Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 5 Episode 12

The Lexicon of Love, Part Two

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Dec 05, 2005 on MTV - Music Television

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  • Paige and Alex get closer.

    "Lexicon of Love" Part 2 is an amazing Degrassi episode. I just love Paige and Alex. In this episode Paige has to sort out her feelings because she's never kissed a girl before. I love how the character Alex develops more in this episode. She comes out to Jay as a lesbian. I'm glad that Degrassi has a lesbian character. I don't think Paige said she was bisexual in this episode exactly, but I think she's Degrassi first bisexual character. Anyways, I love how Paige and Alex ended up together at the end of the episode even though Paige was so confused about what was going on. I give this episode a 10/10
  • A continuation to the lesbian fiasco!

    This episode wasn't as good as the first part but it definitely owns up to it's to be continued, it's everything you don't expect, Paige, you can expect her freaking out, but you would just thing she would ditch Alex but she didn't which was great of her, I hate Hazel though, she only cares about her reputation. Anyways my favorite part is when they do the cheer for Kevin Smith, hysterical, also when Paige drops Darcy, also laughable! The dark side of the episode is the aftermath of the cheating fiasco. Now Emma must make a decision, tell Spike or leave as is, when she does tell her, she goes ballistic! And kicks Spike out of the house, I love how Emma gives that whole dramatic speech & ends up breaking down crying at the end, definitely unexpected, which unexpectedly leaves another cliffhanger, what now?
  • Alex and Paige kissed!

    For me this is huge even though I know how the relationship ends. Finally a lesbian couple on a very popular and influential teen show. Well at least Alex is a lesbian, Paige is just in love. Either way this was a huge move for the show. It's amazing. When I first found out Paige loved a girl I nearly knocked out, this show is one of my sisters favorites. I figured if she was cool with it, considering Paige is one of her favorite characters, she'd be cool with me. I just love this episode, my heart just dropped everytime they were on screen together. It's so beautiful.
  • I love this episode.. it is one of my favorites.

    This by far is one of my most favorite episode, even tho i havent actually seen it yet. I hate to say this but i know who the two girls feel. This has happened to me before, but i got thru it.I kind of feel bad for Alex.The way Peige said she didnt like Alex, but I was releived when i read that Peige said that she was sorry.I really hope that the girls dont hide how they really feel. I hope they will just be true to eachother an themselves by not lying about how they feel about eachother.
  • 2 lesbians kiss its the 1st time on degrassi

    Paige and alex hump dance the night before
    paige thinks its nothing, alex loves it
    then alexs mom and her bf get into a fight and paige takes alex home to her house then paige tries to be nice and fix up alexs arm then alex just kisses her and at first paige is really confused and doesnt want to be a lesbian but after a while she becomes more comfy with it, not caring what anybody else thinks but in the high fiteldy (1) paige and alex break up and paige and spinner get back together big surprise for me but personnally i think all along paige was just going with alex for expiramantation and because she didnt want to crush alexs crush

    get what i mean?
  • The morning after...

    I surely enjoyed the second episode. Paige tried to over look the kiss from the night before and through out the day tried fighting her feelings for Alex. Of course, Jay still has feelings for Alex, but Alex has made up her mind that she wants to be with Paige. The second kiss is in this one and Paige kisses Alex the second time around. Jay tries to make it a big deal to Hazel, but Alex and Paige show their maturity by not letting others mess up their relationship.
  • after a long night at the movie permiere and the dancing paige whent home with alex to get some shoes because she lost hers at the after party paige met alexs mom and her boyfriend.well alexes mom and boyfriend were getting into a fight alex tried to sto

    instead of alex stoping them she got push on the floor and cut. after the big fight paige took alex to her house for the night because she thought alex did not have to go throught that. when they got in paiges room paige tried to fix alexs arm out of nowhere alex kissed her paige ran out the room. thew next morning pagie tried to act as if nothing happend.when they got to school alex passed paige a note telling paige to meet her some where. next bell pagie went and kissed alex 2times. alexs old boy friend jay saw them and started spreading rumors. now i am not shure about pagies sexsuality.
  • Paige and Alex: the day after.

    In the conclusion of "The Lexicon of Love", we find Paige really shaken up over the kiss that she and Alex shared the night before and unsure how to deal with her feelings towards Alex and if she is gay like her brother. And in addition to what happens with them, Spike finds out about Snake and Hatzilakos' kiss in the movie theater.

    What I thought was well written about the storyline was how Paige felt that just because she is the most popular girl at Degrassi and the head cheerleader on Spirit Squad, she can't be a lesbian, and will ultimately become the subject of ridicule becuase of her sexual preferences. What I found interesting was how Kevin Smith helped Paige in realizing that it would be alright to explore what feels right for her in her private life. Who would have thought that a guy like Kevin Smith, who comes off as a goofball would be able to give such sage advice to someone in an uncertain time in their life.

    On to Snake's affair, I'm not liking it that much. His reason for his kissing Mrs. H seemed pretty weak to me when he was telling Emma. I'm sure that some people who cheat probably don't have really good reasons for cheating on their spouses, I still don't like Snake's reasoning. Another thing that I didn't like about this storyline was Spike's comment about bringing Emma into his lie. To me, it seemed like something a kid would say. I hope that the writers make this particular storyline stronger in future episodes.

