Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 4 Episode 20

West End Girls

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 31, 2005 on MTV - Music Television

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  • Paige versus Manny.

    "West End Girls" is a pretty good Degrassi episode. I love how there's a feud between Manny and Paige. I really didn't like Paige in season 4. I loved her in seasons 1-3 and 5-7, but not season 4. I felt as if she became an even bigger b!tch by the end of season 4. That's exactly why I love how Manny and the squad devise the plan to drop Paige during their routine. Paige deserved it after being a stuck-up brat, who should be a little my sympathetic after all she's been through. What I really love about this episode is that Kevin Smith guest stars, and he wants to film "Jay and Silent Bob Go Canadian Eh!" at Degrassi. I give this episode a 8/10.
  • It seems like people didn't like this episode. I thought it was kind of funny. Paige TOTALLY deserved it though, and you know it, deep, deep inside yourself.

    A-Plot was a full on Manny vs. Paige **** fight. It begins with a super duper power squad practice. Paige goes all alpah-**** on them and acts like she owns the place. Than Toby asks out Manny and she goes with Marco instead. Oh Snap! Toby is jealous.

    Anyways, Hazel says Paige is going shopping, which makes her emotional. Wow Paige, after all the crazy stuff thats happened to you something as trivial as shopping makes you get all hormonial. Manny comes there and she is in the same dress. I guess emotional was like the bad kind of emotional, because paige gets angry. Later Paige is at it again when she changes the choreography, right after her teacher boyfriend leaves. This makes manny and Darcy angry, so they twist her leg and start laughing. Haha twisted legs are so funny.

    Manny goes to prom (even though she's a sophomore.... I thought prom was only for juniors/seniors, but whatever) and she and Darcy are guilty. Well, Darcy is. Then Paige arrives all loud and obnoxious and Hazel shuts her up. Good for her. Paige gets angry and ends up pulling off Manny's prom dress. WHOOP! classic moment. Silent Bob catches him, and he decides to film at degrassi. Where else?

    A-Plot: A- 90%

    The other plot has craig and ashley trying to get on the soundtrack on his movie. Big whop.

    B-Plot: D- 60%

    Final Grade: B Awesome Quote: "If I peed in the foye, Paige would claim she gave me the water" - Manny

    Awesome Quote 2: "Ninth Grade- My date is orange and I'm sporting a screaming sun burn. Tenth Grade- Our limo driver jim boy jed, The criminal, delivers us, in a cop cruiser. Eleventh grade, it gets worse- half wacked, on pain killers, I arrive, with a date who doesn't like girls. On the special bus! HELLO EVERYONE! HAPPY PROM, ISNT THIS SO, PERFECTLY FESTIVE?!?" - Paige
  • Dang. Going so far as to break another girl's leg...

    Dang. Going so far as to break another girl's leg... Hmm... I wish I could do that to some of the girls at my school... >:) And what's great ish for manny is that she just orchestrated the whole "accident." She really can't be framed for anything. But dang... Breaking Paige's leg?? Vengeful much maybe?? So, go figure, cat-fight between Manny the slut and Paige the Queen Bee. Typical... *sigh* Ah well... It almost makes for good drama... Almost. But how in the heck does the feud end in the bathroom after they tell each other how b*tchy the other is?????? That's what totally threw me off and got me lost... Oh well... Onto the next drama conflict!!!!
  • Great

    Mandy helps out Paige at cheerleading practice and all she wanted was a thank you but instead in ends up in a fight. Toby asks out Mandy but Marco tells him that their going together. Craig gets some dude to come to prom night, to hera him play a song with Ashley. Paige's boyfriend is not going to be around for months. The cheerleaders pull a bad prank on Paige which leaves her with a broken leg. Hazel finally tells Paige what is wrong with the whole situation. Then Paige makes Mandy the Prom Queen because she wanted to embarass her. By taking down the pink dress they both were wearing.
  • I loved this episode, but I wish it would have been longer.

    This episode started out with Paige and Manny not getting along as usual. Manny had taught the squad a good routine, but Paige took credit for it. Then Manny embarrased Paige in front of the whole squad.Manny asked Hazel to help smooth things over between her and Paige. Hazel and Paige seen Manny at the mall. Paige and Manny were trying on the same dress, but Manny had the size on that Paige wanted. Running into each other at the mall really didn't help. Paige got mad at Manny and made her the mascot.Manny asked Darcy and some of the squad to toss Paige up in the air, so she would break her leg.Paige leg gets broken, and Manny is caught her act.The night of the dance really got everything started.Paige signed all of the cards for the dance queen that night, for Manny.They annouced the queen and it was Manny. Paige was over-joyed because it was a part of her plan. She stepped up on stage with her cruches, and put them on Manny's dress. So, Manny's dress was ripped and she embarrased. Kevin caught Manny as she fell off the stage in humiliation. Paige and Manny have their confrontation in a small room.
  • This episode is about the feud between Manny and Paige coming to the surface. Paige takes credit for Manny’s work on the Spirit Squad. Meanwhile, Craig is interested in the latest Kevin Smith project

