Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 5 Episode 1

Venus, Part One

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Sep 19, 2005 on MTV - Music Television

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  • Manny will do anything to become an actress.

    "Venus" part 1 is a great Degrassi premiere. In this episode Manny will do whatever it takes to become an actress. In this episode she considers getting plastic surgery. Even though, Degrassi does a lot of episodes about body image, this is a great episode because a lot of teenagers don't like their body and wish they had the money for plastic surgery. I'm actually glad that Manny didn't actually get the surgery. The end of the episode is awesome because it's one of Manny's most memorable and quotable moments. It's when Peter films Manny flashing her breasts and saying "I'm gonna be an actress, like academy award winning. And you can sell this video for a million dollars, cause I'm gonna be famous!". I give this episode a 9/10.
  • Not only did Manny show her boobs, her dad called her a slut, and she tried to get a boob job, we now have undeniable proof that Ashley is a terrible person.

    So many awesome things in this episode I don't know where to start. The episode starts by the pool, Manny and Emma sittin' pretty soakin up the sun. Manny wants to be an actress. Roll the opening.

    Emma and Manny talk to this new guy peter who is a sophomore, and he tells Manny to go and show what she's got to the agent or whatever they call it in Canada. She goes and the lady calls her milk.

    soon after, manny wants a boob job. She recruits emma to come with her to the boob job guy. The boob job guy says that she needs to talk to her parents about it. She says yes (which is just plain stupid) and she leaves. Now her father is very angry. He got a call from the boob job guy and told manny why she wants one. She says she'll be famous then. He calls her a slut. OMFG! Wow. She leaves.

    Later at a party she gets drunk on vodca with this random guy. Peter lures her away with his evil powers, and they chat in this bathroom. He hold up the camera, and manny says she's getting a boob job. Peter says they're fantastic, and she agrees. Than for some reason, (not that she needs one, she's drunk) she flashes her boobs for the camera. Hehehe. Peter now has them on camera. What will he do with this material? TO BE CONTINUED! DUN DUN DUN.

    A-Plot Grade: A++ 110% Now the Ashley incident. She decides to stay in europe. She also has a new boyfriend whom I assume is not bi-polar. Way to be a jerk, Ashley. What's her deal anyway? He has a birthday party when spinner spills the beans about ashleys euro-boy. He gets all cranky. Boo hoo for him.

    B-Plot Grade: C+ 77%

    Final Grade: A+ Best Quote ever in Degrassi history: "And you can sell this for a million dollars, because I'm- GONNA BE FAMOUS!!! (Shows Her Boobs)"
  • Manny turns to the bottle.

    This episode was really intense! I mean a great way to start a season, a new school year begins, for junior & seniors at Degrassi, Manny decides to be an actress, after her agent makes fun of her, she turns to surgery & when her dad finds out, he goes ballistic! And calls her a slut so she gets drunk & shows her breast on Peter's camera, by the way a great way to introduce a new character, the subplot, Ellie figures out that Ashley dumped Craig & everyone knows but him plus his birthday is coming up so she should find another to tell him but when he finds out by Spinner in public, Ellie's dead to him, it is also revealed that Ellie likes Craig. So it's the worst of times. A great cliffhanger & made you want to watch more, a wonderful start to Season 5.
  • Manny shows her boobs to Peter's Camera

    I liked this episode. manny wants to be an actresss and thinks plastic surgery may help, but her parents don't approve, which makes Manny unhappy.Manny's dad calls her a slut and she leaves her house and goes to a party where she meets Peter. Then she drinks a nd gets drunk and goes into a room with Peter and exposes her breasts in front of Peter's Camera and tells her, she's gonna be famous and that her body is worth 1 million dollars. Then Peter does the unthinkable and decides to post it on the web and send it to everyone. Very exciting episode.
  • Manny is so funny in this episode of Degrassi.Which is called Venus!At lease she didn't get pregnat on this show!Like with the Craig innsodent.Accidents Will Happen part 1 & 2.Well I think MANNY is a good werid.She werid at times but werid.

    Manny is so funny in this episode of Degrassi.Which is called Venus!At lease she didn't get pregnat on this show!Like with the Craig innsodent.Accidents Will Happen part 1 & 2.Well I think MANNY is a good werid.She werid at times but werid.I feel sorry what she went through like becoming hot,baby,fighting over Craig,took cocaine with Craig.

