Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 5 Episode 2

Venus, Part Two

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Sep 26, 2005 on MTV - Music Television

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  • Peter shows the video he filmed of Manny to everyone at Degrassi.

    "Venus" part 2 is a great Degrassi episode. In this episode Manny has to find the tape that Peter filmed her with. Peter was such a jerk when he was first introduced. I can't believe he sent everyone the video of Manny. Manny's father is also a jerk calling Manny a slut. I actually love that Manny goes to live with Emma. I love the end of the episode when you find out that Peter's mom is Ms. Hatzilakos. I didn't like the subplot plot with Ellie trying start a band and ended up joining Craig's band. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10 for Manny's plot.
  • Part one was a wild ride, but now Manny's pre-op boobs become an internet sensation, in the almost as crazy part two.

    Where to begin. Last week we left off with Manny showing her boobs to peter. Luckily peter was able to document his findings with none other than a video camera. MAMA MIA! What will Manny do now?
    Now on to Part two....

    Heh, Manny is just the slightest bit drunk, so she decides to walk back to Emma's house. For the next season and a half she'll be living here. Anyways, she is drunk, and she falls and gets wet. I think. The next day she is super duper hung over and she is also very embarassed. She remembers that something happened with her boobs yesterday.... but she probably always remembers that. She goes up to peter the next day and she talks to him about how she might have flashed him. He wants a date so that he won't put her boobies on the internet. She says no. Bad one Manny. When he has that power over you, I would advise not to argue. The next day is one of the best. Apparently Peter mass-sent Manny's boobs under the name "Degrassi Girls Gone Wild" everybody gets it, except for JT and Toby. They're too busy watching monkeys to see manny topless.

    As you would think, Manny is mortified. Next time, don't show your boobs Manny, its just common sense. Later Peter gets in trouble by the principal (Ms.Hatzilakos) because he shouldn't be putting naked girls on the internet. A-Plot: A++ 110%

    The B-Plot is the same as from part one, but even worse somehow.

    B-Plot: D- 60%

    Final Grade: A
  • Ms. Hatzilakos is Peter's mom!?

    Well this was a scandalous episode! Following part 1, Peter promises he wont show the video to anyone until Manny rejects him & calls him a freak. So he sens it to everybody! Meanwhile Elli seeks Craig's forgiveness. The A plot was so sad for Manny, she practically lost everything, she loses her best friend, she gets kicked out, of her home & cheer leading squad, her rep is ruined. It's all madness, then Peter says sorry, that's nuts! I like how Emma forgave her in the end out of pity & helped her deal. Back to the subplot, Craig forgives Ellie while she starts having interaction with Paige & Hazel plus she makes the band with Craig which is a start of a whole new friendship & maybe more.
  • Yipes, poor Manny. I almost feel bad for her.

    Yipes, poor Manny. I almost feel bad for her...but I don't really because I know that she bounces back. It takes more than a video of their boobs to keep the Degrassi kids down for long. Still, that was so awful for her. I kinda understand her pain because I've gottne wrapped up in the moment before when I wasn't thinking and I've done things I've regretted. (Seriously, who hasn't?) But I've never done anything like that. She had so much going for her, but now she's been kicked out of her home and practically temporarily disowned by her family, all because of her dad's narrowmindedness and temper. Stupid Peter. He's a man whore, an awful one, a really really really awful one. (Thank goodness he'll start to grow out of it and get better.) Oh well, Manny will get over it soon. :P That's harsh, but it's true. (This episode is kinda leading up to some character changes for Manny.)
  • Manny goes a little crazy with her acting career

    Manny has always wanted to be an actress, and everyone knows she will be someday. To \"boost her up\", Manny decides to get a boob job (weird). Peter, a guy you should never trust with cameras), tapes Manny drunk and flashing him! When Manny says no when Peter asks her out, he sends the video around the whole school and on the internet. Emma, Manny\'s best friend, gets mad because she knew she liked Peter. Manny\'s parents find out on their bill that the boob job costed almost a thousand bucks, so they get mad. Manny\'s dad calls her a slut and kicks her out. For now on, Manny gets to stay at Emma\'s, but its not all good anymore. Her reputation went down in the drain and she knows people wont look at her the same as they used to.
  • This is a very special episode for me. C why by reading the review.


    peace out everyone, and remember (venus 1 & 2 will be on again soon so find it record on tivo and watch for the nipples =)

    The reason this episode is "A Special Episode" is because i've always wwanted to see manny's (cassie steeles) nipples. Even tho its just the side it's still pretty awesome

    can't submit yet guess my reveiew has to be exactly 100 words....oh i's not 100 words max it's 100 words minimum so those periods weren't needed...lmfao...that's hilarious cuz i thot it said maximum... don't feel like going bak and fixing it now tho i guess i'll just type and type and type and type until ive used 100 almost there to 10 words to go 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 and submitted
  • A big step forward compared to part 1.

