Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 8 Episode 17

Up Where We Belong

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Apr 05, 2009 on MTV - Music Television

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  • Mostly Mia

    Mia wants to be a full-time model and drop out of school.

    Holly J is mad because of her art work only getting a "C". A quick thing... the art teacher says that her artwork she did had "No emotion" and then Holly J said "That's just your opinion." Um... a couple seconds before this Holly J herself said it had no emotion. Was she just mad at the teacher?

    Sav does not know what he should do: physics or a music class.

    Overall, a great episode, I really dug the whole thing, my overall grade for this episode is an A+
  • love it

    really good episode. i enjoyed the sutff that happened in it a lot including that skank mia getting exaclyt what she deserved Laugh Oou LouD hahahaha she's so annoying i cnanot stand her nor the actress i wish they would both go away and leave me forever!! 2well mia did now i'm just waiting for nina too hahahahaha i'm just hilarious. but anyway back yeah to the episod3e that i'm reviewing and trying to discuss to all ov you participation n reading my beauty that i'm rwriting on the eipsode. wsell actually honestly i dik what this episode is that i'm reivewing! laugh otu lie :)
  • Mia tries to balance modeling and her failing grades at Degrassi. Holly J stuggles to get a good grade on an art project. Sav thinks about whether he should try for an engineering degree or take part in a guitar class.

    Mia has been doing horribly in school with her grades. She is failing, and will have to repeat her classes if she does not get a good grade on a speech about where she sees herself five years in the future. While she has to worry about the speech and other homework, she also has modeling to do. Even worse, she has a big photoshoot on the night she is supposed to be preparing her speech.

    She ends up being stressed out at the photoshoot, (we don't get much time of seeing all the sexy girls in their bikinis, unfortunately) and then she blows the speech and comes up with a marine biologist because she loves dolphins as her career five years in the future.

    After talking to another fellow model, she decides to drop out of high school to avoid all of the stress of things like speechs and homework. Her mother is horrified at the decision, and finally convinces Mia to go back to school. Thanks to her classmates, she is able to redo her speech and aces it and, well, passes.

    Mia is so lucky. I'm not really sure I'll miss her in Season 9.

    Holly J struggles to make an A in art class. She is just copying the pictures out of the textbook and is giving a C on two separate occasions. With the help of a classmate, she crumbles some art up, then uncrumbles it up, and begins working on her true feelings with art: a disaster. She turns it in and earns an A.

    Sav tries to choose between engineering and guitar classes for the next semester. He originally goes for engineering, but convinces his father to let him enroll in the guitar classes. So he's happy, everybody's happy.

    So am I. This was a pretty good episode.
  • Pretty good filler.

    well this isn`t really drama packed,but it is a splendid episode in all.I couldn`t help but feel bad for mia when she was crying and hollyj`s part was very good plotted and they took quality time on it.sav`s was wonderful too,his strugle was well glad they gave the minor niners a break,because they will be a little drianed,the ending wasn`t "that!" cheesy!,but it was a nice ending,though they should of had some more of the boy 11th graders.All in all,a good episode that was well thought out.

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  • Mia has to choose between modelling and school. Holly J needs to put more emotions into her paintings. Sav is considering a career in music.

    This episode was boring. I didn't really enjoy it. I hate the character Mia. She always seems angry all the time. The acting in this episode didn't actually make me feel like they were stressed. Nobody broke down and went all crazy because of stress. Nobody took any drugs because of stress. I was really hoping Mia would pick Modelling over school, but she had to be smart and choose school. I did kinda like the speech she made. Her mother is AWESOME. Buffy is my favourite television show and she said vampire slayer. That's the only read why I'm giving this episode a 7/10. Holly J. actually pulled off being more stressed than Mia. I don't really like the character Sav either. I'm just glad that his father took an interest in the music near the end of the episode. I also liked seeing that guy from Barenaked Ladies in this episode. That's another reason why I'm giving this episode a 7/10. This episode actually deserves a 4/10.