Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 6 Episode 10

What's It Feel Like to be a Ghost?, Part Two

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 02, 2007 on MTV - Music Television
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Ellie thinks Manny is the one with the drug problem, so she tries to keep Craig away from her, even if it means putting her job at The Core, at risk. She soon discovers that the real addict is Craig. Lakehurst declares war against Degrassi, specifically J.T.


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  • Craig has a cocaine addiction.

    What's It Feel Like To Be A Ghost?" Part 2 is an awesome Degrassi episode. It's not as good as part 1, but I still enjoyed it. I love how Ellie's in denial about Craig's cocaine addiction and she blames Manny for it. For once I actually like Jesse in this episode explaining that drug addicts would deny to someone they love that they have a problem. My favourite scene is when Craig is performing on stage and his nose starts bleeding and Ellie realizes that it was really Craig that had the addiction. I'm glad she called Joey and Joey took him to rehab. I love the subplot in this episode more than the last episode. In this episode Lakehurst and Degrassi rivalry continues. As much as I hate JT and Mia, the rivalry between the schools is a great storyline. It's heartbreaking that Toby gets beat up. I give this episode a 9/10.moreless
  • superb

    ellie is determined not to leave craig's side after he says manny is doing crack. danny and derek are threatened by lakehurst thugs and they learn they are after jt. jt challenges them to a fight, degrassi vs lakehurst. but when mia finds out and says that if he does this they will break up, will he back down? and what will happen when lakehurst thugs beat on toby?

    good episode, it was weird for lakehurst thugs to beat up toby for no reason but it signaled that something was very wrong. the main plot was kinda boring though, so A-moreless
  • Ouch, for a fan of Craig, this one hurts. A lot.

    So from the beginning, I have been a pretty big fan of Craig. From his first episode as the "Abused Kid", I just kind of fell in love with him. And even when he's going WAY deep over the edge, it's still within character and still forgivable. Whether tearing down posters, cheating on Ashley, trashing the hotel room, beating the crap out of Joey, or any other number of crazy things Craig has done, it's all within the range of normalcy for someone with Bipolar Disorder. But this episode he just goes too far. It's one thing to be able to blame all your problems on a disorder. When Craig found out he was manic-depressive, he went on meds, went to group, etc. to get help and try to get better. But something like drug use, while just as crippling as an actual mental disorder, is completely choice-based. So this entire episode, while I felt soooo bad for Craig and the actions he was making (doing lines, lying about whose stash it was, DESTROYING two key relationships, blowing (heh. blow. heh) his chances at fame at the TBS concert, etc.), I also just wanted to slap the hell out of him.

    I mean...this is CRAIG! He's the little guy who took pictures of Lil' Angela while hiding from Joey. This is the guy who knocked up Manny and really, truly wanted to keep it, because that would finally be a real family for him. This is Craig who has had SUCCCCH a shi**y, horrible frak'd up life and I just feel so bad for him. But God does this episode want to make me hate him. It's funny because it's not often that Degrassi will do this in a person-centric episode. Usually when it's a person's episode (Emma's, Manny's, Ellie's, etc.) they are shown to be the Saints or really wanting to change and then when they are just the background character they lose all that focus and turn into shells of themselves. But this is the first episode all ABOUT Craig that really made me dislike Craig (even though I in all actuality LOVE Craig). As usual, amazing acting all around, especially from Ellie and Craig in that scene leading up to the nosebleed. Oh, that desperate and yet so rewarded look that Ellie gets on her face when he tells her he loves her and she gets to say it back...only to have it all torn apart moments later by the realization that he is just saying this, just talking to you, just LIVING, for that next line of coke. And then even when he's onstage and slowly falling apart, I couldn't stop crying the entire time. It's like looking at someone dying, but they don't even know it. Like someone is already dead and they have no clue. And truly, what's it feel like to be a ghost.moreless
  • Craig/Manny/Ellie and Lakehurst/JT/Mia

    Ellie thinks Manny is the reason for his Coke addiction because that's what he says! I hate Cranny and am glad they ended in this episode. Ellie and Craig kiss while Ellie is still dating Jesse! Manny feels awful after doing the Coke and breaks up with Craig. Ellie gets pissed at Craig for lying and off to rehab for Craig

    JT and the Lakehurst war continues. Lakehurst beats up Toby too.JT must decide what the right thing is to do and decides fighting won't solve anything afterall he already got in a fight with Nick.