    This episode was much better then the opener. Peter was pretty retarded though. Manny\'s acting was good. It was all just wxciting. It kept me watching. The writers did a great job with this episode. They could have done something stupid like about Peter and Manny, but they made the right move by making the video leak throughout the school. Now the first episode actually served a purpose. In my opinion this episode wasamazing but it was very good and there was some good acting in it as well. As for the subplot, lets just say it was bad, really bad.
  • this is for venus part 1 and 2

    this was amaizing but i am going to write about craig and ellie and manny, peter, and emma. finally the played an unedited epesode (i am assuming cuz they used slut, skrew you, ect.)

    part 1
    craig and ellie

    i feel so bad for craig but i am glad ash (melissa) is gone. this was the 1st time in a long time i liked watching craig. the party was cute but spinner messed up again. ellie and craig defenatly have chemestry. when he walked it to the surprize you could tell there was chemestry. i love ellie (stacy's) new haid do. ellis does not fit well with paige and hazel.

    part 2
    peter, manny, and emma

    i hate peter so much. he is such a jerk. it ws funny when emma and manny found out he ws hatalakos son. manny can not fake cry. i can not belive her dad would call he loose and a slut. i liked seeing emma talking with some other girls at the party. she looks great this season. i love manny and emmas friendship and always has because it has stayed strong even though it has went through a lot. i think it is great that manny is staying emma. emma is a great friend.

    the epesode was amaizing. i can not wait for more.
  • Cassie Steele once again displays why she is my favorite actress.

    I thought that Venus parts one and two were a great start to season five. Cassie Steele is always challenged with dramatic episodes where the scenes may make or break her, but she never skipped a beat. Tears were actually falling from my eyes as she showed how hurt she was. She was very realistic as she snuck into the boys' locker room to try and steal Peter's camera and as she tried to fight for it before he sent it to everyone. I don't think anyone else on Degrassi could've done a better job.
  • Uh oh. Manny's been a bad bad girl...

    Good, as the 2nd part of season premiers go. Emma's character continues to develop as we begin to see both the strengthening of the Manny/Emma friendship as well as blossoming problems with Emma wanting to fit in with those around her. Not an excellent episode, but not bad. Craig has an attitude problem...
  • Another great installment of Degrassi! This episode was definetly an exciting one to watch. Cassie Steele acts great in this episode and you can really feel her pain when her parents kick her out of her home.

    Ellie joining Craig's band kind of foreshadows that they might be going out in a future episode. Also a great conclusion to Venus Part 1. Learning that Peter is Ms. Hatzilakos' son definetly will bring some interesting episodes and story lines and episodes in the future- who is Peter's dad? It's also great to see the friendship Emma and Manny have for each other- best friends forever! lol
  • Amazing conclusion to an amazing episode.

    Venus Part 2 was a really good episode, one of Cassie best performances yet. Miriam aka Emma was amazing as well and so was Jamie aka Peter. The plot was also juicy although the episode would've been much better to watch as an hour premiere but the-n will do that so oh well.

    Also the sub-plot was really cool, Ellie and Craig seem to have a lot of chemistry and Paige and Hazel seem as bitchier as ever before and thats cool now that we have the old girls back to their evil ways so I give this two thumbs up and five stars.
  • A great second half to the season premiere.

    Although Part 2 of Venus is not quite as good as Part 1, it is still well done. The aftermath of Manny's bad decisions with Peter are showcased, and they bring about several changes in her life and relationships. Manny struggles to contend with the judgement and dissaproval of her family, peers, and friends. The full results of her choices are still yet to come.

    Craig and Ellie's new relationship (friends only, for now) also has new developments, and a promise of more interesting twists to look forward to.

    The big question is: how exactly will Degrassi cope with these changes?

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