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Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 9 Episode 20

The Rest of My Life, Part One

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jul 16, 2010 on MTV - Music Television
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Episode Summary

The Rest of My Life, Part One

It's the end of another year at Degrassi, and some students graduate and are moving on. Jane tells Spinner she got accepted into a college in California, which upsets him, but not as much as when he finds out she cheated on him with Declan. Jane is upset when he breaks up with her. To cheer her up, Holly J. and Declan invite her to come to New York with them. Emma is back in town and Spinner hires her at The Dot, which she burns down.


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  • This HAS to be some sort of sick joke.

    "What the hell was that?!" - Me.

    "Um..." - Friend.

    "No seriously, what the hell was that?!" - Me

    That was the conversation I had with my friend after watching this awful movie. The biggest problem with this movie was the writers. The writers have their disappointing moments but they always manage to please their fans in a way. This movie just left a sour taste in my mouth. Also all the characters were inconsistent to the oh I don't know, the past 9 years!? Spinner and Emma eloping, then deciding to stay married, after having hardly ANY interaction for the past 9 years. Wow. They completely butchered all the realistic relationships and threw us this unrealistic relationship. Also the sendoff of the many characters on this show were terrible. The only one I was satisfied with was Manny's ending her era in a catfight is always great. See, that fit her character. Emma getting married with Spinner was not her character. The Fiona/Declan/Holly J thing was also incredibly ridiculous. Did anything REALLY happen? Okay to sum it up, Declan & Holly J have a fight about Fiona, but make up in the end. Okay.... and we learn that Fiona is all of a sudden the hugest psycho ever. She kisses her brother to prove a point? Wow, looks like the writers just made this whole movie based on shock value. The movie started out good with Spinner finding out about Jane & Declan, but then it just went down a very dark road. Bottom line: The most unrealistic inconsistent episode I have ever seen of Degrassi.moreless
  • Well it was certainly a sweet way to end the era of the original cast...

    although it was totally random. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed this special. The Holly J/Declan/Fiona storyline was really good, and Fiona definitely stood out as a breakout character from this movie. She was all over the map in the best way, cunning, conniving, insecure and insane all in one, and it was done perfectly. Jane's storyline was done just right, I would have absolutely murdered the writing staff if they had had Jane interrupt Spinner's wedding and getting back together. However somehow I did feel for Jane, I mean she got screwed just as much as anyone else, but she still came back on top. I want to get one thing straight, Spinner/Emma, definitely the most random idea to come out of the writers heads. It started as a mistake, as it should of, and they played the idea of the mistake pretty well, but then the really quick love, just after one night, and after Spinner not wanting to speak to her just a few days ago was way too fast. I know they jammed the idea of how fast it was into our heads throughout the entire movie, but still...no way that should have happened in a span of a week. That said by the end the wedding scene was really sweet and I came around to the idea by the end. It seemed like a proper send off to the old era and an interesting usher into a new one.moreless
  • Amazing era ending for the original crew

    First let me say the build up for this movie was amazing. I loved how Teen Nick creatively made the previews of the movie and other season 10 scenes appealing. When I saw Spinner punch someone and argue with Jane, I knew the shock moment would be there. I had high hopes for the movie and all of my expectations were beyond just met. The movie exceeded all of my expectations and gave me a nostalgia feeling down my spine by seeing some of the favorite Degrassi originals from Jay to Manny to Emma to Spinner shine. I loved the Declan, Fiona, and Holy J storyline. I am impressed with Holy J. I knew the character had potential since debuting on the show, but now she is at her greatest. She is doing an awesome job. Declan and Fiona are also. The new cast is doing a great job. Emma and Spinner getting together was a total shock. For all of these years, the two barely interacted with one another. It was great though to have two characters who went through similar experiences get together at the end. Spinner and Emma are Degrassi A list characters. I enjoyed Jay as usual and appreciated a way to remember some of the favorites on the show.moreless
  • What is this? They promised us interesting new tensions, not corny stuff that makes no sense.

    Yes! All New Yorkers live in the lap of luxury, run into celebrities all the time and if you go there you can immediately fall in love with a famous musician you've somehow never heard of who just happens to be in the park that same first day and get to be on a big TV network days later and all your dreams will begin to come true! ...And if you believe that I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

    First of all, "The Boiling Point" arch, the way they're advertising it, reeks of sharks being jumped, not that I mind that as long as it's not too silly. In this case it was.

    EmmaxSpinner? Really? Their characters never even had much chemistry or interaction even when they were more regular. In the last season and opening of this made-for-tv movie they are pretty miserable, but it still doesn't seem like they could be close enough to stay together sober, let alone get entirely married. This unlikely and unbelievable union was definitely the worst aspect of this.

    The Holly J-Coyne storyline had some interesting developments as the siblings and Holly J (called 'Initial' by her boss)deal with each other, until Declan gives a big cheesy apology over TV that IRL would've been called a lame publicity stunt after his drunken sister attempted to make out with him to spite Holly J at a party (Freudian I'm sure because Fiona is PSYCHO!). This was the scene they were advertising the movie with, and it was the only interesting thing about it, then it was instantly gone like a firefly light.

    We've all seen Jane's story before: Cheats, break up, get's a new bf/gf, get dumped and tries to go back to the one she'd cheated on in the first place, and while in New York she lives with the one she was cheating with? Just one boy to the next - MySpace drama written for TV, not quite even soap opera quality.

    Guys play only secondary roles, a character or two who'd left the show make unnecessary cameos and, girls are the "heroes" (or heroines) and antagonists - basically this whole thing was written for girls and a pretty big let down to both genders, though they did show how ruthless and fickle the big apple can be.

    TVM? What MTV has a problem with Degrassi now? Is that why it doesn't seem to play on their stations anymore? I must've missed a memo somewhere.

    I guess I'll just stick with the TV series if the movies are always going to not be good.moreless
  • One word: FAIL

    This was one of the most asinine "movies" ever. The Holly J/Declan/Fiona plot was mediocre but Emma & Spinner getting married after a drunken night of gambling & then deciding to make a go of it rather than get an annulment - talk about jumping the shark!!! That was such an insult to viewers both past & present. I hope they revisit this incident in the future by saying Emma came to her senses & realized what a colossal mistake marrying the douche Spinner was & she got an annulment or a divorce. Degrassi writers, you should be ashamed of yourself for churning out such crap!!!moreless
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    • Kristin: And what you've been waiting for, my interview with ridiculously hot rap sensation Drake.

      Kristin is talking about Aubrey Graham, whose stage name is Drake. Aubrey played Jimmy Brooks on Degrassi. He is the second person who is mentioned in the series outside of their character. The first was Shenae Grimes, who was mentioned in last season's special movie.

    • The title ("The Rest of My Life") of this four-part episode is the same as a song by Sloan from their 2003 album "Action Pact".
      When it is shown as a movie rather than a four-parter it is simply called "Degrassi Takes Manhattan", which is an allusion to the 8th Friday the 13th film entitled Jason Takes Manhattan.
      The title used in America ("The Heat is On") is the same as a song by Glenn Frey from the 1985 soundtrack to the movie Beverly Hills Cop.