Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 1 Episode 12


Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 03, 2002 on MTV - Music Television
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Paige starts a Spirit Squad at school, and Manny wants to become a cheerleader. Emma thinks cheerleading is sexist, and her friendship with Manny gets shaky. Things become even worse when Manny and Paige become close friends, and Emma writes an anti-cheerleading article. Toby and J.T. try to win a contest worth $1 Million, by finding an Ace of Spades and an Ace of Clubs at the bottom of chip cans, and Liberty and Spinner decide they want in on the action.


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  • Manny want's to join the cheerleading squad.

    "Wannebe" is an awesome Degrassi episode! This is a very interesting because this episode deals with two different points of view on cheerleading. Emma thinks that cheerleading is sexist and demeaning while Manny thinks it's just something fun to do and she's good at it. I can understand both points of view, but Emma wasn't a very good friend to Manny in this episode. I really liked the JT, Toby, Liberty, and Spinner subplot. It was entertaining. And you rarely get to see Spinner hang out with JT, Toby, and Liberty, so it was nice to see how his character would behave around them. Anyways, I give this episode a 9/10.moreless
  • liberty's boots rule. i love liberty's boot.

    liberty's boot's are cooler than pee wee hermans shoes, and pee wee hermans shoes and i are like THIS son! really though, this is a great episode, it shows how nuts emma really can be. even though her character has been toned down the last couple of seasons, this reminds us of where she's going to be in 30 years : living above a church with pigeons and mccully culkin. manny shows how fun she can be, and how sometimes you just have to do what you want, no matter what your friends think. this is the last we see of liberty's cool boots.moreless
  • Manny wants to join the spirit squad but emma thinks that the spirit squad sexist. Manny thinks emma is jealous of her because the popular girls in school like her. There friendship was ruined by that.moreless

    I thought that this episode was very good. But I wanted to see Manny and Paige fight but they didn\\\'t. I didn\\\'t like Paige and hazel in this episode because they were evil. I also didn\\\'t like emma in this episode because she should have let her friend do what she wants to do and she should support her in whatever she chooses to do. I didn\\\'t think that the spirit squad was sexist because both boys and girls could join the group. Emma is always critisizing things. Anyways overall this was one of my favorite episodes in season 1.moreless
  • It was ok

    It was an ok episode. The thing that bothers me is that Emma is sooo perfect. Endangered animals, no sexism, etc. Id never do cheerleading myself, but I think Emma is overexadgerating. If some people like waving pompons to cheer on others, let them. Whats the big deal? And i dont think this was much of an aggresive article. But the main thing i like is that Manny does what she wants, not what emma tells her.moreless
  • The true Paige shines through yet again

    Although I don't really like cheerleading, I would never take the issue as far as Emma did. She was a little ridiculous about it. If the girls want to be on the squad so be it; Paige and Hazel were not forcing anyone to be on the squad. Emma needs to learn to understand to see things from other points of view, rather than just her own. The JT, Toby, Spinner thing was just kind of filler to fill up the other half of the episode. Sure what Paige did was wrong, and I love that Manny told her off like that, but Emma was just completely unrealistic in her expectations. She needs to realize not everything is about/against her.moreless
Amanda Stepto

Amanda Stepto

Christine "Spike" Nelson

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Andrea Lewis

Andrea Lewis

Hazel Aden

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Hazel tells Manny that they need twelve cheerleaders and they presently only have eight. Yet during their practice, they were only six people.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • J.T.: The ace of spades, the ace of clubs... they're both so similar!

    • Emma: Um, what are those?
      Liberty: Aren't they the most beautiful boots ever?
      Emma: They are... they're something.

    • Emma: Oh please, Paige, Hazel? Are you like gonna, like, do like, your colors, like, together like?

    • Manny: (reads Emma's article) Great, Emma. So now I'm a bimbo too?

    • Paige: (on the announcements) School Spirit. Can you have enough? If you ask me, the answer is no. That's why I formed a Degrassi Spirit Squad. So come sign up, boys and girls. Give me a D. Give me an E. Give me a G...
      Emma: Give me a break!
      Paige: What does that spell?Degrassi!

    • Liberty: What?
      Toby: Why, we came over to say hi.
      J.T.: Okay, we want your chip can.

    • Paige: Hey, girl. Something wrong?
      Manny: It's Emma. She's taking this cheerleading and "sexism" thing too far.
      Paige: Really? (she lookes at Hazel) How far?
      Manny: She did say she might write something for the Grapevine.
      Paige: (Paige looks at Hazel again) You know what Manny needs, Hazel? Some time with the girls. Wanna hang out?
      Manny: Really? That's amazing, my house is like two minutes from here. (the three girls walk arm in arm to Manny's house)

    • Paige: Oh, look. It's "Little Miss Save the world."
      Emma: And it's "Little Miss Plastic." Shouldn't you be out testing your makeup on animals?
      Paige: Shouldn't you be out hugging trees?

    • Paige: Manny, what is your damage?
      Manny: You, Paige!
      Paige: You better watch your mouth.
      Manny: Or you'll what? Spread lies about me? Deface my locker? Just try it.
      Paige: F.Y.I., you're attitude sucks. Good luck making the squad!

    • Manny: Whatcha guys doing?
      Paige: Just, uh, making a few editorial changes. Emma's article is really going to hurt us. Here, Manny. You do the next one.

    • Spinner: YOU MORON! They're both clubs!

  • NOTES (5)

    • The-N edited out Paige saying "FYI, your attitude sucks!" Instead, after Manny leans her face in front of Paige's, she just says "Good luck making the squad!" It's odd the network chose to edit this particular sequence, since characters have said the word "sucks" in previous, unedited episodes.

    • The poster The-N censors reads, 'Hate' then at the bottom it has the words 'it's taught'.

    • In the U.S. when Emma and Manny walk out of the bathroom, there is a poster blurred off.

    • For the Degrassi Crash Course, Wannabe was ranked three times for Kisses and Disses and Fashion. Ranked 93, 92, and 61.

    • Daniel Clark (Sean), Aubrey Graham (Jimmy), Melissa McIntyre (Ashley), Christina Schmidit (Terri), do not appear in this episode.


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