    Very well written and I'm glad Cranny is overmoreless
  • Ellie wants Craig to stop taking coke and Manny breaks up with Craig, who gets a gig with Taking Back Sunday and gets a nosebleed on stage; Toby gets beat up by Lakehurst students because of JT.moreless

    This was a really good episode, I think. I liked it. It was really good and kind of dramatic in a way, but I think that Craig should've kept his hair longer and shaggy the way it was before. It just looked way better! And this episode has a big effect on the next episode, 'Rock This Town', in which a Lakehurst actually does kill JT! It was a good episode that caused a ripple effect - because of this episode, JT was killed and caused a lot of other events in future episodes past this point. A good episode.moreless
Taking Back Sunday

Taking Back Sunday


Guest Star

Terrence Bryant

Terrence Bryant

Dr. Kendricks

Guest Star

Izzy Korn

Izzy Korn

Garbage Man

Guest Star

Jake Goldsbie

Jake Goldsbie

Toby Isaacs

Recurring Role

Nina Dobrev

Nina Dobrev

Mia Jones

Recurring Role

Jake Epstein

Jake Epstein

Craig Manning

Recurring Role

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  • QUOTES (15)

    • Craig: Wait, what are you doing?
      Manny: I'm about to ruin the best one or two days of your life. I'm dumping your ass, Craig. Bye.

    • Nic: You've got a lot of nerve, showing up at our school.
      J.T.: Whatever, is this stupid war about me dating your ex?
      Nic: I don't care about Mia, she's just a dumb slut. (J.T. starts getting angry and moves closer) Easy mascot boy...
      J.T.: You want a war? you've got it. Meet me in the tunnel, tomorrow, at five.
      Nic: Mind if I bring my friends?
      J.T.: No, because I'll bring mine.
      Nic: Oooh, the Chess Club? I'm scared.

    • Toby: Oh, now this makes sense. So this is about you, Mia. You're gonna get us all killed!
      J.T.: Way to make her feel good.
      Toby: Oh, I'm sorry. I just have this neurotic adversion to being murdered!
      J.T.: Lakeherst is not gonna hurt anybody. I'm gonna handle it.
      Toby: Oh yeah? And what are you gonna do? Tickle him to death?

    • Ellie: (about the coke) No, Craig said it was yours.
      Manny: He lied, that's what drug addicts do, good luck with him.

    • Ellie: (to Craig) Dr. Kendrick is great, he can help you!

    • Craig: (about the coke) I started in Vancouver, but I'm not an addict.

    • Toby: This isn't like you J.T., I thought that you'd be smarter than this.

    • Mia: (To J.T.) Not only is this stupid, but it's incredibly immature.

    • Nic: Hey Degrassi nerd, your friends didn't show up.
      Toby: What are you doing here? (attempts to run)

    • Craig: Ellie.. hi, about group? Something came up.

    • Craig: Why do you care?!
      Ellie: You know why don't make me say it.
      Craig: (runs up and kisses Ellie)

    • Ellie: (about Craig) He bailed on me, he went partying with little Mrs. Manny.

    • Manny: We could go out..grab a bite?
      Craig: Or we could stay in, cause I happen to have some party favors...(pulls out a bag of coke)

    • Craig: I love you Ellie.
      Ellie: I love you too.

    • Ellie: You bastard! How could you just play with me like that?
      Craig: Ellie I'm sorry, what do you want me to say?
      Ellie: Nothing! It's all going to be lies! You'll say whatever it takes to get your hands on this won't you? God!

  • NOTES (5)

    • Stefan Brogren (Mr. Simpson), appears in this episode, but does not have any lines.

    • The airport that Craig, Ellie, and Mr. Simpson are at, is the same airport that was featured in the Season One finale of Instant Star.

    • A scene was cut on The N version, where Craig is playong with his razor and lining it up in a straight line.

    • This episode marks the first appearance of Scott Peterson (Johnny), who becomes a main character in Season 8.

    • Sarah Barrable-Tishauer (Liberty), Deanna Casaluce (Alex), Daniel Clark (Sean), Lauren Collins (Paige), Melissa DiMarco (Ms. Hatzilakos), Shenae Grimes (Darcy), Jamie Johnston (Peter), Mike Lobel (Jay), Adamo Ruggiero (Marco), and Amanda Stepto (Spike), do not appear in this episode.