Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 1 Episode 6

The Mating Game

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 25, 2001 on MTV - Music Television
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The Mating Game

Ashley is nervous about losing Jimmy, when he gets the role of Romeo and Paige gets the role of Juliet for a class play. Ashley decides she is ready to have sex, to try and make sure Jimmy stays with her. Toby tries to impress Emma by choosing an endangered species for his Media Immersion assignment.


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  • puuupppss

    I can't watch any episode
  • Ashley and Jimmy think they should take their relationship to the next level.

    "The Mating Game" is a great Degrassi episode. This is the episode where Ashley thinks it time to take her relationship with Jimmy to the next level. Ashley and Jimmy were never my favourite couple, but they were actually good together in season one. I'm glad that Ashley and Jimmy decided to wait to have sex because grade 8 is just too young to have sex in my opinion. Toby's crush on Emma is the funny part about this episode. She has no idea that he's into her, and she's too busy falling in love with Sean. I give this episode a 8/10.moreless
  • Learn from this Kevin Smith could, yes.

    This has to be one of the best celebrity appearances, just because of how minor a role the celebrity had. All she does is explain about sex. The other decent celebrity appearance is Hugh Dillon's, but he's a bad guy, so...Anyway, Ashley's stupid enough to get it in her head that because Paige is playing Juliet and Jimmy's playing Romeo, something's going on between them.

    Meanwhile, there really is a love triangle between Sean, Emma, and Toby, but Toby's an idiot. In this episode, Toby's scheme to get Emma is particuarly elaborate. Emma uses a search engine I never heard of, and doesn't get info on turtles. Toby has his own search engine about turtles, and its first result's keywords are actually "All Emma needs to know about turtles."

    Who shoud be kicked in the head? Toby, for thinking a search engine's sexy. Also Emma for not using Google like a normal person.moreless
  • gd

    Its time to buckle down on assignments! Don't worry, it's not all work - Dr. Sally (aka "The Sex Lady"!) is also coming to spice things up with her own brand of education... Jimmy's playing Romeo for the English class assignments - but what if Ashley's not his Juliet? Could it be a problem for Degrassi's longest-running couple? (They've been together 8 whole months!) And why's Toby choosing endangered animals for his Media Immersion project? Could it have anything to do with impressing Emma? it is a very good episode and i wolde reccomend it to all degrassi fans.moreless
  • jimmy and ashley are not sure if the time is right for them to go all the way.

    this episode is great, it came to me at a time in my life when i really needed some guidance with this subject. i myself was having trouble knowing if it was time to take the big plunge. jimmy and ash helped me realize that i'll know when it's right and i'm in no rush. degrassi does it again. way to go.
Sue Johanson

Sue Johanson

Dr. Sally

Guest Star

Christian Potenza

Christian Potenza


Guest Star

Linlyn Lue

Linlyn Lue

Ms. Kwan

Recurring Role

Maria Ricossa

Maria Ricossa

Ms. Kerwin

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Michael Kinney

Michael Kinney

Mr. Armstrong

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • If you look closely at the "website" that Emma finds on Toby's search engine, you will notice that the entire site is just the same sentence repeated over and over again.

    • Emma types "endangered turtles" into the fictional search engine "Might Find It," but doesn't get any matches. But typing "endangered turtles" into Google results in 1,390,000 matches. It seems odd that Emma's search would result in zero matches, considering the broad subject matter.

    • Ashley's mom, Kate, is dressed very formally to to Jeff's performance. It's not strange that she leaves Ashley alone, but it does seem odd that Toby would not be going with her, since it is his father's peformance, after all. Also, the viewers never see or hear Jeff practice, nor do they learn exactly what art it is that Jeff participates in.

    • When Ashley steps outside to pay for the condom delivery, the door is glass. But when the camera angle switches to behind the delivery man as he swipes her debit card, the door is solid wood, with no window or glass.

    • After Ashley says "I need to get in" (to her locker) Jimmy, Paige and Ashley start talking. But Ashley never goes in and her locker's not even over there.

    • Liberty has a different shirt on during different camera angles.

    • Ashley and Jimmy stop making out and there are three boys, then there are four.

  • QUOTES (20)

    • Jimmy: Man, we were this close. Then, her brother came home early. Messed up everything.
      Spinner: That sucks. Want me to take care of him?

    • Ashley: I know what you're doing, Paige Michalchuk.
      Paige: What are you talking about?
      Ashley: I'm not blind. You were all over Jimmy in there.
      Paige: It's called rehearsal.
      Ashley: It's called backstabbing.
      Paige: Ashley, we're studying Romeo and Juliet, not Julius Caesar, ok?

