Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 8 Episode 1

Uptown Girl, Part One

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 05, 2008 on MTV - Music Television

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  • Mia becomes a model.

    "Uptown Girl" part 1 is a great episode, but disappointing as a season premiere. I actually think it's realistic that Mia gets a modelling job because there's so many oppurtunities in Toronto. What I like about this episode, is that it's about a teenage mother whose struggling to have a social life, and she needs money. What I dislike about this episode, is the character Mia. I just completely stop liking Mia in this episode. I just think her character and personality don't belong on this show. I love the subplot. It was fun. I love how Emma tried to get Manny and Liberty in one room. The only thing I dislike, is that they're sharing a room with Kelly. I give this episode a 7/10.
  • It's a new year at Degrassi High School. Mia tries out for spirit squad, but gets distracted when she's offered a modeling contract. Emma, Manny, and Liberty start their stint at college.

    Degrassi's got their new principal/football head coach: Principal/Coach Shepard, a.k.a. "The Shep", who got on my nerves the whole time during his run on Degrassi. The first day of school is taken off for a beauty pageant featuring the football team and some girl of their choice. Danny, developing a good friendship with Mia, is grouped with her. She also joins him to show Holly J that she should be on the spirit squad, which her daughter is getting in the way of.

    During the beauty pageant, Mia is spotted by a modeling agent. She appears at a tryout for the T-Bombz Girl. I believe T-Bombz is a type of shoe, by the looks of the photo shoots they take. She eventually gets the job by sleeping with the product's spokesman, quarterback Tom Blake. (copied off Tom Brady of the New England Patriots)

    Emma, Manny, and Liberty also start their first year at university. At the start, the three girls are separated into different dorm rooms. Manny's okay with it, as she believes it's a chance of opportunity to meet new people, which I agree with, and so did Liberty. But Emma did not. So while Manny and Liberty are okay with it, Emma goes and "fixes" it so the three girls are stuck in a room together with another girl named Kelly - wait no, he's a GUY. So the girls have a guy in their room in which Emma and Manny start to compete for.

    I guess it was a decent episode. Mia's hot, and you get to see her half-naked and whatever, but I kinda miss Emma, Manny, and Liberty at Degrassi, and would rather see others like Jimmy, Toby, etc. come back or see them in college or wherever they are now.
  • The downfall of Mia's character.

    Ok so the episode is actually a good one despite I start to not like Mia. Basically her offers to watch Izzy for her for the rest of the year and then Mia becomes a model because an agent scouted her. She gets alot of auditions, but never quite gets the job. In order to get the job as the new T-Bombz girl, she sleeps with the boss, Tom Blake. Later on she goes to a modeling party and invites Leia. Tom wants to have a big sex party with some of his people and Mia and Leia, but when Leia refuses it and leaves, Mia gets mad at her and continues with the party. As for the sub plot Emma lerans that her, Manny, and Liberty are in seperate rooms, so she puts them in the same room toghether with a guy named Kelly. Emma feels left out btu she later bonds with Kelly.
  • Season 8, Episode 1.

    Ah, 8 seasons. I have liked the episode so far. Emma is hotter! Darcy is even sexier! Her sister Claire is finally in high school. A new opening theme! It's the same song, just redone. It's OK. Emma gets housing to make her, Liberty, and Manny roommates. However, Manny and Liberty already liked their roommates. Haha. I like Mia, but Holly is so mean to her. There's a new principal, too. There's so many changes this year! But Spinner and Jane are still together. :) Isabella is such a pretty little girl. After Mia becomes a model, even Holly wants to be her friend. Good premiere.
  • A new year, new oppurtunities, new -- wait, the same drama.

    Okay, I thought the premiere was going to be good, but no. Mia's whole modeling career happened way too fast. Yeah, you can get scouted fast, but you don't automatically become a model. You have to go through test shoots and they criticize almost everything about you. For a show that's "real", this was pretty much fake! And, Mia just had to stoop that low. Come on, you can't be that desperate for a freaking modeling career! And, the credits! They went back to the whole chessy poses, and the child-like handwriting. And, they put put Peter before Emma and the orginals that have been on the show since day one! Please, let this be the final year. This show is heading downhill quick!
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