!It really made me made when Pagie kept on dening she was.I would see it coming.It is so crazy!Now Marco is not left out!LOL!!!Just JOKING!!!!Anyway!!!Emma really needs to tell Manny about her liking him,or it is going to get very ugly!I feel so bad for Emma though because her step dad was making out with the princpal.That would be awful!!This episode was AWSOME!I can,t wait tell the next one!!Oh yeah!!I am in the US so that was the season permire!!
  • See some truths come out.

    With the first new episode shown on The-N, I have to say that I found this episode rather interesting and entertaining to watch.

    What I found interesting about the episode is Alex and Paige. Wow, the two girls are now a couple. While I thought it was nice to see Degrassi tackle issues such as sexuallity again, this time with the most popular girl on the show, Paige being sexually interested with a girl from the wrong side of the track. However, one thing that I didn't find rather believable was how the episode started out, with Alex being extremely infatuated with Paige, which I found very obvious when they had their first scene together. My first thought was where did this come from, espcially since the last episode they were in together, there was no attraction in this way between them. However, like I said, I thought that this storyline was rather interesting, I can't wait to see how it plays out. And one thing that I found really entertaining about was the character of Jay and how his take of Alex and Paige whenever he saw them getting a little intimate. I have to say that he was having a lot of fun watching them and always had a snide remark to make to them.

    With Snake and Mrs. H., when he started riding that motor bike a few episodes back, I wasn't surprised that their storyline was going in that direction when Mrs. H expressed a profound interest in motorcycles. While I'm sure it's understandable that with all Snake went through with his cancer, it seems that it was destined that he would want a major change in his life. I was just a little sad that it had to happen to Spike. I just hope that they get back together.

    I have to say that I found this episode of Degrassi: the Next Generation to be really well written. I like how they continue to tackle tough issues every week in the new episodes.
  • Palex! Pemma! Snakespike or Snakzilakos?

    I really enjoyed this episode. After reading the transcript for this episode, I was really excited about it. Acting was par, except for the whole affair thing with Ms. Hatzilakos and Mr. Simpson. Also, the PeterxEmma secret love thing is getting old. Out of the three main two parters so far in season 5 (Venus, Turned Out, Lexicon of Love), this was the best out of all of them. And then there was part 2...
  • What an exciting way to start the new season.

    This episode was amazing. It teaches teenagers that having feelings for the same sex will eventually come up. It doesn't happen to everyone, but alot of people have questions and wonder about it, and like to experiment. And in my opinion experimenting with it is fine, because if they get older and then decide they want to try it, it could be alot different, they could be married with kids and could ruin a relationship, or never know what might have been. It teaches teenagers not to be scared and not to hide their true selves. Like the qoute "it's better to be hated for who you are than to be loved for who you're not" Don't hide your true self. I loved the episode, it was very well written and very well played out by the characters. These are real issues in the world today, and Degrassi is a very good way to help people figure it out.
  • Okay yea i know that alex and paoge get together but do u not care that mrs.h and Mr.simpson kiss!

    so i dont get it emma goes out with some random guy who is not only a perv. but ruined her bestfriends rep and am i the only one who thinks shes turning into a slut . so i dont get it whats wrong with her?and paige i honestly hope she has a good relationship with alex cause shes had a hard time with relationships so yea.
  • This episode is one of the reasons why I watch Degrassi The Next Generation. With the confusion between sexuality to the infidelity, it\'s certainly a great episode.

    This episode would seem like a plain old episode until you start the foreshadowing of Paige and Alex\'s relationship. Paige stands up for Alex in front of her friends, Paige gets her tickets etc. But when Paige finds out she\'s not in the movie, she decides not to go. Alex makes her and the night heats up for them, with their slut act to the dirty dancing all the way to the good night kiss.

    The other good part of the episode is Emma and Peter’s plans to sneak away at the premiere, but they find out they aren’t the only ones who aren’t suppose to be together when Emma’s step dad: Snake and Peter’s mom: Ms. Hatzilakos are making out in the theatre. Emma confronts Snake at home, but she says she will keep it a secret… for now.
  • Pagie promised Hazel that they would go to the movie premiere together but then she realizes that it would mean more to alex so she takes alex instead. Pagie and alex kiss also Emma finds her dad (mr. simpson) kissing the pricipal.

    This was one of the best degrassi episodes. I think that page was great for taking alex. She really felt a connection with her it was so obvious. The whole alex and pagie kiss was excelent. It was sad that emma caught her father kissing the principal of all people. It was good that Peter and Emmma hooked up. It was sad what happened to alex when her mom's boyfriend pushed her on the floor into the table. I think that pagie was extremely confused at the end.
  • Paige and Alex, TOGETHER!!!

    This I have to say is byfar the best episode of the series, it has everything an episode needs to have. Although they did the sexuality storyline already they did it beautifully with Alex and Paige and they took it from another point of view. This episode also seemed very real to me as seeing two of my friends that are girls and were straight until they fell in love and became bisexual. I enjoyed Lauren and Deanna's acting and the dancing scene was a major plus! Also I liked Mike Lobel in this one a lot.

    Amazing episode with an amzing storyline. I give this episode five starts out of five.