Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 4 Episode 20

West End Girls

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Jan 31, 2005 on Much Music
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Manny has been picking up the slack for love-struck Paige on the Spirit Squad and feels betrayed when Paige claims all of her glory. With Paige out for revenge after the incident involving Matt, they go to battle. Is Degrassi big enough for two ruling alpha girls? Also, Director Kevin Smith takes a tour of Degrassi as possible location for his latest movie and Craig to write a song for the flick, which just might keep Ashley from going to England for the summer.


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  • Paige versus Manny.

    "West End Girls" is a pretty good Degrassi episode. I love how there's a feud between Manny and Paige. I really didn't like Paige in season 4. I loved her in seasons 1-3 and 5-7, but not season 4. I felt as if she became an even bigger b!tch by the end of season 4. That's exactly why I love how Manny and the squad devise the plan to drop Paige during their routine. Paige deserved it after being a stuck-up brat, who should be a little my sympathetic after all she's been through. What I really love about this episode is that Kevin Smith guest stars, and he wants to film "Jay and Silent Bob Go Canadian Eh!" at Degrassi. I give this episode a 8/10.moreless
  • It seems like people didn't like this episode. I thought it was kind of funny. Paige TOTALLY deserved it though, and you know it, deep, deep inside yourself.

    A-Plot was a full on Manny vs. Paige **** fight. It begins with a super duper power squad practice. Paige goes all alpah-**** on them and acts like she owns the place. Than Toby asks out Manny and she goes with Marco instead. Oh Snap! Toby is jealous.

    Anyways, Hazel says Paige is going shopping, which makes her emotional. Wow Paige, after all the crazy stuff thats happened to you something as trivial as shopping makes you get all hormonial. Manny comes there and she is in the same dress. I guess emotional was like the bad kind of emotional, because paige gets angry. Later Paige is at it again when she changes the choreography, right after her teacher boyfriend leaves. This makes manny and Darcy angry, so they twist her leg and start laughing. Haha twisted legs are so funny.

    Manny goes to prom (even though she's a sophomore.... I thought prom was only for juniors/seniors, but whatever) and she and Darcy are guilty. Well, Darcy is. Then Paige arrives all loud and obnoxious and Hazel shuts her up. Good for her. Paige gets angry and ends up pulling off Manny's prom dress. WHOOP! classic moment. Silent Bob catches him, and he decides to film at degrassi. Where else?

    A-Plot: A- 90%

    The other plot has craig and ashley trying to get on the soundtrack on his movie. Big whop.

    B-Plot: D- 60%

    Final Grade: B Awesome Quote: "If I peed in the foye, Paige would claim she gave me the water" - Manny

    Awesome Quote 2: "Ninth Grade- My date is orange and I'm sporting a screaming sun burn. Tenth Grade- Our limo driver jim boy jed, The criminal, delivers us, in a cop cruiser. Eleventh grade, it gets worse- half wacked, on pain killers, I arrive, with a date who doesn't like girls. On the special bus! HELLO EVERYONE! HAPPY PROM, ISNT THIS SO, PERFECTLY FESTIVE?!?" - Paigemoreless
  • Dang. Going so far as to break another girl's leg...

    Dang. Going so far as to break another girl's leg... Hmm... I wish I could do that to some of the girls at my school... >:) And what's great ish for manny is that she just orchestrated the whole "accident." She really can't be framed for anything. But dang... Breaking Paige's leg?? Vengeful much maybe?? So, go figure, cat-fight between Manny the slut and Paige the Queen Bee. Typical... *sigh* Ah well... It almost makes for good drama... Almost. But how in the heck does the feud end in the bathroom after they tell each other how b*tchy the other is?????? That's what totally threw me off and got me lost... Oh well... Onto the next drama conflict!!!!moreless
  • Great

    Mandy helps out Paige at cheerleading practice and all she wanted was a thank you but instead in ends up in a fight. Toby asks out Mandy but Marco tells him that their going together. Craig gets some dude to come to prom night, to hera him play a song with Ashley. Paige's boyfriend is not going to be around for months. The cheerleaders pull a bad prank on Paige which leaves her with a broken leg. Hazel finally tells Paige what is wrong with the whole situation. Then Paige makes Mandy the Prom Queen because she wanted to embarass her. By taking down the pink dress they both were wearing.moreless
  • I loved this episode, but I wish it would have been longer.

