Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 11 Episode 4

What's My Age Again?

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jul 20, 2011 on MTV - Music Television

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    This was a pretty good episode of Degrassi, all the plots were fine except Connor's strange panty sniffing story line. I know this hasn't been done before on Degrassi but any plot involving Connor pretty much just creeps me out.

    Anya's story line was really good, I knew the whole Dr. Chris story line was going to fall through once it was brought up again. I also suspected the Owen & Anya interactions were there for a reason. I doubt this means these two will be together, since the promo hinted at Anya's future promiscuity, but it's still a nice thought.

    I have a feeling the Jenna & KC relationship will be done to death like Eli & Clare's, hopefully that wont be the case, but their story line this week just seemed a little too familiar as last week's. Overall, good episode though.
  • It's Anya's 18th birthday and she's ready to start dating Dr. Chris. Connor's the only out of his friends who doesn't have a girlfriend. Drew gets a lawyer. KC gets a job.

    "What's My Age Again?" is a really good Degrassi episode. I love how the character Anya gets the A plot in this episode. I love the continuation of her wanting to date Dr. Chris. Dr. Chris is such a jerk. He should have never given Anya any hope that there's a chance for a relationship between them. It's heartbreaking watching Anya cry. The end of the episode was shocking with Anya just kissing Owen and from the looks of it, they going to do more than just kiss. I love how Degrassi writers don't forget that Connor as Aspergers. But Connor was so creepy in this episode staring at Hannah's chest and stealing Anya's panties. But I think his storyline is leading to something. I love how Drew got a lawyer. I love how the lawyer says the most of Drew's story adds up except how Anson got hit in the back of the head. And it's intense how Vince is out on the loose, which means Drew and Bianca have to be really careful. I enjoyed the KC and Jenna plot with taking care of their baby. I like that KC is going to get a job. I'm kind of wondering if something bad is going to happen to the baby since KC and Jenna both had a plot in this episode and the last episode. I give this episode a 9/10.
  • perfect

    Anya is ready for her 18th birthday, because this means she will be allowed to date Dr. Chris. But, things go wrong when she finds out he is going to Kenya, and when she tries to convince him to let her go, things go even worse.

    KC hates dealing with Tyson's crying and he gets a job to get away from the house, and to get extra money. But is there another reason he wants one?

    Good episode. I liked Anya's plot. She's definitely going to regret what she did at the end of the episode. I felt bad for Connor, especially when he was trying to talk to Fiona and he asked her about cheese and bacteria. Nothing really happened in the KC/Jenna plot. A+ episode though