Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 5 Episode 5

Weddings, Parties, Anything

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 17, 2005 on MTV - Music Television
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Weddings, Parties, Anything

Craig has decided to focus on school and the band, and not date this year, but he soon finds himself attracted to both Ellie and Manny. And the two girls are competing for his affection. Joey meets a woman, but is worried that the age difference might be a problem.


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  • Ellie and Manny are both crushing on Craig. Joey gets asked out by a younger woman.

    This is a another great episode of Degrassi. Craig is still in his support group with Ellie. It seems he is doing a lot better since he found out he has Bipolar. Anyways the band actually sounds way better now. Now we have Manny and Ellie who are crushin on Craig. The Manny and Craig storyline does get annoying but I want to see how everything turns out. The way Craig stood up to Peter for Manny was a good thing to do. I jusrt wish they would actually stay friends and not go out with each other. At the end of the episode where he kissed Manny was horrible but it brings mor drama to the show. I wish he would go out with Ellie instead of Manny. I guess I'll have to see what happens next. Joey dating someone younger than him. I don't remeber what happend to Caitlyn or if anything happened at all but I don't really like the girl he is dating. I give this up episode a 10/100moreless
  • After getting his heart broken, Craig swears off all girls. That is until Manny comes back into his life.

    I love this episode because not only does Craig show he still loves Manny but wants to give their relationship another try. Ellie for whatever reason thought she had a chance but Craig did not want her. He wanted Manny and it showed in that beautiful kiss they shared to end the episode. I'm glad he chose Manny, his true love. Joey and Diane are a semi cute couple but everyone knows Joey and Caitlin should be together. Not really sure what they were thinking putting Joey in another relationship because it's always gonna come back to he and Caitlin.moreless
  • And the triangle begins!

    This episode is one of my favorites because Craig shows some feelings toward Ellie but Manny beat the punch, which starts a triangle runs all through Season 5 and half of Season 6. I love it when Ellie throws the drumstick, that was hilarious! Manny is looking up to see what hit her. Then Ellie reveals her feelings at the gig, which was amazing, stupid Craig, I wish he would of chose Ellie, so much for being a monk, making out with Manny at the end, still a lot of unintentionally funny moments in this episode, the subplot, not a big fan of, don't really lie the character Joey, but everything else was fantastic!moreless
  • A real display of Craig\'s idiocity

    As my summary states, a true display of Craig's idiocity. First off, the only real feelings in this episode's are Ellie's. Craig and Manny are simply in rebound. Craig because the love of his life dumped him coldly and suddenly. Manny because her life has recently crashed and burned so she just wanted to make a connection to someone. Moving on, Craig was really thick-headed this episode. Choosing Manny yet again? He's learned nothing. He doesn't seem to detect that Ellie likes him at all. Come on, Ellie's clearly the better choice. I was disgusted with this pairing. Plus Joey getting together with a new girl? BAH! They need to write that him and Catlin get back together and live happily ever after. Not come up with this new girl out of nowhere that we know nothing about and just stick 'em together in the same episode. I mean, what's next? Snake leaves Spike and then she gets together with Radditch who comes back to the show because Miss H. quit her job to go live in France so no one knew her or that her son, Peter, blew up a canadian monument? Pure insanity! And Next week, Hazel starts to lose interest in Jimmy with the most conveiniant timing so Ellie can gain interest in him and move in. Gosh, it sure is strange how that tv timing works. Finally, Liberty really hates JT. I hate I find COMPLETELY UNWARRANTED! If she didn't wanna get pregnant, maybe she should have demanded J.T wear the proper sized condum! Of course it was dumb of J.T to get the wrong size in the first place, but Liberty didn't help the situation by not saying anything. That's all. Thanks for reading.moreless
  • This year Craig is just gonna focus on school with no distractions, especially girls. Downtown Sasquatch gets a wedding gig, and Ellie becomes jealous when Craig invites Manny to come along.moreless

    i liked this episode. but 1 thing...its kinda a little bit like umm.... not so degrassi like because ellie dressing up for craig is umm weird (sp?) but i like the cranny vs. crellie thing. haha bizzare love triangle. cool. i love crellie. i hated that craig goes back to manny. why!!?? i mean he got her pregnant and all that isnt that enough!?!? god.. still i liked this episode but the others i think is better.moreless
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Genelle Williams


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Alex Steele

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Shenae Grimes

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    • (After seeing Joey purchase condoms)
      Craig: Ew...