    This episode started out with Paige and Manny not getting along as usual. Manny had taught the squad a good routine, but Paige took credit for it. Then Manny embarrased Paige in front of the whole squad.Manny asked Hazel to help smooth things over between her and Paige. Hazel and Paige seen Manny at the mall. Paige and Manny were trying on the same dress, but Manny had the size on that Paige wanted. Running into each other at the mall really didn't help. Paige got mad at Manny and made her the mascot.Manny asked Darcy and some of the squad to toss Paige up in the air, so she would break her leg.Paige leg gets broken, and Manny is caught her act.The night of the dance really got everything started.Paige signed all of the cards for the dance queen that night, for Manny.They annouced the queen and it was Manny. Paige was over-joyed because it was a part of her plan. She stepped up on stage with her cruches, and put them on Manny's dress. So, Manny's dress was ripped and she embarrased. Kevin caught Manny as she fell off the stage in humiliation. Paige and Manny have their confrontation in a small room.moreless
Adam Greydon Reid

Adam Greydon Reid


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Kathy Bocek

Kathy Bocek

Paige Double

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Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith


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Shenae Grimes

Shenae Grimes

Darcy Edwards

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Jajube Mandiela


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (8)

    • During the bathroom scene between Manny and Paige, right before Paige entered, Manny was crying. When she looks in the mirror, her makeup is fine and there is no that it was running. If she was crying, wouldn't her mascara or eye liner be streaming down her face?

    • When Chantay and Darcy spin Paige in the air and break her leg, it's clear that Lauren Collins is replaced by a stunt double.

    • The song playing when Manny and Paige are trying on dresses is the same song played when they had their cat fight in the episode "Modern Love".

    • When Paige tells Manny that she has to be the mascot for the end of the year pep rally or she, Darcy, Chantay and Hazel are off the squad isn't it kind of an empty threat? The rally is sending the school into summer so why would it matter if they were kicked off 2 hours before the school year ended? They would've had to audition in the fall anyway.

    • The song that is playing as Paige and Hazel try on dresses is "Sassy Thing" by X-Quisite.

    • During the scene where the girls are trying on prom dresses, Manny is wearing the same pair of earrings that she wore in "Holiday".

    • During the dance routine: the girl wearing an orange shirt sitting alone stands up to fix herself and then the spirit squad does a cartwheel and in the next shot the girl in orange is shown from behind sitting in between 2 other girls.

    • At the end of the year pep rally when Principal Hatzilakos is talking it shows Paige behind of her but when it cuts back to it Hazel is behind Principal Hatzilakos

  • QUOTES (15)

    • (Jimmy, Marco and Hazel are outside waiting for the bus to unload Paige, in crutches)
      Paige: Ninth grade, my date is orange and I'm sporting a screaming sunburn. Tenth grade our limo driver Jim Boy Jed, the criminal, delivers us in a cop cruiser. Eleventh grade, it gets worse, happed up on painkillers I arrive with a date who doesn't like girls on the special bus! Hello everyone!! Happy prom! This is so perfectly festive!
      Jimmy: Are you finished?
      Paige: No! My armpits hurt!

    • Darcy: I feel terrible! Do you feel terrible? I feel terrible.
      Manny: She'll get over it and so will we.
      Darcy: Her leg was twisted like she was a Cirque Du Soleil chick!

    • Manny: Where do you get of coming in here? How can you even talk to me?
      Paige: Hi, you broke my leg.
      Manny: You made me be the mascot.
      Paige: You made me look stupid.
      Manny: You took credit for my work.
      Paige: You got Matt fired.
      Manny: You...I don't remember, but you started it!
      Paige: I'll keep going. You stressed me at spirit squad, you make me look like a full, fat spaz!
      Manny: SHUT UP! You're just jealous.
      Paige: Yeah, right.

