Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 5 Episode 5

Weddings, Parties, Anything

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 17, 2005 on MTV - Music Television

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  • Ellie and Manny are both crushing on Craig. Joey gets asked out by a younger woman.

    This is a another great episode of Degrassi. Craig is still in his support group with Ellie. It seems he is doing a lot better since he found out he has Bipolar. Anyways the band actually sounds way better now. Now we have Manny and Ellie who are crushin on Craig. The Manny and Craig storyline does get annoying but I want to see how everything turns out. The way Craig stood up to Peter for Manny was a good thing to do. I jusrt wish they would actually stay friends and not go out with each other. At the end of the episode where he kissed Manny was horrible but it brings mor drama to the show. I wish he would go out with Ellie instead of Manny. I guess I'll have to see what happens next. Joey dating someone younger than him. I don't remeber what happend to Caitlyn or if anything happened at all but I don't really like the girl he is dating. I give this up episode a 10/100
  • After getting his heart broken, Craig swears off all girls. That is until Manny comes back into his life.

    I love this episode because not only does Craig show he still loves Manny but wants to give their relationship another try. Ellie for whatever reason thought she had a chance but Craig did not want her. He wanted Manny and it showed in that beautiful kiss they shared to end the episode. I'm glad he chose Manny, his true love. Joey and Diane are a semi cute couple but everyone knows Joey and Caitlin should be together. Not really sure what they were thinking putting Joey in another relationship because it's always gonna come back to he and Caitlin.
  • And the triangle begins!

    This episode is one of my favorites because Craig shows some feelings toward Ellie but Manny beat the punch, which starts a triangle runs all through Season 5 and half of Season 6. I love it when Ellie throws the drumstick, that was hilarious! Manny is looking up to see what hit her. Then Ellie reveals her feelings at the gig, which was amazing, stupid Craig, I wish he would of chose Ellie, so much for being a monk, making out with Manny at the end, still a lot of unintentionally funny moments in this episode, the subplot, not a big fan of, don't really lie the character Joey, but everything else was fantastic!
  • A real display of Craig\'s idiocity

    As my summary states, a true display of Craig's idiocity. First off, the only real feelings in this episode's are Ellie's. Craig and Manny are simply in rebound. Craig because the love of his life dumped him coldly and suddenly. Manny because her life has recently crashed and burned so she just wanted to make a connection to someone. Moving on, Craig was really thick-headed this episode. Choosing Manny yet again? He's learned nothing. He doesn't seem to detect that Ellie likes him at all. Come on, Ellie's clearly the better choice. I was disgusted with this pairing. Plus Joey getting together with a new girl? BAH! They need to write that him and Catlin get back together and live happily ever after. Not come up with this new girl out of nowhere that we know nothing about and just stick 'em together in the same episode. I mean, what's next? Snake leaves Spike and then she gets together with Radditch who comes back to the show because Miss H. quit her job to go live in France so no one knew her or that her son, Peter, blew up a canadian monument? Pure insanity! And Next week, Hazel starts to lose interest in Jimmy with the most conveiniant timing so Ellie can gain interest in him and move in. Gosh, it sure is strange how that tv timing works. Finally, Liberty really hates JT. I hate I find COMPLETELY UNWARRANTED! If she didn't wanna get pregnant, maybe she should have demanded J.T wear the proper sized condum! Of course it was dumb of J.T to get the wrong size in the first place, but Liberty didn't help the situation by not saying anything. That's all. Thanks for reading.
  • This year Craig is just gonna focus on school with no distractions, especially girls. Downtown Sasquatch gets a wedding gig, and Ellie becomes jealous when Craig invites Manny to come along.

    i liked this episode. but 1 thing...its kinda a little bit like umm.... not so degrassi like because ellie dressing up for craig is umm weird (sp?) but i like the cranny vs. crellie thing. haha bizzare love triangle. cool. i love crellie. i hated that craig goes back to manny. why!!?? i mean he got her pregnant and all that isnt that enough!?!? god.. still i liked this episode but the others i think is better.
  • This episode was made for the soul purpose of stupidity.

    It was just an all around un-entertaining episode. Manny and Craig back together again? How dumb is that? The writers showed a pretty disappointing side of them when creating this ep. That they are becoming unoriginal. Not another stupid love triangle. If Ellie and Manny at least would have got into a cat fight i would have been happy. They mad this episode to fill a spot in the season because they couldn\'t come up with anything. This was just bad bad bad bad bad, and just when i thought the season was heating up it got cold. And the subplot was bad by the way.
  • Sick of the show doing Ellie dirty!

    I was so mad at this episode of Degrassi! The writers/producers enjoy making Ellie the loser in love. Plus how they make Manny always comes between some type of chemistry with a couple or possible couple. And they make Craig run back to Manny in the most negative way. Everytime Manny is looking like a 2-dollar skank he goes running like a wet puppy. But, I can't get mad at Manny, because she using what she got to get what she needs. Poor, poor Ellie always the loser in love first with Marco, Sean, and now Craig. Is Ellie not good enough to be with anyone that is compatible with her???
  • Craig finds him with two girls after him, Ellie and Manny. Sound framiliar?

    As a Cranny shipper I loved the idea of this episode. But, it seemed a little rushed and random that these two got together. Not only that, but I am hoping this does not turn into another Craig love triangle. Also, what happened to the Cranny passion and chemistry? It seemed a little off in this episode, one can only hope it revives in later episodes, as I'm sure this will not be Crannys only apperance this season. ♥
  • I hate Craig again

    I think that Craig and Ellie would have made one of the cutest couples and she genuinely likes him and I am so angry that he chose Manny over Ellie. Just because Manny will show everything to any guy who asks; I think that Ellie is classier and I think that she is so much prettier, smarter, and much better than Manny.
  • Pretty good.

