Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 8 Episode 15

Touch of Grey

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Mar 15, 2009 on MTV - Music Television

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    Did the writers get stoned themselves? Who knows, all I know is the writers must have gotten lazy because they couldn't find anything too do with Emma, and they decided to make her have a huge character blunder with her being completely out of character. Not to mention, incredibly annoying.

    Now I know Emma isn't the most loved character on Degrassi but at least she was consistent with her morals, except for the time when she had that night with Jay after the shooting but at least there was a legitamite reason for that. Why would Emma ever do drugs? And to fit in? Talk about cliche. Emma just seemed like she was stuck in high school while Manny & Liberty knew better not to get stoned like an idiot.

    And no outburts from Manny? Really? No wise words from Liberty to Emma? Aren't these people supposed to be her friends? The only good thing about this episode was the fact that KC was becoming more three dimmensional with his character development, but that's about it. The writers just went off the rails here.
  • Emma tries to get another nickname other than "Blonde Emma" or "Kelly's Girlfriend" by smoking some of Kelly's pot with a couple of other girls, but it results in a horrible accident, but Kelly gets kicked off campus instead of Emma.

    Emma is tired of being referred to as 'Blonde Emma' (even though she is not even blonde anymore' or 'Girlfriend of Kelly's' or 'Kelly's Girlfriend' or whatever. So she decides to start taking part in a nasty activity - smoking pot. She takes some from Kelly after she finds it in their room, and beings smoking with two other girls. The girls thinks she's very funny and gives her the new nickname, "Blaze".

    At an event held on the university campus and helped with by Manny and Liberty, Emma gives away pot brownies, as everybody who eats them gets high, but Becca, one of the girls Emma was smoking with before, passes out and is required to be taken to the Emergency Room. And now the university staff are cracking down to see who has illegal substances in their dorm rooms.

    Emma informs Kelly that there are still some weed brownies in their room and Kelly tries to escape to throw them out before getting caught, but he runs into the campus staff, gets "busted", although he was not responsible with the incident with Becca. He gets suspended from the university. We do not see him again until the Degrassi Goes Hollywood movie.

    To me, this is just stupid. Emma can find many other ways to meet new friends and get a new, cooler nickname. Like Kelly said in the first place, she just needs to join some activies or a club or something. I'm glad that they were just acting high and stupid and that they don't actually smoke in really life. (Emma and Kelly) And it's kinda funny how Manny denied the pot brownies even though she smokes in real life.

    Meanwhile back at Degrassi, KC tries out for the basketball team - well, not exactly 'tries out'. He needs guardian approval from his foster parents, which he gets, but if he gets into any fights or goes back to his 'old ways', basketball is out of the picture.

    Conner finds KC's home somehow and comes to the foster home and discovers KC lives in a foster home, to KC's displeasure. He doesn't want anyone to know where he lives, so he tells Conner not to tell anybody, but he still does as if he thinks that if he tells the other guys, they'll stop picking on him in basketball practice because of his criminal history.

    Clare gets into it of course, also, and then she starts getting mad at him. KC gets pissed because he's still a good guy, and he has been a good guy, but Conner was just being irritating, and all.

    The newbies at Degrassi are so annoying.
  • Season 8, Episode 15.

    Connor learns that KC lives in a group home because he stole a car with a group of friends. He asks Connor to keep it a secret, but news soon reaches other students in the school. Meanwhile, Emma decides to create a distinctive university identity, so she makes marijuana brownies. However, when a girl forgets to take her insulin thanks to the brownies, campus cops begin searching the dorms for drugs.

    I loved this episode. This is definitely one of the better episodes of season 8. This season has been improving. I liked Emma's plot a lot in this episode. Plus, Emma looks good with that hair color. Kelly is amazing but I felt so bad for him at the end. Connor is annoying. I'm waiting for like an episode where he's going to go crazy and kill himself. Maybe he can kill Alli then himself out of guilt. Two birds, one stone. Good episode, though. KC is pretty hot. :)
  • Emma smokes pot and Kelly gets the blame. KC has a mysterious past.

    This episode was one of the best episodes of the season. I found that there was a lot more drama in this episodes. Emma starts smoking pot. And she is hilarious after smoking pot. Kelly is such a good guy taking the blame for having marijuana and brownies. Hopefully there's some sort of continuation. KC has a dark past. Finally an episode about KC. I was so surprised to find out that KC used to be someone like Sean. He doesn't look like a bad person. But there was some good acting in this episode and he pulled off a guy with some anger issues. Connor is starting to grow on me. He's not so bad. Since there was a lot of drama in this episode I give it a 10/10.
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