Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 4 Episode 8

Time Stands Still, Part Two

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 12, 2004 on MTV - Music Television

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  • "The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong." -- Rick, quoting Mahatma Gandhi


    The Degrassi franchise has always been known for tackling the toughest and most taboo issues that affect young people today, but in this two part story-arch here they've managed to out-do themselves and even the original series in the brutal but empathetic honesty with which they portrayed the scenarios that take place in these episodes. The never-ending torment of always being humiliated in school and bullied with intense cruelty is something that rips apart at our schools across the world every day, and it's a real issue that both youth/teens and adults need to understand, to understand why Rick did what he did in this episode, why what he did was wrong, but most importantly, why what Spinner, Jay, Paige and the "popular" kids did to Rick was also equally as wrong. Forgiveness is an issue that is rarely confronted with teenagers and youth today, it's written off as child's play and scrapped aside as "boys will be boys" or something similarly patronizing, but to see the way Degrassi laid out the issue here in this episode with all of the players, pawns, queens, and kings alike in the same situation and they made sure that every character in this story-arch could achieve our empathy if we, as the viewer, let them is simply beautiful. This is why the Degrassi franchise is so beloved; because they tackle the toughest and most taboo of issues with just the right amount of intelligence, empathy, realism and respect that all comes together to form one cohesive little heart with which the Degrassi fans across the globe can relate to. If you haven't figured it out by now, the score is obviously a 10 out 10 for both episodes in this story-arch. Rarely does a television serial capture such raw humanity in such a groundbreaking way, and we're all just privileged to have been along for the ride. These shows should be shown to at-risk youths in similar situations as well.

  • Greatest episode ever.......the death of a psycho....and the climax of the series.

    As Mr. Raditch, angered and embarrassed by the prank, begins looking for the people responsible for the incident, Rick returns to school with a gun to get revenge. Although he intends to shoot Paige, when she tells him what she really thought of the prank and forgives Rick for hurting Terri, he decides not to shoot anyone, but when Jay and Spinner see him in the bathroom washing up, they intentionally accuse Jimmy of the prank and Rick shoots Jimmy. Then when Rick attempts to shoot Emma, Sean tries to wrestle the gun away from him and the gun goes off, killing Rick. While just about everyone is upset about Jimmy, everyone is now convinced that Rick is a pyscho, and Jay is unaffected. The episode ends at a memorial for Jimmy. Overall this is my favorite episode. However I really don't like the fact that everyone is taking Rick's side and feeling sorry for him, when in fact he deserved to be bullied. Afterall he did endlessly abuse and control Terri, put her in a coma, and to top it all off had Sean not stopped him, Rick would have shot Emma just because she didn't want to go out with him. So I really don't think that they should have used Rick as a victim of bullying, when in fact he deserved it. Instead I think they should've used a more nicer and innocent person like Toby....but despite the fact that a pyscho was killed I still love this episode and the guy who played Rick is actually a good actor.....I just don't like his character Rick......
  • Rick brings a gun to school.

    "Time Stands Still" part 2 is an fantastic Degrassi episode. In this episode Rick comes to school with a gun. Now, there's not this huge school shooting where Rick kills a whole bunch of people, but this episode is still one of the most intense Degrassi episodes. It's just so intense when he shoots Jimmy. And you don't know what's really going on when Sean is trying to take the gun away from Rick. Then the gun goes off and you don't know who got shot. Now, I don't wish death to anyone, but I was kind of happy that Rick died. He just pissed me off when he put my favourite character in a coma. I give this episode a 10/10.
  • Time Stands Still Part 2

    In this episode, after being humiliated at the quiz bowl (after winning it for them, no less) Rick goes home, gets a gun, and the unthinkable happens. This has to be one of the most intense episodes of anything I've seen (so far.) Degrassi is always good at touching risque, but they outdid themselves with this one. Seeing Rick carry a gun, slowing pulling it out on both Paige and Jimmy, then the gunpoint match between Sean and Rick was a series climax moment. All the characters reactions were perfect, the suspense was perfect, to be frank this episode was perfection. 10/10 A+
  • Time Stands Still Part 2

    Rick returns to Degrassi with a gun. He is in the bathroom when he hears Spinner and Jay say it was Jimmy's idea to do the prank. Rick is mad because him and Jimmy were friends. So, hearing this, Jimmy is shot. Rick then proceeds to shoot Emma, who has been toying with him, but him and Sean get in a fight and it leads to death for Rick.

    Sad, just sad. It is so sad that all Rick wanted was to have people see he has changed, and this happens. It also severely damaged Spinner's character for me. He used to be my favorite... but then he goes and blames his best friend? Yea... that's a nice friend. I think it was more Jay Hogart than anything. All I know is my opinion on Spinner has changed a little... But, the episode was pretty good, sad, and a great plot, A+ episode
  • Think You've Seen It All?

    The most Exciting Episode ever! You have not seen it all until you have seen this! It really speaks to the fact that you should never bully someone. Because people do this because they are bullied to their breaking point! This episode is amazing! I love how Sean plays the big hero after almost killing a kid. Even if in the end he figures out or at least everybody figures out a dirty secret that happened. It is still really good. Also, I like how everybody made this episode so believable. This episode just makes it true. Never bully someone or if you see someone being bullied, why not walk over there with a few friends and try to pull him away.

    Think You've Seen It All?

    You haven't Seen Nothing Till You've Seen This
  • Unmissable and automatically lovable

    although they could have done it a bit better this episode was one of the few that really pulled at my heart strings. Numerous storylines going on here as well, ***SPOILER ALERT****
    Exes being sprayed on cars, Joey's house for sale, caitlin coming back, Spinner and jimmy's face off, The Whack a brain tv show, crap falling on Rick, Jimmy starting to like rick, emma and Rick together?, rick's creepy side being shown again.
    This two parter is simply a degrassi episode you cant go past, love it hate it whatever, just watch it. Spinner and Jay's slightly malicious side being shown by saying it was Jimmy who put the crap on rick, alex showing what she's capable of by getting the paint and feathers and throwing them on rick, rick being creepy as he won't let go of emma's hand then thrusts himself upon her later, i can't find the words to describe how much i loved this episode.
  • enjopyable

    really good episode. i enjoyed the sutff that happened in it a lot including that skank mia getting exaclyt what she deserved D hahahaha she's so annoying i cnanot stand her nor the actress i wish they would both go away and leave me forever!! 2well mia did now i'm just waiting for nina too hahahahaha i'm just hilarious. but anyway back yeah to the episod3e that i'm reviewing and trying to discuss to all ov you participation n reading my beauty that i'm rwriting on the eipsode. wsell actually honestly i dik what this episode is that i'm reivewing! laugh otu lie :)
  • In this episode Rick comes back from his house with a gun to kill those that made fun of him while he was a student at Degrassi.

    This episode is the exact reason why I watch this show. Time Stands Still is and always be my favorite episode of the whole entire series. The way that the writers capture how Rick felt and what he wanted to do was just amazing. As I was watching it for the first time I was getting the chills the whole time while he walked around with that gun ready to shoot people. Then when he shot Jimmy I just couldn't believe my eyes. Next he went after Emma and that had my heart racing even more. Finally Sean stepped up and flipped the gun around which wound up killing Rick in the process. All in all I say this is just an amazing episode of an amazing show!
  • This episode shows what happens when you bully someone to the point of them bringing a gun on campus.

    In this episode, Rick brings a gun to school because he is tired of being bullied and he shoots Jimmy and almost shoots Emma and Toby and Sean. Sean grabs Rick's arm and wrestles with the gun and Rick gets shot and dies. Toby and Emma watch in horror as this unfolds. Jimmy is rushed to the hospital and is put into a wheelchair because he is paralyzed. This was a great episode and one of my very favorite episodes next to Rock This Town. After this episode, the whole season started to go down hill badly. All and All Great episode.
  • In this episode we see what happens when a victium of bullyness is pushed to the edge of his mental mind, and becomes the bully (in a way) him self.

    There is no episode in this series, that is beter than this one right here. It is a fine example of why bulling should not be tolerated, and what happens when one kid is pushed to the extreme. This episode had a way to mix everyones emotions together perfectly, Jimmy-Feels Sorry for Rick, Spinner-Still Hates Ricks guts for what he did to their friend, and Rick whos had anough. This episode is a real tear jerker, no mater how many times I see it I still land up with a soaked face. This episode is a must see for anyone who has not seen it yet!
  • Rick brings a gun to school after his bullying goes too far

    This episode is one of my favorites. It teaches that its not good to bully, because something could go very wrong. Anyways, Rick has been bullied constantly every day ever since he got Terri in a coma (relationship violence.) Soon enough, he becomes friends with Toby, Emma, and Jimmy, and all the other kids are starting to be more friendly to him. The only ones that are really bad to him are Spinner, Jay, and Alex. One day during a questionare game (with Toby, Rick, Emma, and Jimmy) Spinner, Jay, and Alex pull a horrible prank on Rick, and thats what makes him decide to bring a gun. Everyone is trying to tell him to go home and relax, and they even think the prank was childish. But this time, when Spinner and Jay were joking around and saying Jimmy pulled it since they knew Rick was in the bathroom, Rick shoots Jimmy. He almost shot Emma, but luckily Sean was there to grab the gun away from him, but it ends up he killed him. This was a really sad episode. People should know that no one deserves to be bullied because something like this CAN happen. Anyway, Emma is traumatized and Jimmy is in the hospital. Toby and Rick were good friends, and so he feels sad after Rick dies.
  • In which it all hits the fan.

    When I saw the first part of "Time Stands Still," I figured it would be the typical two-parter that would closely examine a major storyline in the Degrassi series but never really expand it to anything new and insightful.

    I have never been so glad to have been proven wrong.

    Admit it, when we all saw the gun at the end of TSS part I, we basically had no choice but to catch the second verse. Something big was about to go down at Degrassi, something that had never before happened in the school's 50-year history. Rick's got a gun, plus he's at the school. As we all know, tormented neurotic + gun + school = BIG TROUBLE. Thankfully, Paige's efforts to comfort him work (despite the fact that, at the time, she didn't know about the gun he was about to draw), and Rick secures the pistol in his locker, no longer filled with the desire to blast the first person who approaches him. That peace of mind is all too short, however; while cleaning up in the restroom, Jay and Spinner walk in, forcing Rick to hide in a stall. Spinner's about to unknowingly spill the beans when Jay notices the mess Rick's left behind, and plays it cool by pinning their prank on Jimmy. Spinner's confused at first, until Jay points out Rick's hiding spot, in which he gladly goes along with Jay. Bad move, pals. Seconds later, the gun's back out, and Rick's advancing towards Jimmy, none too happy. Jimmy, unaware of the treachery of his two "friends", assures Rick that he's got his back, and is obviously shocked when Rick accuses him of stabbing him in the back. Jimmy notices the gun Rick's pulling out, and at first isn't convinced that it's real. That all changes when Rick, bracing himself for the act he's about to commit, closes his eyes and turns his head away. Jimmy makes a break for it, but it's too late. The gun fires, hits Jimmy in the back, and he collapses on the floor. Craig happens upon him seconds later, and is too shocked to do anything.

    Meanwhile, Emma, Toby, and Sean have noticed something peculiar; what's with these kids running through the halls in a panic? They go against the flow, only to find our shooter prowling the halls. Rick takes notice, and advances towards the three. Sean notices the gun and tells his two companions to run away, but Rick quickly changes their minds. He makes it clear that his target is Emma, who he accuses of flirting with him even though she never liked him. Sean tries to persuade Rick to drop the gun, but it's too late considering what he's done to Jimmy. He points the gun at Emma, which prompts Sean to try and wrestle the gun away. It goes off in the process, and both Sean and Rick collapse on the floor.

    It isn't long before the school is on complete lockdown. SWAT teams and guard dogs patrol the halls, while teachers try and console the witnesses. Toby tries to convince Mr. Radditch that Rick was a psycho, and not his friend. Sean is then lead into the room, with a bandage on his arm; the gun apparently didn't kill him. Radditch then proceeds to console Emma, and in the process asks Snake to check Rick's e-mail for warning signs. Snake is infuriated that Radditch has taken so long to check when Rick has confronted Radditch about the bullying constantly. Spike urges him to calm down and settle the issue later.

    In another classroom, several of the kids (mainly Paige, Hazel, and Emma) are waiting anxiously, wondering what's going on. Hazel wonders if it's a bomb threat, while Emma's convinced it's "niner midterm phobia". Paige ends a call on her cellphone and breaks the news; there's been a shooting. Hazel then takes notice that Jimmy, who apparently should have been in that classroom, isn't there. Right on cue, Ms. Sauve enters and asks for Hazel to step outside, where she tells her that Jimmy was shot and is en route to the hospital. Hazel, with her fears now confirmed, bursts into tears.

    The lockdown is soon over, and everyone is urged to head straight for the exit. Spinner, ridden with guilt, panics, feeling that he, Jay, and Alex are responsible for the shooting. Jay "persuades" him to keep his mouth shut; what's done is done, and things are already bad enough without the three of them up a certain creek without a paddle. Outside the school, the students are bombarded with questions from numerous reporters (Caitlin, who has come to Degrassi for Craig, is none too happy). When the reporters turn to Toby, they reveal the tragic conclusion to the crisis: Rick is dead.

    Later, we find Paige and Hazel at the hospital. Spinner arrives, and Paige's ice cold glare is enough to tell him to get out. Apparently, despite the terrible trio's vows to keep their mouths shut, the news has leaked out somehow that they were behind the Whack Your Brain prank. Speaking of news, that's what a large collection of students and adults are watching. Spike is shocked that such a thing could happen at Degrassi. Snake restates the point that Rick was bullied and that such an act was inevitable, but Ashley tries to wave it off with the claim that "he was a psycho." Toby, who appears angered, storms out of the house. Ashley wonders who shot Jimmy, if not a psycho. Emma answers her; Toby's friend.

    The episode concludes with a chilling montage that starts with Hazel and Paige at the hospital; according to Paige, Jimmy's condition hasn't changed. Spinner is lying in his bed, apparently guilt-ridden, as he throws a drumstick on the floor in frustration. Sean and Ellie are watching the news report in Sean's apartment; Caitlin, Joey, Angie, and Craig are watching the same report in their home. There's a candlelight vigil being held at Degrassi for both Rick and Jimmy, which is where Toby has gone. Emma comes up behind him and comforts him. A posterboard with pictures of Jimmy is placed among the dozens of flowers and posters in the memorial. On the bottom of the posterboard is a single word, one that couldn't sum up this tragedy better: Why???