    In all, I found this to be a very good conclusion to the two-part episode, dealing with various issues that kids deal with, sometimes on a daily basis.
  • This is for part one and two. Both were amaizing.

    Starring Alex and Paige
    This was a great storyline. Palex is such a great couple. Kevin Smith actually did something good. I really like how Paige was insicure. It was great to see Jay again.

    An Afair
    Starring Emma, Peter, Snake, and Ms. Hatzilacos
    I loved this storyline and Emma was great. Seeing Emma deal was a great point of view. I loved her expression when she walked in on Snake and Ms. Hatzilacos kissing. Peter was right to try and calm her down. I liked how she was at the end. I loved when she asked if Snake loved her. It was so sad. I wish I could see more how Peter delt with everything.

    This was a super amaizingly perfect epesode.
  • Pagie and alex talk about the kiss. Pagie doesn't really want to talk about it. Paige talks to Kevin smith about her feelings and he tells her to just be with alex despite what others may say. Emma tells her mother about the kiss that her father gave.

    THis was also an excelent episode. Page kissed Alex in the ally which jay saw. You could really tell that paige wanted to be with ALex badly. I thought that it was sad that Emma's mom kicked her dad out of the house but it had to happen. Pagie and Alex look so good together.
  • Alex confronts Paige about the kiss that they shared at Paige's house the night before. Paige first brushes it off, afraid of ceding to her lesbian tendencies for fear of what others might think. After publicly denying Alex twice, she finally comes to ter

    This was a very revealing episode. Paige, a lesbian???? Who would have thought? This definitely came as asurprise to me. Although Paige and Alex had been growing extremely close as seen in previous episodes (e.g. "Death of a Disco Dancer"), I never saw this coming. It is easy to see why Paige is so uncomfortable with embracing lesbianism because her brother is already openly gay so she finds it unbelievable that they could both be homosexuals in the same family. However, inspiration from Kevin Smith causes her to come to grips with her feelings and fortunately, Alex is willing to let her back in her arms. I have definitely changed my mind about Alex now. Before I thought of her as Jay's skanky bimbo bitchy girlfriend, but now I actually regard her as a person with feelings. It's amazing how perceptions of her can change since her first appearance in Season 3's "Gangsta Gangsta." Excellent episode. Well done!
  • This episode is my favorite of all

    Okay, yeah, this storyline has already been done with Marco, but this one is so much better. It's simply much more romatic. Paige, who was always miss popularity, had all of the degrassi kingdom at her feet befriends humble Alex. Tha was a big enough step for Paige, but now she takes her to a super premeir party and falls in love but denies it. After a bit of convincing, Paige realises that she does indeed love Alex and decides that if need be, she'll give up all popularity risk being ridiculed to be with Alex, one of the students with the lowest reputation. So beautiful. Emma is in a relationship with Peter. I must say it does seem that the producers are trying to replace Sean with Peter. She's Emma's boyfriend and has Sean's spot in the opening credits. How could Emma be so stupid as to allow him so close to her. I hate to say this but I can't wait for Peter to do somthing horrible to Emma so we can get this horrible mistake of a relationship over with. Moving on, Snake just vanishes after this episode. He says he's gonna stay at Joey's, and yet next episode, where there's plenty of shots in Joey's house he's nowhere to be found! He's not even mentioned. Surely it doesn't take but a few minutes for Snake to get to Joey's house. Well anyways, this is one of my favorite episodes and needs no fine tuning or any tuning at all. It's the next episode that does.
  • I think its great

    I think it is so awesome that Paige is willing to explore things with Alex. They truly have fun together and they have both come a long way, from the old days of when they absolutely hated each other. You can tell that they both genuinely care for one another so I say more power to em!
  • One of the best episodes yet. Very realistic and well done.

    This is one of the best episodes of Degrassi yet. The portrayal of the relationship between Alex and Paige is realistic and understandible; the writers dealt with the subject matter very well. Before the episode came out, I saw that some people were of the opinion that Degrassi had already covered the gay issue and that this was overkill, but what Paige and Alex go through is different than just the gay issue; it delves into the idea that it's not so simple as gay/straight/bi, and it does so in a very mature way. People should definitely watch this episode; they just might learn something.

    I couldnt really find the right classification but I found this episode to be amazing. I am so happy Paige is not that little brat she used to be and am proud she has grown up. I also love Alex and the two of them together, it makes me really happy. I am hoping that this does not become a stupid lesbian plot line like The OC though.
  • Amazing conclusion.

    In Part Two of TLOL, Paige starts going into denial about her sexuality and even starts shunning Alex out of her life. Now this episode was powerful and exciting (the kissing scene gave it a big plus) also Deanna's acting keeps getting better and better and i like how they are including Hazel more. But what I liked best is the Jay scenes very orginial and he brings a lot to the show. Also the episode was enjoyable and it dealt with so much that it was amazing how they did it. They also had closure to the events of the earlier episode DOADD which was nice to see. But most importantly, unlike the OC and other teen shows i like how they are going to bring up the issue and that both of them dont discard it as phase but will be in a relationship.

    Four thumbs up and ten starts out of five.
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