    Craig plays some good funk music, a rarity these days, and he has some good lines in this episode. I like how it illustrates the dynamic between Craig and Ellie. They make an interesting pair, don't they?

    I do wish Ellie had been a little less venomous toward Manny, though.
  • I loved it!

    This episode definately goes down as one of my favorite Degrassi episodes! The conflicts between Manny and Ellie are pricless in this one! One of the highlights of the episode is the wedding gig, but I hated when Craig kissed Manny! You think he would have learned by now, don't you?
  • isn't the episode about ellie and craig!!! not many and craig!!

    i thik it was very stupid that craig go back with manny! didn\'t realize so many times his mistake with manny. And whats with the wishing he was there when the video thing happened. he would of been better off with ellie. so i think it was stupid that the episode was about ellie craig and it was really about manny and craig
  • Craig and Manny, or Craig and Ellie?

    This episode focuses on Craig's decisions regarding who he wants more: Ellie or Manny. He is forced to choose between the sexy girl from his past, Manny, (he cheated on Ashley with Manny in season 3, which ended with Manny pregnant) or Ellie, who has been there for him as his best friend all summer, getting him through his troubles with being bi-polar and having his now ex-girlfriend on another continent. This episode is somewhat amusing, particularily when the girls start a competition with eachother and Ellie throws drumsticks at Manny's head. "Weddings, Parties, Anything" is another great Degrassi episode.
  • Craig has to choose between ellie and Manny.

    Why Why Why does he choose Manny. this is horrible. Ellie should be his girl they have so much in common and she so much more stable then Manny which is something he needs since he's bipolar. I hope during the rest of the season Craig thinks about it and changes his mind.
  • Manny Ellie ...Manny ...ELlie MANNY! ELLIE! My mother says to pick the....(who will craig choose?)

    Great story line. Being a manny/craig obsessor myself i was anxiously watching how the plot would end. I love that Craig defends Manny, against Peter, and when manny n craig discussed her "video". But for every manny/craig scene, they would have a ellie/craig scene which just didn't seem to have any potential for their relationship. It's obvious that they are just platonic friends...while craig and manny will hopefully be freinds with benefits. ;)
    That hope became reality when THEY KISSED! OMG! I was jumping up and down yelling screaming! What a beautiful ending that was!
  • manny vs. ellie. who will win craigs heart.

    joey meets a 23 year old who is shopping for a new car. she tells him she needs a band for her sisters wedding. joey tells her that craig has a band. craigs band downtown sasquatch audtions for her and gets the gig. while at school peter is still bothering manny about the videotape and craig defends her. hes now beginning to have feelings towards manny again especially after the video of her. the bands plans on celebrating at the dot and craig invites manny along while jimmy and marco leaves. the day of the wedding the band packs up the car. manny comes to help and ellie feels she has big competition against manny for craig. at the wedding as they are performing, craig invites manny onto the stage and ellie gets jealous and craig figures that she has a thing for him. he tells her that shes just a good friend. the day after the wedding, craig tells manny whats been going on since he saw the video and he kisses her. craig chooses manny over ellie. GO CRANNY !
  • Showdown between Ellie and Manny.

    WPA was overall a good episode. I liked the whole Ellie/Manny thing and the whole episode was good. But I didn't like that Cranny happened because I think they would both be kind of uncomfterable after her abortion and all. Cassie and Stacy were great in this episode and I really liked their part in it. I also liked the JT and Liberty part it was funny.

    The sub-plot was good too but I think Joey has way too many women to worry about first Cailtin the big one then Sydney then back to Cailtin and now this Diane girl. Well 'll se how it turns out but it was really funny when Joey was buying condom, that would be both embarrasing and gross.

    I give this episode 4 stars out of 5
  • Ellie is jealous when Craig invites Manny to come with the band to their wedding gig.

    This episode was definitely "cleverly plotted" in my opinion. All episode Ellie has a more than obvious crush on Craig. Marco tries his hardest to hook the two up, but Craig persistently says that he's not dealing with girls. comes Manny...again.

    Though they said it in this episode a few times, I was unaware that Craig and Manny were still friends, especially after that whole situation in "Bark at the Moon". Manny's presence fueled the major storyline of the episode: Ellie crushing HARD on Craig. The longer Manny stayed in the picture, the more jealous Ellie became. I thought it was hilarious when Ellie threw her drumstick at Manny.

    I have two questions: Did Craig know that Ellie liked him as more than a friend? It had to have been obvious to him seeing as how Marco was hinting at it the entire episode. And if he was "staying away from girls", why did he kiss Manny? I don't know if anyone realized this, but their kiss was VERY SIMILAR to the one between Craig and Ashley in the hallway in "Neutron Dance".

    Personally, I'm not too excited about a Cranny reunion (the Crash reunion was enough, lol). I don't have anything against either of them; it's just because it's familiar territory(maybe not since Ashley is out of the way...). Maybe we'll get lucky and that kiss will have meant nothing. However, I'm still holding out hope for a Crellie relationship. With Ellie heartbroken, it's going to be very interesting to see how her anger and sadness will affect 1)her relationship with Craig, 2)the relationship between Craig and Marco, and 3)The BAND.

    On a side note, Downtown Sasquatch sounded AWESOME in this episode. I love that funky sound they've got going on.:)