Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 2 Episode 12

White Wedding, Part One

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 05, 2003 on MTV - Music Television

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  • Snake and Spike are getting married.

    "White Wedding" part 1 is an alright episode. I mean I guess it's a great episode if you love weddings. But I don't like wedding episodes, so this episode doesn't really hold too much of my interest. I do love that Spike and Snake are getting married. I love seeing characters from Degrassi Junior High/Degrassi High. The highlight of this episode is that Spike is pregnant and she doesn't know if she'll keep it or get an abortion. One of my favourite scenes in JT and Toby want to see the stripper Joey got for Snake's bachelor party, and Craig thinks he gets to see the stripper but Craig doesn't. I give this episode a 6/10.
  • gd

    Snake and Spike are only two days away from the wedding. Emma styles her hair, only for it to turn out worse than she thought. Spike and Snake have an argument about having a baby in which Snake reveals that he's not ready for a child. Spike later finds out that she is pregnant...and plans to have an abortion. Snake has a bachelor party in which Joey invited a stripper. Emma catches J.T. and Toby spying on "Fancy" outside Joey's window on her way to tell Snake about the baby. Spike finds out that Emma told Snake, and they end up having a long discussion that makes them late for the wedding. The wedding goes on, and so does the reception afterward. Emma makes up with Sean and they kiss in the end.
  • The day before the wedding. Spike finds out she's pregnant, and Emma leaves her curlers in too long. Manny invites Sean to the wedding for Emma but Emma says no. Joey throws the bachelor party and at first doesn't invite a stripper, but JT does it.

    It was great to see the old cast get together again. It's too bad Liz wasn't there; I thought they were close. And Wheels too. That was kinda funny to see Emma freaking out about the cake and her hair and stuff. But cool that she's actually happy about a baby coming. That was SO rude of Manny to do what she did, though. What business is it of hers that Emma and Sean get together? And it was also funny to see JT try to get the stripper and for them to try to see it. Another thing I find weird is that Lucy was always the one to say that an unborn child isn't really a baby, and yet she was the one, who, upon finding out about the pregnancy, to ask "what about the baby?" Not "what about the fetus?" I guess things change. After all, Lucy is still single; they never say what happened to Bronco and her. Perfect cliffhanger, with Spike saying "I might" to Emma's question about a possible abortion.
  • That spike is pregant and that spike's wedding day is only 2 day away and that emma tells snake about the baby.

    It hink it ws wrong for emma to go and tell snake about the baby it was not her businesse to go and tell snake about the baby spike should have told snake when she found out that day that she was pregant or spike could have waited till after the wedding to tell snake that she is pregant.
  • snake is getting married and doesn\'t want to have a baby. emmas hair is freakier then paris hilton on saturday night the boys j.t and toby are spying on the stripper.

    spike getting married*boring*
    spike not wanting a baby*what guy does*
    emmas hair being freaky on one of most important days of her life*like we didnt see that coming*
    j.t and toby spying on the stripper now this i found funny because they fall asleep and emma catches them lolololl reminds me of my old child hood days so yes thats my opinion thank you.