Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 2 Episode 13

White Wedding, Part Two

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 05, 2003 on MTV - Music Television

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  • