Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 5 Episode 13

Together Forever

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Dec 12, 2005 on MTV - Music Television

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  • Liberty gives birth to her baby.

    "Together Forever" is a great Degrassi episode. I don't really care too much for Craig's plot. The only thing that comes out of it is that he's leaving. It's sad because he actually had good storylines, besides the cheating storyline and his music plots. I mostly love this episode for the subplot. Liberty goes into labour and she gives her baby up for adoption. It's so heartbreaking watching Liberty give her baby to another family because just looking at her face and the tears in her eyes. It's just so sad. I give this episode a 9/10.
  • Superb

    Criag and his band are doing great, when a music producer offers them a chance they can't refuse. But is he really interested in Craig's band or just Craig himself? Liberty is under a lot of stress and people worry this may affect her baby. Nah... until her water breaks in Toby's car. The baby is coming!

    A good episode, but kind of weak. I liked the Liberty plot more so than the main one, I dunno why but the main one bored me, thankfully the sub plot did not, and so my grade is a B+/A-, great, not fantastic
  • Liberty gives labor.

    This was a really sad & special episode of Degrassi, Well I marked it Tearjerker cause it was more sad than special, that song at the end practically broke my heart while Liberty was giving labor and Craig was leaving, that was so sad. Especially when they gave a memory about Manny & Craig kissing. Then wen he was in the car smiling at himself, then the song ends, so sad! Craig leaves! Alright now in the beginning of the episode, it started with a showcase, they are going to get managed but the manager only wants Craig, so he has to make a choice, College or a music career. He picks music & leaves his band, it also broke my heart a bit when it show Liberty giving away the baby. Another heartfelt episode of Degrassi!
  • Craig and his band get a chance to record in Vancouver. Liberty gives birth.

    Okay, first of all, I hated how Liberty\'s birth got pushed into the background as a very small B plot in this episode. WTF?? This was a huge moment for 2 important characters and it\'s a two second clip during the montage at the end?? That was a slap in the face of the characters of Liberty and JT and to their fans. This moment deserved to be the A plot of its own episode.

    As for Craig leaving, I liked the plot, I liked his opportunity to achieve his dream and him winding up doing it on his own. I liked the interaction between him and Ellie in this episode also. However, I didn\'t like that there was no goodbye scene for Craig and Joey and for Craig and Manny, two of the people who are supposed to be the most important in his life. However, I did love the song. Jake\'s vocals on it were quite striking and the lyrics were nice as well. Probably my favorite song on the series.
  • This episode was mainly about hoe liberty was going into her ninth mounth and how craig and his band have been drifting apart.In this episode J.T. and Toby have been haveing a close relationship.

    The eposide was good but it could have been better it did not have as much drama in it as some on the episodes before it did.The story line was very dry but all in all it was good but it could have been better.I really think that liberty an j.t should have gotten back together on this episode.The way they made toby seem was very much like a spy that was for amd aginst his friend and coe partner.If I were a real crtic I would give this a thumbs up and a thumbs down because it was just o.k.
  • I'd have to say this isn't the best episode I have seen... it was kind of a cliff hanger... so to say...

    Well my main pet peeve with this episode is the fact that it didn't really focus much on Liberty and JT's baby. And to the fact that they didn't give that storyline its own episode. I felt that she diserved more attention with the storyline seeing as to how it was the first time they had done a pregancy on the show... and it probably the last time they will.

    As for Craig... I felt that this whole rock start thing was forced and they didn't really ease into it real quick. But correct me if I am wrong but since when are Craig, Ellie, Jimmy, and Marco a band??? I was caught off guard. LOL! So to speak. I feel they are taking Craigs character a little to far in the whole "living the life" thing. First he is bipolar... then he is a rock star... what next... I mean come on... what much more can you do with this character... except not bring him back??? Which is what I am afraid will happen.

    Well other then all of that I have high hopes for Liberty and JT getting back together. Liberty seemed to bring out the best in JT and same for JT bringing out the best in Liberty... I say what made the relationship sour was Liberty and all her crazy hormones...
    Oh... did anybody see that clip of "what if paige was liberty, and liberty was paige," oH mY gOsH tHaT wAs So FuNnY!!!! Paige's water broke and Liberty freaked b/c she didn't know what to do... if you haven't seen it you gotta its hilarious, and liberty was a ChEeRlEaDeR *gasp*!

    And lastly... to my dismay... I missed the part... again were they showed the baby. I was listening to Craig sing and turned around for just one minute and "boom" the episode is over! I was like uh... were is the baby... and why didn't we see liberty in the hospital... were is it?!?! did i miss something??? *sighs*... well hopefully wishes will be answered and JT and Liberty will get back together!!!! *crosses fingers*
  • Craig drops out of school for the music, hmm..

