Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 10 Episode 30

Umbrella, Part Two

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 05, 2010 on MTV - Music Television
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Umbrella, Part Two

Clare finds out the secret behind Eli's room, but when she tries to help him, he freaks out. Adam gets Fiona to give Drew a chance, only to realize he likes her too, and soon Adam's jealous has him fighting with Drew and Fiona. Dave tries to prove he is cool to his new friends by stealing a taser from his dad and using it on Wesley.


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  • Great

    The Dave/Wes thing was Wes is probably one of the nicest people on the show. If my "friend" had been ignoring me, and then friggin' TASERED me, no way in hell I'd forgive him. The A plot...I thought it was pretty good. Major points for taking on a new issue. I also felt that we were allowed insight into Eli's problems without having it turn into an episode of Dr. Phil. The writers didn't beat us over the head with an explanation of why Eli hoards. I still don't like his parents, the father especially. He's just so cartoonish and out of place.I'm starting to really like Eclare. The ending scene made me cry. Man, Eli's all fuc*ed up.

    The B-plot was kind of iffy for me. I didn't like how Adam was getting mad every two seconds, and I didn't like how Drew went as far as to saying that Adam's not a boy. I've always hated Drew from the beginning, from when he was being a jerk to Riley and Zane, but now I hate him with a passion! I'd rather if Riley was Adam's brother, not Drew. Drew seems to be EVERYWHERE, interacting with EVERY character, and I just don't like it. If Riley was Adam's brother, it would make sense if Adam was developing feelings for Fiona, because Riley can put in a good word for him (again, btw, I LOVE Riley and Fiona as a couple, but I also love Riley and Zane). And I also don't get how Fiona doesn't know Adam's a transgender; wouldn't that spread throughout the ENTIRE school by now?moreless
  • Clare discovers a secret about Eli. Adam shows his angry side when he sees Fiona and Drew getting closer. Dave has to prove to his new friends that he's not a narc.moreless

    Awesome episode! I love how Degrassi is dealing with some new issues in this episode. Eli's a hoarder. I love crazy Eli and his compulsiveness with being messy. I love how his room was so messy. It's interesting how he thinks that if he stays messy then nothing bad happens, and if he cleans up he thinks he's going die or someone he loves is going to die. I love the Adam plot with being jealous of Drew and Fiona. It's interesting that Fiona doesn't know Adam's transgender. Drew is kind of a good guy for not going after Fiona when he finds out Adam likes her. I really hope Adam and Fiona have some sort of romantic relationship. The Dave plot was so shocking. I can't believe he taserd Wesley. That scene was sort of intense. I give this episode a 8.7/10.moreless
  • 1030

    Not the best episode of Degrassi and I'm not loving the direction this show is taking. There is a difference from original and completely ridiculous. Eli being a hoarder? Dave shooting Wesley with a taser? Plots that haven't been done before on Degrassi but there was a reason these plots weren't done then. Eli harping over his dead ex-girlfriend had potential but it just failed miserably, with him being a hoarder. Did anyone feel sorry for Eli, like, at all? The "playful" fight in the end between Wesley & Eli was just... strange. How old are these guys, 12?

    The only plot that was remotely likable was between Fiona, Adam, and Drew, but I just don't understand how we're nearing the end of the "Fall" season and Degrassi has yet to really focus on the show runners: Riley, Anya, Holly J, Sav. We did get a bit of that earlier this season. But Declan thinking he raped Holly J isn't the most salvageable plot.

    A hit and miss for Degrassi.moreless
  • fair

    eli will not give clare her dad's watch, so she and adam sneak over to his house to get it. they find out he has a lock on his door. adam suggests a possible combo, that works. Can they handle what is in his room?

    Adam gets mad at Drew because of the Fiona love triangle. Who will get her?

    Dave, desperate to be cool, tazers Wesley. Will this break their friendship forever?

    Half the reason my grade is 'fair' is because i really liked the main plot. the other two were 'meh' and 'terrible'. I did not understand why Adam was all of a sudden so mad at Drew. Yea, we know Adam likes Fiona too, but in one scene, he's helping Clare get into Eli's room, the next, he's mad at Drew about Fiona. It seemed weird. I also HATED Dave's plot. I disliked it last week, when he wanted to be 'cool'. It seems so all of a sudden. In the first half of the season, Dave had fun with Connor and Wesley, but in this episode, and last weeks, he treats Wes like dirt. HE TAZES HIM! That's not even the worst part, he tazes Wes, and then after a lame apology ("I was acting stupid, and I'm sorry," or something like that), Wes just basically forgives him. Yea, their friends obviously, but Dave crossed a line. He treated Wes like dirt, and hurt him, and just because he realized he was acting like a jerk, Wes just automatically forgives him? If aomething like that were to happen, like in real life, to me, or something, I might forgive my friend, but certainly not so quickly! This is one of my least favorite moments on the show ever. If i did not like the main plot so much my grade would probably be much lower. As of now though, it's about a C or so.moreless
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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • The type of lock that Eli has on his door, comes with a preset combination. He wouldn't have been able to set it to match the date of Julia's death.

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    • Raymond Ablack (Sav), Charlotte Arnold (Holly J.), Stefan Brogren (Mr. Simpson), Sam Earle (K.C.), Alicia Jopsipovic (Bianca), Argiris Karras (Riley), Daniel Kelly (Owen), Shannon Kook-Chun (Zane), Cory Lee (Ms. Oh), Landon Liboirion (Declan), Jajube Mandiela (Chantay), Samantha Munro (Anya), A.J. Saudin (Connor), Melinda Shankar (Alli), and Jessica Tyler (Jenna), do not appear in this episode.


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