    • Manny: Well, they do say there should be at least... one attractive girl in every band.
      (Manny flips her hair then walks away)
      Ellie: Oh you're not calling me ugly!
      (Jimmy does an "Oh no you didn't" motion with his head)

    • Craig: Ellie wait! What the hell's going on?
      Ellie: You tell me! You're the one who called her, you're the one who sat there drooling over her like you were some perv.
      (Ellie turns and walks away, then turns around again) And this? This isn't me. I don't dress up.
      Craig: I'm... flattered?
      Ellie: Don't be... this, this is for the gig. This doesn't mean anything.

    • (Craig looks over at Marco)
      Craig: What do I do?
      Marco: Oh, uh.. woah. I'm just too busy enjoying not being you.
      (Marco smiles and turns away slowly)

    • (Ellie throws a drumstick at Manny's head then looks down to the floor)
      Manny: Did you just throw a drumstick at my head!?
      Ellie: You could feel it through all that hairspray? Amazing!

    • Craig: Who cares that I saw it?
      Manny: I do, okay? You're you.
      Craig: What do I do?
      Marco: Oh, well I'm actually too busy enjoying not being you.

    • Manny: As if it weren't embarrassing enough last night, now you have to see me with my jammies on. I'm sorry I ruined your gig.
      Craig: Ahh they squatch isn't really cut out for weddings, funerals maybe!
      Manny: Despite the freak show, I have fun it was nice of you to invite me.
      Craig: I had ulterior motives. Ever since that video came out, things have sucked for you. So I wanted to cheer you up, make you smile again.
      Manny: What are friends for? (he looks at her, leans over and kisses her)

    • (Craig, Marco, Jimmy, and Ellie are in band rehearsal. While Craig is singing Jimmy attemps a guitar solo and they stop)
      Craig: Look, unless your last name is Hendrix and you've come back to rock us from the grave; no solos while I'm singing.
      Jimmy: Look, the music you have us playing is lame. Wedding bands are lame, ergo; YOU'RE LAME!

    • Craig: She's a friend girl if you will.
      Joey: Take it from someone who knows, there's no such thing.

    • Manny: What are friends for, right? (Craig leans over and kisses her)

    • J.T.: If there's something I can do for you--anything at all--I'll do it.
      Liberty: You could mangle your male parts in a tragic industrial accident.

    • Manny: Did you just throw a drumstick at my head?
      Ellie: You could feel it through all that hairspray? Amazing.

    • Marco: You said you were going to be a monk.
      Craig: The monk is tired of the monastery, ok? The monastic life just wasn't for him. And now I have no idea what to do.

    • Craig: She's cute, she's a friend. She's a friend who happens to be a girl. She's, ummm, she's a friend girl, if you will.

    • Craig: Joey, that's what you're wearing?
      Joey: My leisure suit's at the cleaners.

    • Craig: It's like someone up there wants us to play a wedding.
      Marco: The god of mediocrity?
      Jimmy: (as the god of mediocrity) "Downtown Sasquatch go forth and play the chicken dance."

    • Joey: Who's the man?
      Craig: You are, Joey.
      Joey: That's right!

  • NOTES (1)

    • Stefan Brogren (Mr. Simpson), Deanna Casaluce (Alex), Lauren Collins (Paige), Melissa DiMarco (Ms. Hatzilakos), Jake Goldsbie (Toby), Andrea Lewis (Hazel), Mike Lobel (Jay), Miriam McDonald (Emma), Stacie Mistysyn (Caitlin), and Amanda Stepto (Spike), do not appear in this episode.


    • The title of this episode is the same name as an Australian band from the 80's. This is the first and only episode named after a band name (compared to songs or albums). This is the eighth and final episode to not be named after either a song or an album title.

    • Marco teases Craig by saying "Craig Intentions" and "How Craig Got His Groove Back". Both of these are references to movies: The first being "Cruel Intentions" and the second "How Stella Got Her Groove Back".

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