Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 5 Episode 8

Turned Out, Part Two

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 07, 2005 on MTV - Music Television

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  • JT continues to deal drugs.

    "Turned Out" part 2 is an excellent Degrassi episode. In this episode JT continues to sell drugs in order to afford the apartment. I think this is the first time that JT gets a serious and big storyline. It's so intense how JT overdoses on drugs and ends up in the hospital. And it's heartbreaking seeing Liberty at the hospital. I do like that she decides to give her baby up for adoption as she thinks they would not be able to give their baby a good life. And the subplot evens out the seriousness of this episode because Snake has a midlife crisis. I think this is the episode where he gets the motorcycle. I give this episode a 10/10.
  • Aw JT! :(

    JT becomes a drug dealer but instantly wants to quit. But then he is beaten by the drug guy. What will JT do, especially now that he has lost all his friends and Liberty because of this? Simpson goes through a sort of mid-life crisis.

    A great episode, JT was so bizarre, and the ending when he was crying because of them putting the baby up for adoption (when they have it of course), and the whole overdosing thing on purpose... wow, JT was just not really JT in this episode. Still a great episode and still gets an A+
  • JT takes a turn for the worst.

    This episode is very powerful & shows how JT & Liberty really turned out like the episode title, which sucks since Liberty & JT were doing so well, now JT had to ruin it all by keeping on selling drugs which really bites. The subplot was pretty suckish since it was about Snake's midlife crisis, and finally JT tries to kill himself cause he can't handle it & Liberty only cares about herself. And when he wakes up they turn to adoption. Then with Liberty's dad freaking out, that was priceless, an amazing episode & ends the Liberty/JT franchise. Awesome episode.
  • I can't believe JT tried to commit suicide. It was so good!

    JT continues selling drugs and soon Liberty finds out and Toby and him get in a fight and JT tries to get everything back to the way it was, but when he realizes how much he's screwed up, he tries to kill himself by ODing on drugs! This episode was very well written. I hate that the Jt/Liberty relationship came to an end. I thought JT's decision to sell drugs after stealing them was stupid, but in the end, everything turned out to be ok. He visited the hospital after trying to kill himself and liberty supported him which made me so happy. I was so excited to see that Liberty's dad was actually supporting Liberty and JT now.

    The subplot wasn't that great.
  • **Review for both parts of Turned Out** JT's story reaches its turning point, and a shocking one it is! This episode accomplishes what few episodes of the series do: develop the character further. And it couldn't be more welcome. All around

    Degrassi is a show that suffers from few weaknesses. There are certain things each episode should accomplish and, for the most part, they get the job done. However, one thing this series has always suffered from is very poor character development. Sure, the characters age and get themselves in new, bigger problems as the seasons pass, but the characters themselves do not really change. Most are the same at the end of each episode as they were in the beginning of season 1. There are a few exceptions, like Marco and Spinner, but for the most part the characters don't really change.

    However, Turned Out manages to bring in some terrific development and for the most unlikely candidate: JT. Before now, JT has been that nutty guy only lookin to be cool and get good with the ladies. But here he has completely abandoned this old way. In fact, his childishness is what makes him eventually change (i.e. using the overlarge condom to suit is ego that slipped off). JT attempting to grow up and be mature here is such a great bit of development, I was thinking to myself the whole time, "Wow, is that really JT?" And to sum up this character change, at the end of the episode after all the drug dealing and suicide, JT sums it all up with one line: "It's no joke."

    The rest of the episode is standard Degrassi fare. One or two characters the episode decided to look at have gone and done something stupid so in an attempt to fix it they just end up doing something else stupid to make it worse and at the end they look at each other and say, "hey, that was really stupid." Drug dealing is...kind of a new subject, though we've seen drugs abuse before. I'm really starting to dislike Jay's character; he's getting on my nerves. I honestly think they're overusing him and he brings so little to the table to work with. I was more interested in Jay's drug dealing buddy, would have liked to learn more about him. I will say while I'm on the subject of this character that his line "I WANT MORE DRUGS!" was forced, corny, and made me do a face-palm. Come on writing staff, your better than that.

    I must say Liberty has grown on me; I didn't really care either way for her character before the second half of last season. I felt for her when she confronted her parents and good on her for have the fortitude to stand up to them. And good on JT for standing with her. The interaction between Liberty and JT has really been kicked up and actually interests me now. They're status changes so much its nuts. I also loved Toby's interactions with JT, Toby may not have changed much through the show but he's always been a personal favorite.

    In part one, we got a little subplot with Emma and Peter which I didn't care about in the slightest. Peter brings absolutely nothing to the show that it needs or is welcome. His cocky, pretty boy attitude belongs on The OC, not Degrassi which is actually a decent teen drama. Peter's character is such overdone, urgh, hate him. In part two our subplot was about Snake's midlife crisis and desire for a motorcycle. This actually interested me a bit, because Snake is probably the most interesting of the adult characters. I won’t get into it to much since it's not really important but I will say that bike was the snizz. Yes, the snizz. That's what I said.