    I'll admit, as far as television and movies are concerned, I'm not all too sensitive. Moments that should leave people in tears usually find me sitting there, feeling nothing out of the ordinary. This episode proved to be one of the few exceptions to the rule. I haven't cried this much since the ending of A.I. Though you don't necessarily condone Rick's actions, you can't help but understand his plight. Sure, he may have put Terri in a coma, but the way the kids at Degrassi treated him was heartless at least and plain cruel at the most. This is only added to the fact that Rick had really changed; thanks to some counseling, he learned to control his anger even after all the torment he received upon his return to Degrassi. However, unfortunately, everyone has their breaking point, and as Snake points out, this tragedy was going to happen sooner or later; sadly, it was sooner instead of later. Though you find Jay and Spinner despicable for selling out one of their best friends, you find yourself even more angry if only for the fact that Rick had already come to his senses when they tricked him into believing Jimmy was at fault. My jaw hit the floor when Rick pulled the trigger the first time, and it crashed through the floor when the gun fired again. What was most haunting about it all, though, was how real it was. I'd never really thought too deeply about school shootings before, but hearing Jimmy cry out in pain, watching him collapse to the floor, and later seeing Rick frozen in an expression of shock after the gun fires again put the issue in a whole new perspective for me. Probably what touched me the most, however, was the candlelight vigil at the end, with flowers and posters arranged at the steps in front of Degrassi, and Toby in tears while Emma consoles him, while the haunting melody of "Rooftop" plays solemnly in the background.

    This episode taught me about the sheer spontaneity and randomness that accompanies school shootings such as this, and any day, at any time, you could find yourself in the crossfire of a real-life Rick in the halls of your school, a place where you never thought such a thing could happen. But it also taught me that a few kind words of comfort can make the difference between finding your best friend sprawled out in the middle of a hallway, possibly dead, and that same friend living to see another day. We must all take an active part to defend kids like Rick who are tormented on a daily basis, and not just out of fear, but just to let those kids know that, throughout all the trials and tribulations that others may put them through, somebody still appreciates them, no matter what.

    (P.S. Upon reading my review, I failed to mention a subplot involving Joey selling his house... but, be honest, did anyone really care about that?)
  • Rick is tarred and feathered and he returns to Degrassi with a gun seeking revenge.

    This is a very intense episode of Degrassi: The Next Generation. I can't even believe that something like this could even happen at Degrassi. When I watched this episode I cried. That's the only thing I could do. It was like the only way I could react to it because it seems like Degrassi is my life. This episode was absolutely amazing. I covers the very important issue of school shootings. It really shows that bullying can really go to far. I really learned a valuable lesson from this episode. If you haven't seen this episode then watch it whenever it comes on. There is really a lesson to be learned.
  • Big Mistake...


    The people that work on Degrassi will write just about anyghing, including writing this episode. There have been episodes that haven't been shown in The United States, but THIS is the episode that they shouldn't have shown.

    Everything was going well in the first part of this episode, that Rick could have gotten better and made more friends, but they made Spinner, and those other two people, dumped stuff on Rick, which made him go crazy, kinda how Craig gets, and then Rick magically obtains a loaded gun that he sneaks into the school, which is now trying to help him try to find the people who did that horrible mean thing, ( And Rick Didn't Clean Himself Off!! ) And also Jimmy tried to help, because he was so nice to Rick, and peobably the nicest that I have seen Jimmy. And Rick doesn't know who did it him, but this is the stupidest thing that he has done, ( and isn't good at all with relationships, but Spinner wasn't like everybody else who was mad at him, Spinner did that because he is mean and evil and stupid ) and the reason why Rick is so stupid is because it is so obvious who messed with him.... who else could it be?! Everybody was being nice to Rick, and the only people mean enough to do something like that is Spinner, and then Spinner, who just doesn't know when to quit, says that the thing couldn't have happened without a man on the inside, ( on the stage next to Rick ), and Rick Believes Rick. What An Idiot. Spinner was so happy because he has Rick completely fooled. Spinner has covered up his tracks. And then Jimmy, who tries to help Rick, gets blamed for it, without Rick explaining why he thinks that, and without Jimmy gettign a chance to explain either. I knew that Rick would shoot somebody, but Why Jimmy?! It was bad enough that I saw a commercial of this, but Jimmy is the last person I'd expect, but then that is another msitake that the wirters made.

