Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 10 Episode 29

Umbrella, Part One

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Oct 29, 2010 on Much Music
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As Clare's family crumbles, she's left feeling totally irrelevant in her own home. Eli's parents have a strange offer for her.

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  • perfect

    clare struggles to hold it together when her parents announce they are selling the house. eli's parents offer her the chance to sleep in eli's room. will she?

    adam and drew develop feelings for fiona. who will get her?

    wesley finds out dave's dad is a cop, but dave wants him to stay quiet. will he?

    good episode, clare's plot was good and so was dave's. but i was confused, dave wanted to be part of the 'cool' gang so quickly, and pushed wesley aside... they were best friends for so long and now it is like it does not matter? It felt weird. Anyways, good episode, the only thing that would've made me like it more was if they had Darcy cameo. A+ either waymoreless
  • Great

    Good episode. Clare needs serious help. Fiona/Adam/Drew was good,can't wait till next week. Dave/ kinda boring. The c-plot is interesting...ish. I like the idea of Dave pulling a JT and wanting to distance himself from his "nerdy" friends. The love triangle thing is average at best, Drew needs a different storyline than always trying to be in a relationship its getting redundant,I kinda like Adam/Fiona!Eli's parents funny I guess...But I unno Eli is not as dark an mysterious as he was presented before. I was kinda hoping he would have strict parents kinda like Craig's Dad typa deal just not abusive.....Oh an did anyone else catch the weird vibe when Eli's Locker opened an all those papers came up. I definitely think he has some kinda OCD or something that is also why next week's plot revolves around his Bedroom.moreless
  • 1029

    A good episode of Degrassi. I have a feeling this wont be as good as the last two parter, but it's still good. Clare going through her parent's divorce resulting in an identity crisis which is making her relationship with Eli crumble. We got a lot of Darcy mentions here which was good, nice to know Darcy didn't fall off the face of the earth. It's also nice to know that Clare still has her beliefs, lets just see if she sticks to them. Dave having a cop as a father and being embarrased about it? Not a lot going for that plot but Wes has become one of my favorite characters from the new cast, I fell in love with him in this episode, I laughed at just about everything he said.

    The last plot was a bit strange. Adam liking Fiona, Drew liking Fiona, this sounds like a recipe for disaster. I still can't figure Fiona out which makes her such an interesting character. Can't wait for part 2. Good episode.moreless
  • Clare's parents are getting a divorce which makes Clare start losing her identity. Drew tries to get Fiona to notice him, but she's not that interested. Dave doesn't want anyone to know his father is a security guard at the school.moreless

    Fantastic episode! I love Clare's plot of dealing with her parents divorce. I love how she goes through this emotional roller coaster. It's kind of intense. Her parents tell her one reason for their divorce is that they are two different people, and then she realizes how different she is from Eli. Clare having a crisis of faith is really interesting to watch. The scene where she runs out friendship club crying and Eli promising that he's going nowhere was heartbreaking. It's so interesting how Clare has becomes messed up and she doesn't know who she is anymore. It was interesting to watch her ask Eli to spend the night. Drew is so funny. I love how he tries to get Fiona to notice him, but she's not that into him. Adam is just nicest person ever. He definitely has a crush on Fiona, but he's helping his brother get a date with Fiona was nice of him. I think Fiona may be a lesbian or bisexual because I think she may be atttracted to Adam. I still love how the new school changes has effects on the students. Dave's father is a security guard at the school which makes life for him harder. Dave's character never cared about popularity before, so it's strange that all of sudden her cares. But no one wants their parents at school so this could be the reason for his sudden change. I love how Wesley is very socially akward, but at the same time, I love how he kind of ruined Dave's social life on purpose. Dave was kind of a jerk to Wesley. Anyways I give this episode a 8.5/10.moreless
  • A bump in the road

    Main Plot: As Clare's family crumbles, she feels neglected in her own home.

    Clare's acting was actually pretty believable in this episode. Though I think Eli's parents a little more on the comic relief side than I would've wanted them to be. I feel like nothing happened in this part at all, and am hoping for things to speed up in part 2. Plus, is Eli a hoarder?

    Main Plot Grade: B -

    Subplot 1: Adam and Drew both like Fiona

    I have only one question: does Fiona realize that Adam is a transgender? Fiona was awesome as always, and I think Drue is just jumping into another relationship way too fast.

    Subplot 1 Grade: B -

    Subplot 2: Dave makes new friends and doesn't want to hang around Wesley

    Dave was nice to Connor, who was a loner/nerd in season 9. So why has he suddenly changed? And why would he care about people knowing his dad is a cop? This plot was too short, it has been done hundreds of times, and was a total bore.

    Subplot 2 Grade: D -moreless

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    • songs featured:
      Jesse Ruben - Don't
      Pikihead Productions (featuring M. Deezy) - Crown Me
      Kristen Jones - You Ain't Coming By
      Molly Thomason - Kiss Me
      Sports: The Band - Warn Me
      The Strange Familiar - I Just Want To Love You

    • A.J. Saudin (Conner), Alicia Jopsipovic (Bianca), Argiris Karras (Riley), Cory Lee (Ms. Oh), Daniel Kelly (Owen), Jajube Mandiela (Chantay), Jessica Tyler (Jenna), Landon Liboirion (Declan), Melinda Shankar (Alli), Raymond Ablack (Sav), Sam Earle (K.C.), Samantha Munro (Anya), Shannon Kook-Chun (Zane) and Stefan Brogren (Mr. SImpson) do not appear in this episode.