    Manny is so funny in this episode of Degrassi.Which is called Venus!At lease she didn't get pregnat on this show!Like with the Craig innsodent.Accidents Will Happen part 1 & 2.Well I think MANNY is a good werid.She werid at times but werid.I feel sorry what she went through like becoming hot,baby,fighting over Craig,took cocaine with Craig.
  • A Review by SNLFAN422.... \"I\'m Gonna Be Famous\"

    This episode was the most \"REVEALING\" and shocking season opener! When Manny get kicked out by her parents, she goes to a party. When she gets there, some people tempt her to drink vodka. When she drinks it, she goes out of CONTROL! She gets super-drunk! Then the principal\'s son, Peter, makes a film where Manny, drunk as she is, says that she wants to be an actress. Then she takes off her top, and she reveals her breasts on film. The next day at school, Peter had blackmailed the revealing tape, and everyone in the computer lab sees it. IT GOES THERE! Part 2 will be up soon!

  • Manny may have had an abortion, but her twins star in this episode.

    An episode about boobs? When I first heard that, I thought "OMG now this show has really jumped the shark." (Ignore the fact that I previoiusly said Kevin Smith jumped the shark.) I was pleasantly surprised.

    Anyway, basically, Emma likes this guy Peter, and Manny wants new boobs, but her strict dad won't let her get new boobs because she's a slut. (Wow, calling your own daughter a slut.) It's obvious right away (around the time he spams the school with a video of Drunk!Manny stripping) that the writers are continuing their "There are guys worse than Sean." thing, even though more people hate Emma than hate Sean.

    The score would be better, but it loses points for the stupid B plot, and for dropping Manny just so Emma can throw up at the end of the season.

    Peter's video's popular on Mars but not Venus.
  • To tell you the truth, this episode did not live up to my expectations.

    Sure, this episode was good, but good isn\'t enough for a season opener. It lacked what other season openers had, and that is thrill. Besides Father Figure, this was by far the worst season premiere. MACR,WDC, and GITM were all 10 times more exciting. This episode wasn\'t bad, but no it wasn\'t fit to be a premiere. To be honest, it pains me to watch this episode over again. One time is enough. And the subplot, wow was that just terrible. Ellie and Craig, what a bad storyline. I expected alot more from this episode and i didn\'t get it.
  • Manny maintains her slutty image.

    "Venus" was a great Degrassi Episode. After making a movie with Kevin Smith, Manny decides she wants to be an actress. Her idea of becoming an actress is to act her sluttiest. When she is told she needs plastic surgery by an agent, she takes the stupid advice and atempts to get it. For the first time, We meet Mrs. Hatzilakos son, Peter, who takes a liking in Manny. When she is invited to his party, She makes A BIG mistake. She acts like she is Janet Jackson at the superbowl by popping her bobs out to Peter on Camera. Manny is also drunk. She wants peter to destroy the tape. It is all Manny's fault. First of all, she knows she is too young to be drinking and Didn't the Janet Jackson Superbowl incident teach her anything?
  • Manny continues to be her slutty self.

    Can she ever keep her clothes on. First she slept with Craig and now she strips for the camera with Peter as the director. She needs to slow down and stop trying to get so much attention. Manny has been with Craig, Sully, Spinner, JT and now has stripped for Peter. Date the whole school much. I wish someone would just run her over or something i mean nothing that drastic but you know what i mean. Craig is way to good for her. She needs to find someone who is just as slutty as she is...someone like Jay. Even Jay's to good for her but she needs someone.
  • Manny finally gets hers

    I am so happy for this episode. I can't stand Manny and I am so happy that she finally gets what she deserves. I think Peter was great to show that to the whole school. She is the idiot who got drunk and stripped for him; its not his fault she will throw herself at any guy.
  • I liked this episode. It showed a bit more of Manny and her home life, and it tightened her friendship with Emma.

    Very nice episode...I was happy that we finally had a season premiere that centered around Manny, for once. But, I also wanted to know, don\'t you think when Manny was slurring her words to Peter that she seemed a bit like Anna Nicole Smith at the Awards? Just a thought...
  • I am not a big fan of Manny, but everyone came back for this season rocking fabulous!

    I am not a big fan of Manny, but everyone came back for this season rocking fabulous! Everyone was just so much better at their acting and, of course, everyone was even more picture-perfect. But ya know what, after getting over the fact that everyone is just like WB shows - perfection! -, it really is a great soap-like show. And this episode was fabulous. Emma and Manny have lasted for so long, and it's beautifully cuteness! :)
  • this was one of the best episodes i've ever seen!!!

    The whole Manny thing didn't really interest me because i've never really gotten into the character.

    I loved the Ellie and Craig thing. I just think it's great that they are friends. hopefully later in the season they become more than just friends, I mean it's not like they're in relationships anyway seeing as how Sean is in Wasaga and Ashley is in London.

    Anyway back to Manny. Emma liked this new guy named Peter, but he has his eye on Manny. He invites Manny to a party and she get's drunk and asks peter if her boobs are good enough for her to be an actress. She ends up taking her shirt off in front of his camera and he e-mails it to everyone at school. Manny's parents found out that she went to see a plastic surgeon and her dad called her a slut and kicked her out. Emma ended up seeing the tape and decided not to be her friend. in the end Emma and Manny became friends again and Manny is now living with Emma.
  • "Manny Santos, My have you grown." is what Jimmy says as he watches the video of Manny(very drunk)striping for the camera. Shes changed from cute little girl to being called slut by her very own dad. Shes very lucky to have Emma as a friend.