    • Marco: (after telling Manny he is going to prom with Paige) Hey, I'll vote for you for Queen. A tiara would really suit you.
      Manny: Hair jewelry. Right. That would fix my totally sucky life for sure.

    • Darcy: Manny's choreography is more fun than going to the beach.

    • Manny: (trying to get out of dancing with Toby) Emma said she would die if she didn't get her hands on you.

    • Toby: How come the gay guys always win?

    • Manny: I swear, if I peed on the floor, Paige would claim she gave me the water.
      Emma: Not much credit there.

    • JT: Maybe you two can be the world's first matching prom queen set. Like socks, or mittens or, uh, bookends!
      Manny: We're not bookends.

    • Manny: Umm, don't drink anything else tonight. The girls went out for laxatives.
      Paige: Thanks for the tip.

    • Manny: Marco is my dream date, well nearly, but Paige will eat me alive if I go with you guys.

      Hazel: That's because you did get her boyfriend fired from teaching and pulled her hair.

    • Paige: Did you want to say something Manny?
      Manny: Gosh no Paige. It's all you.

    • Hazel: (to Paige) But can you tell me why you had to be more horrible back? Why you always have to be more horrible?!

    • Mrs. Hatzilakos: Well, the school appreciates it Paige. Thank you so much!
      Manny: For being a big fat useless pile of nothing.
      Paige: Did you want to say something Manny?
      Manny: Gosh no, Paige. It's all you.

    • (To Manny)
      Paige: I brought pins. If it were legal I'd offer you painkillers too.

  • NOTES (12)

    • song list:
      Back in Place
      Written by Anthony Poto, Vanya Drakul & Stephen Lacasse
      Performed by Anthony Poto, Vanya Drakul, Stephan Lacasse, Bob Onyskiw & Chris Harris
      Courtesy of Latefallen
      Bad Girl
      Written by Trey Mills, Dwight Dudiak & Danielle Bently
      Performed by X-quisite
      Courtesy of Linus Entertainment Inc.
      Dirty Life
      Written by Leslie Stanwyck & Johnny Sinclair
      Performed by Universal Honey
      Courtesy of 41 Records
      Nothing at All
      Written by Melissa McIntyre, Jim McGrath & Shelley Scarrow
      Performed by Jake Epstein & Melissa McIntyre
      Sassy Thing
      Written by Trey Mills, Nicole Holness, Dwight Dudiak & Terri Oliver
      Performed by X-quisite
      Courtesy of Linus Entertainment Inc.
      Sometimes in my Dreams
      Written by Laura Torno, Earl Torno & Erica Ehm
      Performed by Sarah Tommasino
      Courtesy of Sounds Fine By Me
      Too Good A Friend
      Written by Laura Torno, Earl Torno & Erica Ehm
      Performed by Sarah Tommasino
      Courtesy of Sounds Fine By Me

    • Manny wins Prom Queen and Jimmy wins Prom King.

    • Craig is wearing the shoes he wanted to get in "Voices Carry (2)".

    • Emma has changed her hair.

    • Toby asks Manny to the semi-formal and she says an indirect no.

    • Manny and Paige seem to have settled their differences.

    • Unlike other seasons this is the final episode with them in actual school, the next two episodes wil take place during the summer which hasn't been done since Season 1's "Mother and Child Reunion Parts 1 and 2"

    • Degrassi's last day of school and semi-formal.

    • This is Toby's first appearcne since 412.

    • Amanda Stepto (Spike), Dan Woods (Mr. Raditch), Daniel Clark (Sean), Pat Mastroianni (Joey), Shane Kippel (Spinner), Stacey Farber (Ellie) and Stefan Borgren (Mr. Simpson), do not appear in this episode.

    • The Degrassi series was Kevin Smith's favorite progam as a teen. There are numerous references to Degrassi in his films.

    • Manny is responsible for breaking Paige's leg.