    • Liberty: I could help you with your assignment. I get straight A's.
      J.T.: And I get straight D's. So why rock the boat?

    • Jimmy: I have a girlfriend, right?
      Spinner: Right, Ashley "you'll never get past second base" Kerwin.
      Jimmy: Spinner "you'd better shut your mouth" Mason.
      Spinner: Look, all I'm saying is you got two diners, but only one selling fries and you've really got a craving for fries.
      Jimmy: Shut up.

    • Spinner: (to Jimmy) Yo, man. Shakespeare was wild. Juliet like does it with Romeo, at 13. You know, I guess she was ready physically and emotionally.

    • Spinner: (Learning sexual things with Dr. Sally, raises his hand for a question) I have a friend. He's about my age. He and his girlfriend are like totally serious. I'm talking like 8 months serious, and how are they supposed to know when or if they're ready to you know, do it? (while saying that, Jimmy stares at Spinner. Jimmy looks back at Ashley with a surprised look. Jimmy covers his face with shame)

    • Jimmy: (practicing Romeo's lines) Oh then dear saint, let lips do what hands do. They pray, grant thou. Lest faith turn to despair.
      Paige: (practicing Juliet's lines) Saints do not move grant now for prayers sake.
      Jimmy: Then move not while my payer's effect I take. Thus from my lips by thine my sin is purged. (they kiss)
      Ashley: (interrupts, and practices her lines) Madam, your mother craves a word with you!
      Ms. Kwan: Ashley, you don't come in for a half page.

    • Spinner: (after Jimmy told him that he and Ashley are going to have sex) To mark this heroic achievement, you better get "Little Jimmy Junior" there a present.
      Jimmy: What?
      Spinner: Condoms, you idiot!

    • J.T.: (mimicking Toby after meeting with Emma and talking about an animal DVDs) Oh hi Emma! I rented this DVD for tomorrow night!
      Toby: J.T., you better shut up!
      J.T.: (still mimicking Toby) I was so inspired by Mama Onu and the plight of other turtles. Emma...I...I...I love you! (Toby punches J.T.'s shoulder)
      Liberty: You do know that physical violence violates the Degrassi code of conduct, don't you?

    • Store Clerk: (about buying condoms) Are you sure this is the right size for ya? We got small, medium, large, and extra large.
      Jimmy: Those-those are fine.
      Store Clerk: You also got your choice of regular and super sensitive.
      Jimmy: Just-just ring them in.
      Store Clerk: But then there's colors to think of! Because personally I think a little bit of colour spices things up.
      Jimmy: Just-just ring them in, please.

    • Toby: (after he sees Ashley and Jimmy blowing up condoms) Oh yeah, you might want to get rid of those condoms before Dad and Kate get home, and Jimmy trust me, girls aren't worth it.

    • Terri: It's just a school assignment, it's not like Jimmy is going to get with Paige just because of some homework assignment.
      Ashley: You don't understand. Every since we were little everything I got Paige had to have too. But, I have to draw the line at my boyfriend.

    • Dr. Sally: Now when the male becomes aroused, the penis fills with blood and the male has an erection.

    • Spinner: Ash wants to have sex?! You're gonna get some? Dude, you've got horseshoes up your butt!

    • Jimmy: Ash wants to give me..."the ultimate gift".
      Spinner: A Ferrari?!
      Jimmy: You're such an idiot! No. What...Juliet gave..Romeo.
      Spinner: (pause) Ash wants to have sex?! Man! You're gonna get some!

    • Ashley: It's called blackmail.

    • Ashley: I know what you're up to Paige Michaelchuck.
      Paige: What are you talking about?
      Ashley: I'm NOT blind you were all over Jimmy in there!
      Paige: It's called rehersal.
      Ashley: It's called BACKSTABING!

    • J.T.: (exited) Dr. Sally's coming to Degrassi!
      Toby: Who's Dr. Sally?
      J.T.: The sex lady. And I hear she brings like props and gets graphic as in porn-o-graphic.

    • Terri: (thinks of banana with condom) I am never eating another banana as long as I live!

    • Ashley: Jimmy, I'm sorry. But I'm just not ready for this. Paige might be, but-
      Jimmy: Wait! What about Paige?
      Ashley: She's ready for this. She's done this.
      Jimmy: You think I'm gonna leave you for Paige?!
      Ashley: I'm sorry. I'm not ready.
      Jimmy: Good. Because to tell you the truth, neither am I.

  • NOTES (5)


    • The title of this episode may be a reference to "The Dating Game" which was a game show in the 60s. It is also the same name of a 1959 movie starring Debbie Reynolds and Tony Randall.