    Another great season opener. I loved every minute of Venus 1 and 2. I love how Emma and Manny are best friends again like in season 1.Manny and Emma are probably two of the characters that have gone through the most changes. Both started as two little good girls, but end up making a huge mistake. One ends up pregnant the other ends up with an STD. This episode Manny makes another huge mistake. Desperate to become an actor, she gets upset and drinks vodka at Peter's party. Peter tells her to go, but then she wants to make a video and Peter doesn't try and stop her. Shes drunk so her good judgment is impaired so she goes and strips for the camera. quote: "you can sell this video for a million dollars cuz I'm going to be famous." She ends up going to Emma's becaus of being kicked out of her home for trying to get plastic surgery. She falls into Emma's room/ the basement. Still very drunk. Manny tells Emma how she went to Peter's party. Emma says, "You knew I liked him." Manny:"Hey you say hands off, andhes hands off.". The next day at school Manny tries to get the video camera from Peter, but he comes in the locker room and says she has to pay for it. She says she hasn't got that kinda money. Peter:" Plastic sergery isn't covered by health care hunny" Personally I think peter is a real jerk. Later on he ends up sending the video to a bunch of people at her school. I don't know if its after luch or the next day, but Manny doesn't want to face school, but Emma helps her through the day and says you have to face this. Luckly shes got a friend like Emma to help her get through this. As for the subplot Poor Craig, but I think he had it coming because of what he was doing with Manny. Still on his birthday thats really sad. I really hope though that Craig and Ellie become a thing this season. There so cute. Especially when they were bickering back in forth. Craig:"Stop Staring." Ellie:"Stop being an ass." Wow they said ass twice in this eppi I noticed. I think its funny when Emma's mad at Craig so she goes and sits with Paige. Ellie says: Hell Hath No Fury. Then Paige goes something like:"I said you could sit here not throw dark gothic girl cliches at me." I thought is was sorta funny because she wanted to get back at Craig like Ashley did. Here are some of my favorite quotes from this eppi.
    "Welcome to Emma, I'm Degrassi."
    "I want to hear the latest on Princess Ashley diarys"
    "We're the most cursed class, I can't believe we made it to our senior year."
  • Manny IS a bad bad girl...

    Excellent season opener. The main plot was exciting, but it was the crellie subplot that really knocked my socks off. Ellie really comes out as someone more open this season it seems, and her chemistry with Craig is killer (shown through the squee inducing moment heard the world over, the hug in the Dot).
  • An amazing storyline, Venus Part One is an excellent example of Degrassi at its finest.

    In Venus Part One, Manny is starting the school year off with one goal in mind and thats to become an actress. Cassie Steele did a marvelous job in this episode with one of her best performances since Accidents Will Happen. The episode also showed the self-esteem which is incredibly lowered by today's standards with girls that NEED to be skinny or guys that NEED to be muscular. Also her plastic surgery option is an option that is being considered more and more each day which is truly sad.

    Also the episode showed her parents reaction and most importantly--her parents-- who we havent seen, well her mom we saw in Accidents Will Happen. Great episode two thumbs up.
  • I am always shocked to see what the brilliant writers come up with each week. I don't know why, you'd think after so many years and episodes it shouldn't be a surprise but tonight's episode qualifies my shock 100%

    Tonight's episode Venus was such an OMG - episode. Manny, Manny, Manny is all one can really say. I don't know whether she is a little girl lost or just plain wanting attention from any and everywhere. I will give her points for not wanting to encroach on Peter because she knows Emma likes him, and I got from what she was doing; as, she wanted more spotlight than anything. But What she did in the bathroom at the end of the show is like :O... and we know the next episode is gonna be double :O :O because the video has made its way onto the Internet. Wow... I think this may have to be the best season opener for D:TNG.

    As for Craig and Ashley - I am sort of happy they are kaput - I wasn't really into that relationship... I think its time he focus on school instead of dating. I'm not really into the whole Ellie/ Craig thing. But it is nice they are friends, maybe somewhere down the line they may grow on me - I mean, it was nice to throw a party for him: even though she forgot it was his birthday. Marco was adorable.

    And yay! Spinner is back at Degrassi
  • Yet another great episode; yet another great season.

    This episode is a great start to the season. It's always interesting to see how the actors (and their characters) have grown up between seasons, and this episode showcases that well. Dealing with Manny's desire to become an actress and her insecurities, this episode wonderfully portrays a situation experienced by most teenage girls. Ending in a cliffhanger, it definitly pulls viewers in and makes them want more. I can't wait for the next episode.