Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 5 Episode 7

Turned Out, Part One

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 31, 2005 on MTV - Music Television
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Turned Out, Part One

J.T. and Liberty make some decisions about the baby, and themselves, which involves a lot of money, which neither have. J.T. considers getting money from other means, besides his job. Craig and Manny set Emma up with Derek, but the date doesn't go over well, and she winds up going out with Peter.


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  • JT and Liberty need money to buy an apartment.

    "Turned Out" part 1 is a great Degrassi episode. It's all about Liberty's pregnancy and how J.T's dealing with it. If I remember correctly this is the episode where JT and Liberty tell their parents about the pregnancy. It's actually really cute how they search for apartments. It's very interesting that J.T.'s last resort to getting money is to sell drugs. It was actually very smart for Liberty to break up with J.T. once she learned he was dealing drugs. One thing I loved about this episode was Emma and Derek's date. It was so awkward. I give this episode a 9/10.moreless
  • perfect

    JT can't support Liberty and the baby, no matter how hard he wants to. They want to move into their own apartment but rent is too much. Soon Jay Hogart convinces JT to sell drugs. Is JT desperate enough that he will actually do it? Emma is tired of being a third wheel with Manny and Craig, so she goes out with Derek, only to really want to go out with Peter. What will happen here? Will they become a couple?

    Great episode, really interesting plot and a good "To Be Continued" episode. Overall my grade is an A+, perfectmoreless
  • Emma is sick of being the third wheel...

    Well I know my summary didn't over everything but this marks the first episode Emma & Peter go out on a date, which is amazing, I love that couple, anyways I like how Peter is "on probation" anyways I also like how Peter pursues her throughout the episode & she had to go out with Danny & had a lousy time. The main plot was pretty intense & it was a fine example, never get pregnant in high school! Which some of you probably know, and JT steals drugs but IO like how JT & Liberty get closer as they make steps for the baby, but other than that JT is such an idiot for selling drugs, great cliffhanger!moreless
  • JT sells drugs.....

    JT sells drugs from the pharmacy he works at to raise enough money for him, Liberty, the baby, and their soon to be new apartment.Jay convincing JT to sell drugs was very wrong and that's what I didn't like. I also did not like that Liberty's dad was so mad. I understand he was mad and shocked, but the way he handled it in the beginning was so wrong. He should have helped her through the process.

    The Subplot was mediocre. Emma and Derek going on a date was just weird to me, but better then watching her cry about Sean.moreless
  • well i wasnt as great as i expected it to be. . .

    ummm well i expected something big to happen but jt didnt get the drugs until the end of the episode. this wasnt my favorite cuz nothing really happened. but it did have its good point you actually see manny abd craig together in this episode and the funny parts when emma tells derek that she had a lame time with him.
Anne Anglin

Anne Anglin

Mrs. Cooney

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David Bolt

David Bolt

Mr. McKay

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Mark Wilson

Mark Wilson


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Jennifer Podemski

Jennifer Podemski

Ms. Sauvé

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Marc Donato

Marc Donato

Derek Haig

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    • (J.T. and Liberty are at the doctor's office)
      Liberty: (the baby's being shown on a monitor) How does he...or she look?
      J.T.: (obviously uncomfortable) I don't know. I can't.
      Liberty: J.T. ...(whispers) Please.
      (J.T. slowly moves so he's across from the monitor; the doctor points at the screen, indicating where the baby is)
      J.T.: It-it looks...real.

    • Peter: I should have never gone for Manny. You on the other hand? You're a major catch. Smart, funny, gorgeous..
      Emma: What makes you think I'm interested?
      Peter: 'Cause you care about things, important things...and maybe I heard that once, you were kinda into me.

    • J.T.: Do you realize what having a kid means? I mean, for your future.. and it's just not logical
      Liberty: J.T., I don't want to argue. Okay?
      J.T.: Okay, well just let me help you, okay?
      Liberty: I have an ultra-sound at two. Come with me?

    • (Emma walks up to Manny and Craig making out)
      Emma: I'd tell you guys to get a room, but you have a room... which also happens to be my room.

    • J.T.: Well, there's two solutions to my problems, my carefree friend. Mochachino ... and adoption.
      Toby: Adoption? Wow ... You uh ... Sure Liberty will go for that?
      J.T.: She's fifteen! It's the only thing that makes sense.

    • J.T.: Hey Tobes, what are you doing here?
      Toby: Surprise, surprise! You forgot. We were suppose to catch "Clown Academy" tonight.

    • Liberty: Absolutely. I want to carry this baby to full term. But afterwards...
      J.T.: Liberty, there is no afterwards. But what about adoption?
      Ms. Sauvé: I can refer you to an agency.
      J.T.: Yes that's perfect, we're in.
      Liberty: We? J.T., you broke up with me.
      J.T.: Yep, but I'm still the father. If you decide to keep this baby, it becomes my problem as well.

    • Ms. Sauvé: So... who knows?
      Liberty: Only... my brother, and Toby.
      Ms. Sauvé: Not your parents? Liberty... you're six months pregnant.
      Liberty: I know, Ms. Sauvé... but my father...there's no way I can tell him.
      Ms. Sauvé: So you've just been hiding it?

    • J.T.: So what now Ms. Sauvé? Pregnancy yoga, lamaze class.
      Ms. Sauvé: Make a doctor's appointment? At this point, the health of the baby is paramount. (J.T. and Liberty nod)

    • J.T.: Well, we're going to be parents.
      J.T.'s grandmother: James Tiberius, do you have any idea what it takes to raise a child? You are far too young!
      J.T.: Well.. I thought that you could help us. I mean, you raised Mom and me.
      J.T.'s Grandmother: And I'm not planning to spend my retirement going through it again!

    • J.T.: Spare me the lame-ass scheme.

    • Jay: (Referring to the painkillers) People would sell their mothers to get their hands on this stuff.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Jamie Johnston and Mike Lobel had previously worked together on "Zixx: Level One", where Jaime was a main cast member, and Mike guest starred.

    • Deanna Casulace (Alex), Melissa DiMarco (Ms. Hatzilakos), Stacey Farber (Ellie), Aubrey Graham (Jimmy), Shane Kippel (Spinner), Andrea Lewis (Hazel), Pat Mastroianni (Joey), Stacie Mistysyn (Caitlin), Adamo Ruggerio (Marco), and Amanda Stepto (Spike), do not appear in this episode.


    • The title of this two-part episode is the same as a song by Helmet from their 1992 album "Meantime".

    • Oxycodone
      Oxycodone, the drug J.T. steals from the pharmacy, is a drug that is used to treat moderate to severe pain. It's very potent and can be easily addictive. Oxycodone abuse is very common because it can produce the same effects as drugs like morphine and heroin.

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