    What a bunch of bull! I can't believe Craig gets close to finishing senior year to drop out for the music business. Has anyone ever told Craig "it may not last forever"?? And if he was going to do that he and his manager should had hired a private tutor so he could still get his diploma! The only thing really good was when Liberty had her baby. He was too cute for words!
  • Even though it wasn't the best of the season, it still towered over most teen shows that deal with pregnancy and deciding your future (thus, is the power of D:TNG)

    "Together Forever" was not the best episode, at all...but, for all of its sucky, it was still a pretty good DeGrassi: the next generation epi. The main storyline dealt with one of my favs (Craig) dealing with a music career which has suddenly been thrown in front of him, his loyalty to his band, and early admission into college. The second storyline was about Liberty giving birth to her & JT's baby. While I liked seeing Craig on screen, (hello, he's a hottie) I felt like Liberty and the baby should have been given their own episode. She barely had ten full minutes and we only got a glimpse of the baby. I was a little confused by [and bear with me, I live in America, so the season was split] the whole Manny-Craig-Ellie triangle. I thought Ellie was supposed to be getting with Jimmy. Wasn't that the reason why they broke Jimmy & Hazel up, so that Jimmy & Ellie could be together? I love Manny and Craig, but they've been off & on since season 3. And aside from uberbitch Ashley, Craig's been slutting it back and forth between different girls. I love Craig (and I mean, I LOVE Craig) but the boy is a ho.

    The ending was actually emotional. Craig saying goodbye to everyone, mixed with Liberty giving her baby away, brought a tear to my eye. I'll miss Craig and I feel bad for Liberty & JT, which proves that even when an episode doesn't exactly work, it can still connect with you and make you love it.

    Bon Voyage, Craig!!! I'll miss you!!!
  • Craig leaves, Liberty's baby leaves...her body. :P

    You know, I like Craig. At the same time, I admit...they've done way too many Craig episodes when they could of been doing something with a couple of the other characters. At least with Craig being questionable for next season, it might just happen.

    It was somewhat secondary, but at least there was a (ever so slightly) Toby related story line. Liberty goes somewhat ignored too, so I applaud the writers for making her sort of a focus this season. Still there is the problem of Toby. I don't so much care if they do more Hazel stories, besides her whole point on the show is second banana anyway. Toby started out with a good handful of plots...then boom down to practically nothing. Either do something with him or write him off the show.
  • I found there were more misses that hits with this episode.

    What can I say about "Together Forever"? While I found some parts of the episode to be entertaining, like Craig getting the opportunity to go to Vancouver to record an album, but there were a few parts that I didn't like, such as turning Elle into a horrible drummer and only having a major event in Liberty's life cut down to only 4 scenes at the most.

    In the major storyline of the episode, we find Craig's band prepairing for a big competition and discussing it in the Dot. What I thought was pretty cool about the scene was how Spinner gave them a CD of their major competition, so they can hear what they're up against. What I liked about it was how he took the chance to talk to them, considering Jimmy's feeling toward him after the shooting the previous year. But as this storyline wore on, the one thing that I didn't like about it was how the writers made Ellie out to be such a novice drummer, when at the beginning of the season we where told that she had years of experience, but was just starting to play again. By the end of the episode, I thought that it was pretty commendable of Jimmy, Marco, and her to step aside so Craig could have the best shot possible to win that competition and go to Vancouver, making the episode slightly more bearable that if it didn't happen.

    Now on to the very limited scenes of Liberty and Toby. I really would have liked to seen her pregnancy storyline finish more strongly that it did. In this episode, we just see Toby and Mrs. H telling her that since she is close to having the baby, she should take it easy and ultimately going to a conference after ingoring their advice and going into labor en route, and then the episode ended with Craig singing his song, she giving up the baby, and Craig riding off into the sunset. Hopefully she and J.T. will be able to deal with giving the baby up for adoption, it seems that they would have a good support system around to help out if they needed it or wanted it.

    In all, there were some good parts to the episode, but I found the bad parts of it slightly outweighed the good ones.
  • Craig leaves DCS, and Liberty has her baby. Unfortunately, this episode sucked big time.

    I've seen great episodes of Degrassi TNG, but this was not one of them. Can anyone say "zzzz"? The Craig storyline was really boring. It seemed to focus more on the fact that Eliie couldn't drum (although in earlier episodes she sounds great...go figure).

    The Libery storyline seemed rather rushed. After spending half of the season pregnant, we get approximately 2 minutes of: her water breaking in Toby's car, being rushed to the hospital in ambulance, and the baby being taken away by the adoption agency. I would have like to have seen how she reacted to the pain of childbirth (remember, she's only a teen, and most likely, there would be A LOT of pain involved), how she felt when she saw her baby, how JT felt. What sex was the baby anyways??? Just too rushed.

