Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 9 Episode 4

Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 11, 2009 on Much Music
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Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'

Holly J. and Jane partner up for a project and become friends, but when Holly J. finds out Jane is cheating with Declan, the friendship gets put to the test. Dave wants to make a name for himself, and decides to challenge Bruce.

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  • Great

    Holly J and Jane become friends. But their friendship could be ruined when Holly J learns Jane is seeing Declan, whom she likes, whilst also dating Spinner. Will Holly J tell Spinner or will Jane break it off with one of them for the other?

    Dave wants to fit in at Degrassi and so he has a plan: get even with Bruce for a prank. Bruce finds out and they have a "fight", but it seems to have made Dave popular.

    A good episode, one of my favorites from all the ones I have seen, especially the sub plot. Grade- A+moreless
  • Jane and Holly J develop a good friendship until Holly J catches Jane kissing Declan.

    It looks like Holly J's evil is waring off a bit this season. She did have some sort of an attitude against Anya but not anything big. It's cool to see her actually getting along with somebody. I liked the whole 'Jane and Holly J' storyline here. But Jane, in this season, I don't really like. I hate that she's cheating on Spinner. Some may say that he's incredibly lame right now, but that's only because Degrassi chose to make seasons after Spinner's clase graduated at the end of Season 7. Now, he's just the guy that works at The Dot. And I don't think it is near over with Jane and Declan, really. I don't think the whole cheating thing could end just like that. And for the Dave subplot, it was pretty good. Dave's a pretty good character, I suppose. Well, there's not much he's done so far to really get a good opinion of him from me, but I think his future is bright on the show. Once the niners grow up, I think he'll be a popular one in class; Well, maybe if he grew a foot.moreless
  • Love the episode.

    Finally a continuation from all the loose ends in Danger Zone. Jane knows that Holly J likes Spinner. Jane & Holly J become best friends. Then Holly J sees Jane making out with Declan. My favorite scene is when Holly J confronted Jane. "I know Jane" Jane's face is priceless. Omigod, I wanted Spinner to find out. Holly J should of told him! Jane breaks it off with Declan, thank god. At least we know, Jane has some soul. Dave's plot was entertaining. Glad Chantay is finally doing something since she did absolutely nothing last year. I didn't expect to like Dave, but he was okay in my book when I saw this episode.moreless
  • Holly J finds is lonely as it seems as all her friends are in relationship. She befriends Jane and founds out what Jane has been dealing with. Dave does whatever it takes to fit in at Degrassi.moreless

    Interesting Episode. It has less drama than "Close to Me" but it gives an interesting perspective of relationships. I love how Holly J is a fifth wheel. It's actually something that a lot of teens at my school deal with. I like how Holly J and Jane become friends. I love Holly J crashes into Declan's car. I also love how Holly J falls for Declan. I like the drama with Jane and Holly J after Holly J catches Declan and Jane kissing. I also like that they made up. I think it will be interesting to find out Spinner's reaction to Jane having a 3-week affair with Declan. The Dave B-Plot was very amusing and disgusting. I love the drama with trying to fit in and finds some friends. I was grossed out when Dave peed in that bottle and poured all over Bruce's locker. I also loved seeing Bruce get all mad. I also like how Bruce didn't beat up Dave. It makes the stereotype of a Bully on the show less true. But I was grossed out to find out that Bruce peed in his water balloon. It's nice to see Chante's character develop in this episode. I give this episode a 8.5/10.moreless

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