    All in all, Turned Out it s a terrific addition to the season and a wonderful episode for JT. Lets hope they keep these types of episodes up!
  • I absoulty loved this episode. From the promos i didn't know if was actually gonna kill himself. I really like jt, he is a such a funny guy and ididn't like to see him do that to himself.

    I had a feeling from the beging that jt wasn't suceed in the drug business because he is not built for that kind of thing. I wanted him and liberty to say together and have the baby but that didn't happen. spike did it in degrassi old school so why couldn't liberty do it. When mrs.h asked snake for a ride on his bike you could tell from the look in thier eyes that they were gonna do more than just ride a bike. I shed a tear for jt at the end when he was in the hospital. He lost his baby, his girl and he might get teasedon at school. Overall this was one of the best episode of degrassi ever.
  • Wow, poor J.T.

    In the conclusion of Turned Out, Liberty tells her parents that she's pregnant and finds out that J.T. started selling drugs to help pay for an apartment and help with the expenses of the baby.

    When Liberty tells her father, you somewhat have to feel sorry for her, with his reaction, but in the end, I felt most sorry for J.T. because of his desperation, he was driven to sell drugs to get the money that he needed. In the end, he became so desperate to get the drugs back from the dealer, but when the dealer won't go along with his plans, I was suprised at Jay's character, he actually saved J.T. from his dealer friend, but he couldn't save J.T. from feeling so depressed that he took some of the drugs in order to commit sucide. Watching the last scene in the hospital was, I found, to be extremely heartbreaking, because it took J.T.'s actions for Liberty to see that giving the baby up for adoption would be for the best.

    With all of this drama in the episode, I found my heart breaking at what was going on between J.T and Liberty.
  • Wonderful episode. Liberty and J.T. tell her parents and his grandmother that she is pregnant. Neither take it well and J.T. turns to desperate measures.

    Liberty is further along in her preganny and she and J.T. are still strugling and keeping their secret. In the last episode they almost seemed as if they were going to make it, but it didn't happen. J.T. turns to selling drugs to get money for an apartment when he realizes how much a baby can cost. Liberty's parents and J.T. grandmother aren't supportive. I still can't believe that J.T. turned to drugs and tried to kill himself. Liberty decides that maybe giving the baby up for adoption is the best decision to make for the baby. Is this the end of J.T. and Liberty, and how will it effect both of their futures? Emma also starts to like someone who betrayed and embarrassed her best friend. Where will this lead in the future?
  • omg it was so good i cant believe jt tries to comett suicide it was so ecxiting.

    omg it was so good i cant believe jt tries to comett suicide it was so was a great episode with totally unexpected events too. and now liberty wants to put the baby up for adoption. personnally i dont think that she will . it was another great degrassi episode.
  • I couldn't believe it. JT sell drugs and attempt suicide?

    This was definitely one of the best episodes of season 5 so far. It shows how far a person can go to try to do good, and then completely mess up in the process. JT was totally unpredictable in this two-parter. He lost his best friend, and almost Liberty too.
  • This might have been one of the best episodes I have ever seen. It can out of no where.

    I give this episode a 10. It started out with Jt making the drug deal which he threw up afterwards, it was so realisitic and amazing. Then when Liberty goes to tell her parents she is pregnant, she stood up for jt instead of with her parents. I liked the scene in the mall when she starts beating him with her backpack because of the drugs. Also, the scene were JT is begging Toby for moey was definately a new side to jt, scary and new. When he goes back to the ravine and talks to jay about losing everything, I wanted to start cryig right there. Whne he takes the pills and falls to the gorud, it was so ralistic and amazing. the last scene was great. thy jsut talked and jt cried and explained everything and liberty said she ws gonig to the adoption agency, etc.etc. I have one word to describe this episode: incredible.

    Ryan Cooley did an amazing job acting throughout the episode. e did a lot of things I dont think he has ever done in episodes before, (crying, selling drugs etc.), hard things to act and he did a great job. Every scene, it looks like he knew what to do ad did it perfectly.

    Sarah Barrable-Tishauer also did a great job acting in this episode. it look great in the end.
  • j.t. sells drugs to pay for an apartment with liberty and ends up trying to kill himself.

    i thought this was one of the saddest episodes i've ever seen. i was crying at the end when liberty was talking to j.t and told him that she was going to give the baby up for adoption.also mr. simpson decides to buy a motorcycle because he feels like he doesn't have enough fun in his life.
  • JT went from comic to serious with a series of bad decisions. We get to see a side of him , no one ever thought existed..JT attempt suicide? Thats is so out of character of him. I just hope he can get himself out of the hole he dug.

    Ryan Cooley did a spectacular job in this episode.We got to see a totally new side of JT and just how vulnerable and human he is. JT is always the comic relief so to see him so serious is like WOW!! Great job Ryan,you are an amazing & talented actor!!