Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 4 Episode 7

Time Stands Still, Part One

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 05, 2004 on MTV - Music Television

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  • The two-part episode that changed the series for many fans.

    Spinner and Jay really did cross the line. Their actions led the school to it's shooting, which caused Jimmy to be shot and paralyzed & Rick to be killed. But the episode wasn't as bad as fans made it out to be.
  • Enough Is Enough

    Okay first, I'll say that Rick shouldn't have abused Terri and her friends had every right to be mad at him. But, I think they took it too far. Calling him psycho and a freak and stuff like that. Even though they hated him because of what he did he didn't deserve to be publicly humiliated like that. They had been bullying him for months now and he snapped. This is a perfect example of what bullying can do and I think this episode should be evidence enough of why it needs to stop.
  • This is a review of Time Stands Still, Part I

    First off, I must say that this episode disturbed me. It was so disturbing that I do not enjoy watching re-runs of it on the N. Rick Murray did not deserve to be treated the way he was. It seemed like he was on his way to getting on with his life, and his friendship with Toby made him feel happy (way to go Toby!!).

    I don\'t think it was a good idea for Rick to spray-paint the X\'s on Spin\'s and Jay\'s car (although they totally deserved it). But, I also don\'t think it was fair to throw Rick in the garbage dumpster. I have no idea why Jay hated Rick so much-it wasn\'t like he was friends with Terri.

    The \"feathers and paint\" scene reminded me of the movie Carrie. It totally freaked me out. The look of astonishment on Rick\'s face was too much for me to handle.

    Regarding \"the kiss\": Emma could have been a bit nicer than she was when Rick kissed her. She can be a nice girl, but in that scene she was a...well, let\'s just say she wasn\'t nice!

  • Rick gets bullied

    "Time Stands Still" part 1 is an excellent Degrassi episode. It's all about how bullying can be taken too far. Now, I've said this before, but I do not like the character Rick. He put Terri in a coma and I still think he should have been sent juvie. In this episode Rick finally becomes friends with Toby and Emma and eventually Jimmy. Jay, Sean, and Alex decide to pull a prank on Rick. As Rick wins the competition, mustard and feathers spill from a bucket on to him. It's really humiliating for Rick. As much as I enjoy Rick getting mustard and feathered, I don't think he needed to be bullied to that extent. I give this episode a 10/10.
  • Time Stands Still Part 1

    Rick, Toby, Emma and Jimmy are on a quiz bowl. At first Rick does not like the idea because he and Jimmy are enemies. But soon they start getting along. Unfortunately, Spinner, Jay, and Alex pull a prank on Rick that leads him totally embarrassed and humiliated after he basically single-handedly won the quiz bowl. So, he goes home, and gets a gun...

    Wow, that "prank" that was pulled was just dumb. I mean.... wow, nobody deserves that much humiliation. But, I did like the episode overall. So, my grade for this episode, this sad episode, is an A+. Perfect
  • Very disturbing, but I loved it anyway...

    In this episode I thought that the whole plot was very well written, and nothing was rushed. I felt so bad for Rick when he was pushed into the dumpster, and when the paint and feather's was dumped on him. He didn't deserve it, he had already paid, in more ways than one for hurting Terri, and all he wanted to do was start with a clean slate. I personally hate Spinner and Jay now.

    This was a very dark episode, but overall it was nessecary. And I hope that somehow they touch back on the subject of bullying at least once more.
  • Bulling goes too far.

    Todays lesson is about bullying. Rick has been the object of some heavy duty bullying activity and things start to go wrong. When Rick tries to get the culprits stopped, he encounders the same thing that many kids face, adults not understanding. Jay and Spinner's action soon have deadly consequences.