    This is an event that people just can't forget, because one kid dies, and another can't walk anymore, and he may never get better again, and his entire personality changes, and not one time do we hear Spinner say "I'm sorry or picking on Rick. That Was wrong. I should have never done that." and another thing that they messed up on is that they should have NEVER let Spinner back in the school, no matter how much he begs. And eventually, everybody forgives Spinner, which is another mistake.

    If you haven't seen this episode, don't watch it.
  • Series climax

    Ah, the shooting episode. Would've been a cool season finale, except it's not the finale.

    Basically, this episode is about the shooting. You know the plot as well as me, so I'll be quick. The good includes the cosmic irony of Sean (who made his views on Rick very clear in Mercy Street) of all people having to kill Rick. Also, you really get to identify with Rick. Most shows don't do that with a shooting episode.

    I can't give this a perfect score, though. Sean leaves, the episode gives fans of the couple I hate most hope for a reunion, this would've been better as the finale, and Jake Goldsbie's bad acting makes time stand still.
  • Rick is an idiot and so is Spinner and Jay

    We all know that Rick was crazy. I never imagined he\'d be crazy enough to bring a gun to school. Rick shoots Jimmy after overhearing Spinner and Jay say that Jimmy was responsible for the dumping of feathers and paint. he\'ll believe anything. I bet if Spinner and Jay said that the tooth fairy was responsible, Rick would try to hunt the tooth fairy down. If I was Rick and crazy enough to bring a gun to school, I wouldn\'t believe 2 of the dumbest Degrassi\'s students ever. And Jay And Spinner aren\'t that bright. What a bunch or idiots
  • Things have been building to this, and now things will continue in this episode's follow. Powerful, edge of your seat at times, and very realistic. But the reactions of some viewers are more disturbing than Rick.

    This episode is commonly referred to as a turning point. Things have built up to a moment like this, and for several episodes after this, plot lines will in some way be connected to this one incident (for example, Spinner's story arc). Though the concept behind the episode isn't very inspired (they saw it on the news, basically) its safe to say nothing like this has been attempted before and they pulled it off beautifully, and more importantly, emotionally. Not to mention believably (unlike a certain episode of Static Shock).

    The first half of the episode does something this show hasn't done in a while: be suspenseful and edge-of-your seat. Before this episode, I haven't been as tense and pumped watching this show since the first episode when the adults raced to save Emma from a sexual predator. Your inner monologue is going nuts. "NO! Not Paige! Not Spinner! OMG! JIMMY! Get him Sean, GET HIM!!" And this alone would have made it a terrific episode for me.

    But on top of that we had some GREAT character interaction, mostly between Rick and those he came across in the halls. His apology to Paige about Terri was a nice touch, made you empathize a little more. For the record, I've always liked Rick's character. He's troubled, he's sick, he needs help, and all he gets is ridicule. Finally it pushes him to the edge. We've all been there before, maybe not on the same scale as Rick, but we've all been pushed by the edge and done things we're not proud of. For this reason, and just his general geekyness, I identified with and enjoyed Rick's character very much. Another terrific bit of great character interaction was Sean's attempt to get Rick to calm down, seeing Sean try to keep someone from doing something like that was a real turn around, but gripping none the less.

    The thing is, on a certain level, we sympathized with Rick’s plight and this is where the episode’s genius lies. While what he is doing here is clearly wrong and unsympathetically, as Simpson says in the next episode, there is no excuse for what he has done. However, there is an excuse for WHY he did it. No matter what he did or did not do through the episode (both parts), Rick was right. They made him do this. Spinner, Jay, Alex, all of them, they all pushed him to the edge and brought it to this.

    Now before you fly off the handle and start shouting “don’t defend the psycho”, what viewers need to understand is that Rick was troubled, he was sick. He wasn’t like you or me, he was mentally unstable. We saw this clearly when he put Terri in a coma. However, he went to counseling, he was getting better, and he truly had become a different person. What brought him to do what we saw in this episode was a relapse of his mental problem, brought on by the daily harassment he suffered. His insanity isn’t a crime, and we can’t judge him for it. Rick was punished for what he did to Terri, and that was enough.

