Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 11 Episode 33

Underneath It All, Part Two

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 24, 2012 on MTV - Music Television

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  • The Senior Prank ramifications commence. Maya's lost in love. Clare and Jake's relationship hits an iceberg.

    I definitely say this is better than part one. One reason is because of how Fiona finally came to her senses and realized that Katie and Marisol are horrible people. It really gave Fiona that type of character development. Also, I like how the minor scenes that Imogen was in developed her own character and emotion. I hated how Katie and Marisol still treated Imogen like dirt even though she took the wrap for the senior prank. I'm actually excited to see how Fiona and Imogen, now friends, are going to get back at Katie and Marisol.

    The B-plot with the niners was interesting as well. I liked how the episode got more into the characters of Maya, Tori, and Zig. I felt bad for Maya having feelings for Zig and that he got back together with Tori. That scene alone made me think "Wow. Tori is just like Manny Santos." I do have to say though that fight between Tori and Maya was embarrassing and it fits right up there with the fight between Joey and Wheels in DJH.

    The C-plot was dragging on and on in this episode. I couldn't believe that Clare still wanted to have sex with Jake. Like I've said before, seeing Clare and Jake together just gives me the creeps. However, I'm actually glad that Clare was the one who broke up with Jake because it was the decent thing to do for their "relationship". I like how Clare collected herself after the break-up because it showed how their relationship was nothing more than just a filler.

    Overall, this was a good episode. I just did not like how Clare's plot was lagging. Grade B-
  • The Consequences of the Senior Prank

    "Underneath It All Part Two" was an awesome episode. It was so much better than part two. I love how this episode dealt with the consequences of the prank. I felt so bad for Imogen in this episode. I couldn't believe it when Marisol revealed she locked Imogen in the theater. I love how Fiona confessed she was part of the prank and Katie and Marisol just sat there denying that they were part of the prank. I think I'm going to like Katie and Marisol as the new mean girls of the school. I'm glad that Fiona and Imogen became friends at the end of the episode. Maya's plot was entertaining with accidentally getting Tori and Zig back together. I love Clare and Jake's plot because the y officially broke up in this episode. I give this episode a 9/10.
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