Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 8 Episode 2

Uptown Girl, Part Two

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 12, 2008 on MTV - Music Television

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  • Students at Degrassi are finding out that Mia slept with Tom Blake.

    "Uptown Girl" part 2 is a great Degrassi episode. It's definitely better than part 1. In this episode, everyone at Degrassi is finding out that Mia slept with Tom Blake so she'd get the job. And that's the part that I really like about this episode with Mia realizing she's losing friends and stuff like that. Mia was such a jerk to Leia in this episode. I didn't see the point in putting Danny and Mia together if they were just going to break up. I really liked the subplot with Clare. It was embarrassing how she sang a song in front the whole school at lunch. And didn't she get food thrown at her? I give this episode a 8/10.
  • Mia's life gets very difficult with all of the photo shoots and parties as a model, and then having to take care of her kid, and keep her friends - more specifically, Danny and Leia.

    Leia finds out that Mia slept with Tom Blake to get the job as T-Bombz Girl, and she spreads it to Danny, who's sort of crushing on Mia. Obviously when he hears this, he gets very upset and angry at Mia, who later in the episode, turns into a brat and doesn't understand why he's upset. So she just, not exactly ignores it, but she thinks Danny and Leia are the ones that need to apologize.

    Anyhow, things are rough for Mia. Parties are keeping her out late, which means she gets less sleep and gets to sleep late. She is SO lucky that The Shep is the principal, who excuses her for being late to all of her classes. In the end, Mia still keeps the job, but not her real friends - Danny and Leia, especially - but she does get voted onto the spirit squad, and Holly J announces it pleasantly.

    So another storyline during the two-parter to begin the year, new kids KC and Clare - Darcy's younger sister, form a bond, even after Clare claims to think KC is mental and KC forces Clare to sing in front of everybody in the cafeteria, in which she is booed and is the target for a bunch of objects. (any objects that the students can throw and are available)

    Eventually she and KC settle things and they begin to sit in the cafeteria again after she and Connor went a stretch of time eating in the computer lab. Or in some classroom. I don't feel sorry for Clare, because she is a snob, and her private school uniform aggravates me because I hate those people who only care about education.
  • Season 8, Episode 2.

    Darcy is so freakin' sexy! I love Shenae Grimes. Her sister Claire is terrible though. She seemed mean to Casey. Mia is so sexy! She deserved the job. I loved when the boss said that Mia's mom must be her sister, and then asked who Isabella was, and Mia said that it really was her sister. Mia even ended up kissing another girl! Great episode. I really enjoyed it. I loved that Mia is sleeping with Tom to get/keep her job. Leia even tells people about it! Casey and Claire have chemistry, so they are obviously hooking up. I felt kinda bad for Mia. Loved the episode.
  • Mia's modeling life is cutting into her regular life. Clare and KC form a bond after an incident.

    This episode was a little better than the first. First, they gave a B plot to the new characters, which wasn't too bad. It introduced them, and I came to seeing that my new favorite -- well at least, one of them -- characters is Sav's little sister. I found Clare to be annoying, and so was KC. Their little, "I don't care" debate was so stupid. Even freshmen on tv are annoying. Ironic. But, Mia's storyline pretty much ruined the whole episode. She slept with the T-Bomez guy and lost her friends, old and new. I never found her character to be annoying, but now I do.