    What I think scares me the most about it is the reviews and comments I’ve read about Rick during the character’s run. Things like “he deserved what he got” and “he was so freaky, show him whose boss Jay”. This kind of crap needs to stop. Now. What this show does better than any other is accurately portray real teen life, this episode is no exception. School shootings can, have, and will continue to happen if people keep thinking this way. As Rick said, “No one deserves this.” And he’s absolutely right. If this train of thought continues, Rick could very well come to life in any one of your schools.

    Anyway, all in all, this was a terrific episode, probably one of the best of the series. Save for a somewhat boring subplot with Joey (I’ve never found the adult stories all that fascinating), and some tediously cheesy scenes with Toby, awesome episode.
  • Rick brings a gun to school and someone ends up getting seriously injured. Another student says goodbye to the halls of Degrassi forever.

    I thought this was one of the best episodes in television that I have ever seen. Rick has been taking crap for too long, and one day he has had enough. The entire episode, I felt tense, and I was tripping over myself trying to find out who would get shot/die. The conclusion said it all, and when I saw it, I wanted to cry. But, I'm a man, so I didn't.
  • Rick brings a gun to school to get revenge on those who bullied and humiliated him. When hearing from Spinner and Jay that Jimmy set the prank up he believes them and shoots Jimmy in the back. He later dies after being shot with the gun in Sean's hand.

    I love this episode. Very informative, moving, and intense. I blame Spinner and Jay for the whole shooting thing. I also blame Rick since he was a psycho freak for always abusing Terri. I\'m pretty glad he\'s dead and sad that Jimmy got shot for something he didn\'t do. I wish it was Jay or Spinner who got shot instead of Jimmy.
  • What a moving episode

    What bullying can do! That's what this episode exhibits. Sure Rick was a bad guy and he deserved a little teasing, but they took it a little too far. Spinner and Jay pushed him to the edge and he retaliated. I just hate that Jimmy is the one who gets hurt. Spinner is the one who should get shot; he's the one that started the trouble by treating Paige bad and causing her to break up with him. That was his downfall and now he's jealous.
  • amzing, i got nightmares. No doubt abut it's the best one, but it was so frightening!!! luckly he died. I argentina this happened as this episode

    amzing, i got nightmares. No doubt abut it's the best one, but it was so frightening!!! luckly he died. I argentina this happened as this episode!
    i saw this on google video, but i'm just in latin america watching the second season, so it was worst to me to watch!
  • wow, this was perfect.

    i can not belive there was a shooting but it added so much drama. rick was bullied badly...but this. it was scary when jimmy got shot. when rick wasto shot emma my hart started pounding and i felt like i was toby or someting, a witness. it was scary with all the cops with their huge guns. i feel so bad for hazel. i loved paige being a support. hazel was good for once. archie has a point, radich did not listen to rick. emma was great and i liked to see spike so protective. the part with toby, ash, emma, and there families was great. ash was mean but i liked it when emma said ,"he was toby's freind." i likes seeing all of craigs family watching the news and same with everyone else. jay was auful. at least spinner had regets. at the end i liked seeinng everyone support jimmy. i am really glad to see the emma toby thing. i love dit when emma walked up to toby and they started crying. it was a great way to show violence was bad and add drama. all the acting was great but i am glad manny was not involved because cassie can not cry. way to go writers, directors, actors, and actresses. i love this epesode. on a personal note my mom ended up watching a rerun with me ans she was crying a lot. that is really impresive because she has never watched or grown to love the charactors like i have. she thought it was really good and realistic. my mom says this happens way more in the u.s.a. but it was amaizing.
  • Ripped from the headlines, teens explode.

