Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 11 Episode 15

U Don't Know, Part Two

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Aug 09, 2011 on MTV - Music Television

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  • part 2


    If I'd call this episode anything, it would be overrated but nonetheless, this was still a solid installment. By the end of the episode, I really did not expect Dawn wanting 20,000 dollars, I just thought she wasn't going to be able to do it. Where does this leave Holly J? Quite a bind, especially when you're family is broke.

    As predicted, the Adam & Katie relationship didn't work out. I definitely expected that much but at least this opened the door for Adam in contacting some FTM people.

    The Imogen/Clare/Eli triangle wasn't very amusing and this idea that Eli wants Clare back isn't promising either. Hopefully it falls through somehow. Here's hoping. Good episode overall though.

  • Holly J.'s located her birth mom and she hopes her birth mom is willing to donate her kidney. Adam is tired of being a boy stuck in girls body. Imogen gets the part of Clara.


    "U Don't Know" Part 2 is an excellent Degrassi episode. In this episode, Holly J. has located her birth mom. At first, Holly J. doesn't tell her about her kidney's failing because she doesn't want to scare her off. It's so intense how Holly J. health continues to get worse and that she may not be going to Yale because she could still be waiting for a kidney transplant. It was heartbreaking to find out that Dawn will donate her kidney if Holly J. gives her $20 000. And Holly J.'s family isn't rich anymore, so they don't have that much money. Adam's plot was awesome. I'm happy that he was able to get a compression vest, so he'll look more like a guy. It's too bad that Katie doesn't have the same feelings that he has for her. I'm glad that Adam is joining a FTM transgender site, so he can meet people like him. Imogen was crazy in this episode. I love how she got the part of Clara and then lied to Clare about having a relationship with Eli. I love how Eli reveals that to Imogen that completely still has feelings for Clare. I kind of felt bad for Imogen. Anyways, I give this episode a 10/10.

  • perfect


    Holly J- her meeting her birth mother was great, especially it being the woman at the Dot who had kids. Her chickening out on asking for what she needed was good, and the ending was great. I can't believe Dawn is asking for 20,000 dollars! That's really... cruddy of her. I wonder if Holly J will end up giving it to her. She really needs a kidney badly, but 20,000 is a lot.

    Adam/Katie- doesn't really surprise me Katie was not all that into Adam. Adam is probably my favorite character this season, and if not, definitely in top 3.

    Eli/Imogen/Clare/Jake- Imogen meeting Eli at the steak place, knowing Clare would be there with Jake, was mean of her but it worked well. Eli admitting he still loves Clare and so he is going to use Jake, so to speak, was brilliant and i can't wait to see where this goes.


  • Amazing Episode


    I felt so bad for her the entire episode :( . I loved the scene when she first talked to Don and asked her had she given up a baby for adoption. It was VERY surprising to find out that Don had other children. HollyJ probably feels like Don didn't want her :( . Don seemed nice, but she showed her true colors at the end, lol. WHY would you tell your BIRTH DAUGHTER to PAY you to give her a KIDNEY? That's they LEAST she could do after giving HollyJ up.

    Honestly, this was kinda boring. Why does Adam want to take all the pain. Hormone control...sounds scary. Him and Katie looked cute together, but Adam was acting like they had already started dating or something. Katie should have been a little more up front with him. Although I don't think she lead him all. Adam misdirected signs. Happens to the best of us.

    She loves to stalk Clare O_O . Glad her and Clare have become frienemies, although I don't she realizes what she set in motion. She's so determined to finally have Eli to herself after MONTHS of STALKING him.