Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 2 Episode 2

When Doves Cry, Part Two

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Sep 29, 2002 on MTV - Music Television

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  • Craig's father is not very nice.

    "When Doves Cry" Part 2 is an excellent episode just like part 1. I've said this for the review for part 1, but Craig's father beating him up is just heartbreak. It's one of the most intense things you'll see on Degrassi. The scene where Craig and Sean are at the train tracks is one of my favourite scenes in this episode. SPOILER ALERT!!! I love it because this is the first time where I think the writers knew that Craig would be bipolar and he shows the signs of being bipolar in this episode. Anyways, I love how he admits to Joey that his father abuses him and that Craig gets to live with Joey. I give this episode a 10/10.
  • perfect

    the second half of the premiere sees craig's dad forbidden him from seeing joey and angela, but he continues to. his dad continues to beat him. emma and sean suspect this when they see him, can they prove what is happening so craig can be safe?

    good conclusion to the premiere of the second season. pretty suspenseful and had a great plot dealing with the topic of teen abuse. i loved this episode a lot. craig is a great character and they introduced him in a great way. my overall grade for this episode is in A+, another perfect offering
  • Craig (Part 2)

    In this continuation of the season premire, Craig wants to get away from his abusive father and see Angela more, but when Joey learns that he wanted to take her to the British Columbia, and Craig's dad gets a golf club to beat him with, Craig's ready to kill himself, with Sean as his witness. This episode definitly lived up to part 1, and the way all the main characters helped save Craig ( Angela rembered the bruises, Sean and Joey went looking, Emma remembers that Julia's also Craig's mother) was just amazing. At this point, I think the show is getting it's act together and craving it's niche away from the previous series'. 10/10 A+
  • gd

    The second part of the season premiere, with great performances by new main stars and guest stars. When Craig got home, he discovers that his father has been rumaging through his dark room, viewing all the photos that he has taken of Joey and Angela. This led to his father beating him, resulting in the destruction of Craig's camera. The next day, Craig's father apologizes and offers Craig a few thousand dollars for a new digital camera. Later, Craig takes Angela off of Emma's hands to the park, but Craig surprisingly asks Angela to go to British Columbia with him, with the money that his father gave him for a camera. Joey finds out about this, and is angered, finally telling him to stay away from his daughter. When Craig arrived home, his father receives the news earlier in the day, and chases after Craig, ready to beat him. Successfully, Craig jumps out of his window, and meats up with Sean, thinking whether to leave to British Columbia. When he played chicken with a train, he runs off while Sean obtains help from Emma and Joey, revealing that Craig is beaten by his father. Joey and Sean continue to search for Craig, and finally locates him at his mother's grave. As a last decision, Craig wants to leave his father with Joey. Saddened, Craig's father tried to pursue his son to stay with him, but it did not work, as Craig grabbed his stuff and left with Joey.
  • A conclusion to a very good season preimere.

    Ah, the conclusion to "When Doves Cry". One thing that I have to say about the episode is that I found Craig's mood swings after his father beat him to be extremely well acted, I found myself wishing I could have been there to help him out of his situation.

    What I found to be interesting about this part of the episode was the day after Mr. Manning hit Craig; finally having enough of his father's abuse, Craig deciding to run away. However, one part of his plan that I didn't like that much came when he was telling Angie about his plan, asking her to come along, only to have the girl to spill his plan to Joey, mainly because of his reaction to Craig's plan. Another thing that I didn't like about this part of the storyline came when Joey called Craig's father to tell him what Craig was planning to do.

    However, it seems that the only upside to Craig's plan not turning out the way he wanted was that it got Sean and Emma involved to get him the help and support he needed from Joey, and ultimately having Craig admit that his father beats him.

    On the lighter side of the episode, I was glad to see Paige have a lot of fun on her date with J.T., mainly because you could tell she wasn't expecting to have such a good time with someone who was younger and in a lower grade she was in.

    In all, with the conclusion of "When Doves Cry", the storylines flowed together extremely well to a great ending with a message: even if you live in a house where you're being abused, don't be afraid to turn to friends to give the support needed to stand up to their abuser.
  • An good episode about child abuse.

    In the Season 2 premiere "When Doves Cry--Part 2", Craig deals with his new school and his new friends, his stepsister and his abusive father. While trying to keep close to his stepsister he gets desperate so he asks her to run away with him only Joey finds out first and then tells his Dad who is about to beat the crap out of him until he gets away.

    This episode has amazing performances by Jake, Miriam, Daniel and Alex Steele. Everyone did a great job on bringing this issue to reality. The chemistry between everyone and their acting skills made this episode great and one that you can watch over and over again and still be shocked and surprised! Reccomend this episode for sure!