    The previous episode dealt with bully's and those who suffer the pains and indignities of the bullying. This episode deals with what can happen when the pranks go too far. Since Rick put Terry in the hospital, he's been a target of Spinner and friends but they ruin the best day of his life and there are horrible consequences for their actions.
  • All i can say is "WOW"

    This episode was really intense. They shouldn't say "It goes there" It should b, "It's goes all the way down there." That's what puts shows on Disney on cancel. Degrassi went out this past season with this episode. Rick, a guy that was bullied, was tarred and feathered. Then, he was like "I'm gonna kill these fools 4 what they did 2 me." He brings a gun 2 school. He was gonna kill Paige, but Paige felt sorry 4 Rick. So he didn't do it. Then he overheard Spinner and Jay talkin and they lied and said Jimmy was behind it. Rick goes up 2 Jimmy, he pulls out the gun. Rick shoot Jimmy. Then, he goes and finds Emma. Sean tries 2 negoiate with Rick, but Rick points the gun at Emma. Sean tries 2 take the gun away, but a gun shot fired. Rick and Sean both fall. Then later, Hazel finds out Jimmy was shot. Then, Toby hears that Rick died. This episode opened the door 2 good watchin. I know that Paige got raped was the true door opener 4 this show, but this episode was the key 2 unlock the door 2 their 1st USA award "Teen Choice". This episode will b 1 of the episode that made this show a true classic.
  • Degrassi faces the unthinkable, a school shooting.

    Thsi episode is one of the most Intense of the series. Shortly after Rick gets humiliated in front of the whole school. He goes home and takes a gun out and brings it to school. Sonn afterwards he confront Paige at the cafeteria ready to shoot her but then when she apologizes to him for everything she has done to him he rethings everything and puts the gun in his locker. The while going to the bathroom to wash himself out, he overhears Spinner and Jay talking about what happened. Then Jay sees Rick has been there and tells Spinner how great what Jimmy did to Rick was and leave. Rick now nagry believes it was Jimmy who did this to him and takes the gun out of his locker, finds Jimmy and shoots him. That moment broke all barriers of Degrassi as one of the most shocking moments in the history of this series.

    After shooting Jimmy he then finds Emma, Toby and Sean and points the gun at them. He points it then at Emma while Sean tries to convince him to put it down, when Rick is about to shot Emma Sean takes the gun and stuggles and the gun goes off killing Rick. I loved this part of the episode and we saw how scared Emma was and how rbave Sean was to struggle with Rick with the gun. Soon everyone has different emotions over the school shooting. In the final moments it si all brought together by a tearjerking and compelling song "Rooftop" that really makes the episode what it truly is, powerfull.

    Overall it was a tremendous episode that deserves a 5 out of 5 stars and two thumbs way up.
  • A irritated bully seeks revenge on Degrassi and changes the school forever.

    This episode, along with part 1 of TSS are excellent. These 2 episode were well written. Rick returns to the school after the incident at the whack your brain show. I forgot the guys name who plays rick, but what ever his name was he did a real good job portraying a bullied kid from last season up to TSS P1 & 2
  • A emmy winning Episode

    This is the most pwerful degrassi episode i have ever seen its the one that made me cry this was well written this is the best episode of the season or the season I think Part 2 was more powerful then part 1 Part two put you in this way how are actions have cause stuff to happen
  • Rick comes to school with a gun after being constantly bullied and publicly humiliated on television.

    This episode blew me away!!! The acting was incredible and dramatic. Ephraim Ellis(Rick) was astonishing, his anger and fright was...undescribebly good. Jake Goldsbie was less than satisfactory, but thats something hard to do, he was Rick's best friend and was the most devastated of his death. This is by far the best episode of all the Degrassi series. Mike Lobel (Jay) really had the 'bad boy' attitude down and really got it good in this episode. Everyone in this episode (minus Jake Goldsbie) were perfect. This will be an episode that every Degrassi fan will remember as the most emotional episode. I give this a 10!