    I absolutely looooove this episode because finally Manny and Paige’s feud comes to the surface. This is my favorite episode. I’m glad they finally have it out after months and months of the underlying hate. Paige neglects the S.S. so Manny is forced to take charge. But when Paige all of a sudden wants to be a leader it’s too late. Manny has made excellent progress on the S.S. When Paige takes credit for Manny’s work it all goes down. It all starts when Paige gives Manny the job of the school mascot. But Manny and the girls have a surprise in store for Paige. They stage for her to fall but instead she breaks her leg. Manny and the girls did not plan on this happening. Manny thinks Paige isn’t coming to the prom and they both show up wearing the same dress. So Paige stuffs the ballet box for Manny to be prom queen and it works. So Paige gets up on stage and rips Manny’s dress off of her body causing her ultimate humiliation. But I didn’t get how Manny and Paige could resolve their feud only in a matter of minutes. Anyway, Ashley leaving for London, in my opinion, was not good. After Ashley left, Craig starts to go downhill from there. He stops taking his pills which is the after effect of Ashley leaving for London.
  • Paige and Manny's fight comes to a head. Meanwhile, Craig tries to convince Ashley to stay in Canada for the Summer.

    I know that a lot of people love this episode, but I just couldn't. Despite all the good feedback this episode gets, to me, nothing overly exciting happened. Paige breaking her leg, and Manny's dress being ripped off were exciting - but those two events don't neccesarily make a good plot.

    The Paige and Manny fight to me felt contrived, and as if it was only put in for the potential drama it could cause. It felt as if the writers only cared about the shock value created from Paige's fall, and Manny's dress being ripped off. To add to the artificiality of this plot, Paige and Manny managed to resolve their differences in a matter of seconds in a way which left me saying "huh?" There reasons for, maybe not patching things up, but reaching a mutual understanding weren't there - similar to their reasons for starting the feud in the first place. Perhaps this plot would have worked better, if the fight had been built up over a few episodes (not just two episodes prior) and the two had reached a resolution which actually made sense to the audience.

    The Craig and Ashley sub-plot really didn't interest me - it was bland and unstimulating. It did manage to set up the season finale which would deal with Ashley's departure and its effect on Craig (which we begin to see here) but it really didn't grab my attention. Ashley's line "I have nothing left to prove" however, was a nice touch, which almost seemed like a fitting farewell to actress Melissa Mcintyre after her four years on the show and before her one year hiatus.

    The introduction of Kevin Smith further served to bring down my opinion of this episode. I am no fan of the Kevin Smith story arc and the start of it seen in this episode could only lead to bad things - and it did (in my opinion).

    In short, I am sorry to say it (considering the popularity of this episode) but I really didn't enjoy this episode.
  • This was an outstanding epesosde. this was one of the best in the season (w/ secrets)

    This was perfect.

    Ash and Craig-There music was great and the storyline was suprising but good.

    Katlyn- Her hair bugs me but she is good. itwas funny whenthe director said its funny my prom date said the same thing

    Marco-I can not belive he would go w/ paige not manny. it was great when toby had asked manny to the prom and marco came by.

    Paige and Manny- This made me like manny a lot more than before. It was time for someone to stand a to paige. The rivalry was great. I liked it whenmanny said for being a big fat usless pile of nothing. Every detail added like the dresses. I can not belive paige or manny would be that cruel but i loved seeing it. The end was o.k. I have watched it seven times but i still love the drama.

    Hazel- It was great to see her stand up to paige or any one and ruin her rep. fas hazel the peace keeper.

    Emma- She was just manny's sidekick but shhe looked so pretty.

    Darcy-I liked the part about justinand the plan.
    It was great to see manny as a none sidekick. I know she had craige and the abortion but still...

  • Paige was being a total ***** to Manny! I liked this episode alot but the whole time I just wanted to hit Paige! I like Paige's character but she took that Prom thing to a whole new level but its probably just me because i have low patience sometimes! lol

    This was overall a good episode but the whole time I wanted to hit Paige SOOO hard! Thats the nerve wracking part lol! Well atleast one good thing happened! They let Paige fall and she twisted her ankle! Well I just have low patience thats probably why this episode made me mad! lol
  • loved it

    This is one of my more favorite episodes of Degrassi. I loved the fights between Paige & Manny. Paige does exacly what her character is known to do. Cat fight. The acting was great in this episode, and I wish the episode was longer, but it wasnt. I loved it, and I hope to see more episodes like this in the next season.