Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 2 Episode 5

Weird Science

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 20, 2002 on MTV - Music Television

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  • Emma enters the science fair.

    "Weird Science" is a pretty good Degrassi episode. So Mr. Simpson and Emma's mom are dating. I love seeing Emma try to adjust to her mom dating a teacher. I love the drama it creates when Emma thinks that the only reason she won the science fair was because Mr. Simpson wanted her to like him. Anyways, I love how Mr. Simpson said that all the judges agreed that her project was the best and that he wasn't just favouring her because he's dating her mom. Spinner's subplot is just funny. I love how he's getting boners all the time and he blames it on the diet that Emma gave him for her science project. I give this episode a 8.5/10.
  • 205

    I was watching reruns of Degrassi one day, (since it's always on), and I caught this episode by chance. Going on now, I can see that this episode wasn't very appreciated back in the day. I got to say, all the bad ratings are really undeserved.

    I don't know if it's because I got nostalgic or what, but these were really the golden days of Degrassi. It was a fun light-hearted episode that still delivered a solid story line regarding favoritism and hormones in high school.

    It was a good episode that I think gave us development with the now-solid Snake & Emma friendship. Spinner's story line was quite funny and it was funny to see Jimmy asking out Ellie in this episode considering he eventually develops a crush on her in later seasons. Solid episode of Degrassi.
  • Doesn't deliver the same level of "drama" one expects from Degrassi.

    Doesn't deliver the same level of "drama" one expects from Degrassi. The kids working on science projects was about a boring as I remember Jr. High School being! Nonetheless it still kept my attention thanks to the storyline with Spinner's embarrassing "problem" and some elaboration on the new character Ellie. It also features some interesting insight into Spinner's friendship with Jimmy. It could have used a bit more definition and like I said more "drama". Overall the episode is worth watching and essential to the die hard fan, but certainly not one of the best storylines. It was just Okay.
  • An ok episode

    This was an ok episode. spinner was stupid to think it was Emma's project that was giving him boners. Spinner kept flirting with Ellie and Spinner gets a boner in front of the class.

    Manny accidently sends the whole class an email about Emma's mom's engagement to Mr.Simpson. hmmm...sounds kind of like peter and a certain video of Manny. lol anyway, then everyone thinks Emma is now the teacher's pet. i thought it was kind of boring, but it was an ok episode. I did not like how Liberty was bragging that she was going to win, hen she didn't even win!
  • Not the greatest, by far.

    So Spinner flirts with Ellie and then Ellie and Jimmy never end up going out anyway so there is no point. Manny is completely stupid in this episode as she tells the whole school that Mr. Simpson and Emma's mom are dating; this obviously makes it clear that Emma will receive preferential treatment from Simpson. This is not the case, but that's definitely what the students of Degrassi start to think. This was really kind of a stupid episode because Mr. Simpson was only trying to help Emma and she was being unnecessarily nasty to him. Its not one of the best Degrassi episodes, buts its okay.
  • I didn't really like it...

    The only good part of the episode was when spinner got a boner. The storyline with Emma and the science fair thing was really stupid and very boring.

    I thought it was really funny when they were doing the scene in Mrs. Kwan's class and Spinner got it right in front of everyone.

    I really didn't like the episode but that's only my oppinion.
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