Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 11 Episode 14

U Don't Know, Part One

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Aug 08, 2011 on MTV - Music Television

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  • u dont know


    Degrassi hits us with another major twist: Holly J is adopted. Never really saw that coming to say the least. It was a good tie in with the kidney transplant and it some ways, it does make a lot of sense. Looking forward to part 2 now more than ever.

    The Katie & Adam thing has been done before with Fiona. Except the difference is Fiona wanted a girl that acted like a girl. And now Katie wants a real guy. See, the story line isn't much difference, and I really don't see this ending up in a relationship.

    The Clare & Imogen scenes were pretty funny but I really don't care about the new relationship that is coming to light with Eli & Imogen, it's just as uninteresting as Clare & Eli so I'm just going to disregard this story line. Overall, revealing episode.

  • Holly J. needs a kidney transplant and she finds out that no one in her family has the same blood-type. Adam asks Katie to be his partner in the fashion show. Imogen auditions for the part of Clara.

    "U Don't Know" part 1 is an impressive Degrassi episode. This episode has so many layers. First of all, it's so intense how Holly J.'s health is not improving. It's so sad that her kidneys are deteriorating. It starts to get even more intense when no one in Holly J's immediate family has her blood type. The most surprising and shocking thing about this episode is that Holly J. finds out she's adopted. I loved Adam's subplot. And I know it's probably going to be heartbreaking as well. Katie seemed to show an interest in Adam and invited him to participate in the fashion show. I think she freaked a little when Adam's breast were a little more noticeable in the attire he was wearing. It's sad because Adam's a boy stuck in a girls body and it's not going to get any easier for him. I love the Imogen third plot. I love how Imogen studied all of Clare's movements. I love Imogen's impersonation of Clare when she auditioned for Clara. It looks like she got the part. I give this episode a 10/10.
  • perfect


    Holly J- this was great. I saw some people in the thread for this episode think the big reveal about herbeing adopted wasn't emotional, but i felt otherwise. i thought it was a pretty good scene. I really like how serious her role in these episodes is getting and i hope Dawn, her real mom, gives hera kidney.

    Adam/Katie: Adam begins to get a crush on Katie, and thinks there could be something there, but Adam has a talk with Marisol, and she tells Adam Katie does not like him like that. Adam thinks it is because he still has boobs and tries to change that.

    Imogen/Clare/Eli- pretty good. Imogen is really weird and kooky, but you know... in a good way. I like her a lot and she is pretty funny in this show.

    Great episode. A+