  • craigs band enters northern sound showcase, most of band reveals it is not for them, craig goes solo and wins the showcase and goes away..

    i luved it, but of course i luv degrassi. it was a bitter sweet episode, craig was leaving but he was also finally acheiving his dream. i wanted 2 is an end of an more hott craig :( i feel it was well writen and long awaited. craig (my faV.) is the 1st 2 go, this only means more will follow:(
  • not one of my favorites. they could have done better.

    Craig gets into college! Who knew he even applied, and we all know why he got the scholarship. Their band gets a record deal, but everything is about Craig. Ellie tells him he should go for it by himself, and he does! Since when is Ellie the person everyone goes to? First Jimmy and now Craig. She continues to impress me with her breaking up relationship skills. I\'m excited that Manny and Craig appear to still be together. But anyway, Craig leaves for Vancouver, and will more than likely never be back.
    I think this is the dumbest mistake the show could make. Craig\'s drama was so real. Everything would happen to him, and i was always waiting to see how things would turn out for him. What do we have now, see if Spike and Snake get a divorce?
    Besides Craig, Liberty has her baby! This should have been a two part episode. He water breaks in Toby\'s car and he freaks out because its not his car. All of a sudden we are in a split position of Craig preforming and Liberty holding her baby and giving it away, which did produce tears.
    I just hope the show gets so good stuff like before. I love my degrassi, but this episodes was not up to par...
  • Downtown Saskquatch is given it's first big chance at becoming stars, but not everyone in the band is ready for the oppuritunity.

    I must say I was sad that Craig left the show, but come on they can\'t just keep flicking people off the show...first it was Terry, then it was Sean, the Craig! I love degrassi with all my heart but I think they should just let the characters ride it out for the duration of the show.
  • Together Forever lacked in orginality and focus. I expected bettter fo the leave of Craig, but this episode was just plain dull.

    I wasn't horribly impressed with this one. The main plot was slow and dragged on, and by the fifth season, Craig and his music doesn't provide much excitement to me. I was also upset that after breaking up Jimmy and Hazel to possibly make room for Jimmy and Ellie, there was a major Craig and Ellie interaction going on. Why resort to Craig and Ellie when they had already built so much on Jimmy and Ellie and it was clear that Craig and Ellie would not happen.

    I was also very displeased with the writer's portralyal of Ellie. This whole season Ellie has been moving on a downwards scale in character, but when the writer's included that Ellie entended on waiting a year for college to stay with Craig, it just plain through me off and pissed me off, after all, that statement alone portrayed Ellie as a needy slut; hardly what Miss Nash has been played up to be.

    The subplot left me also displeased. I personally think that the birth of Jt and Liberty child should of had its own episode, because as a subplot it was rushed and stupid. I would of loved to see more of Jt and Liberty's response to giving up the child for adoption instead of just plopping the unidentifyed-sex baby in the agency's arms. That was another key thing for me, when never learned the sex of the baby.

    Overall, I did not care for this episode at all, and the only reason I watched the whole thing is that I love Degrassi as a series to much to stop an episode half way through.
  • I loved this episode!!! Congrats must go out to the writers and actors of this episode!

    Wow. This epsiode was so moving I was bawling at the end and so were many of my friends (though most were crying because of the leaving of Craig (Jake Epstien). He will be sorely missed for as long as he is away!). The actors must be congratualated for being able to show their emotions so powerfully. Well done guys! Lets hope that Liberty and JT are able to move past this unfortunate event, and are able to help each other through it. As for Craig going to Vancouver for his music career, my friends aren't to happy about that! But we must hope that he comes back for cameos! Again, well done guys on a FANTASTIC epsiode! Truly a tearjerker!
  • One of the most influential and powerful episodes i have seen to date...

    In this episode, may events that have been building up finally unfold. Craig get the opportunity of a musical career, and Liberty finally has her baby. This is one episode that is so powerful and builds so beautifully, that by the end i was crying. (half because the adoption agency actually took the baby away and seeing the expressions on Liberty and JT's faces)I applaud all the actors in this episode because of all the emotions so amazingly portrayed in every situation; it was as if it were real life. This episode depicts exactly why i watch Degrassi.
  • Craig is all hyped about the band,hoping to be discovered,which they are,Craig also gets a full scholarship to college.The band decides that this music thing, is Craigs dream and not theres,on Ellies encouragement he goes to the finals by himself,and wins

    The main story line centered around Craig and deciding between a music career and college.. Jake Epstein did a great job in this episode.. and for the first time in a while we see Craig in his zone,and something finally going right for him!! and Liberty finally has the baby. They never say if it was a boy or girl..but you do see how devastaded Liberty and Jt are when the adoption worker takes then baby away. What a cute baby, full head of dark hair!! I think those two will be coping alot the rest of the season, I get the feeling Liberty is not gonna handle that as well as she thinks. I also wonder if Jt will decide he wants to keep the baby. Toby aka Jake , did a great job this episode. He was a great friend.. and although forced in the middle of Liberty and JT came throught in great Toby fashion. Great Episode..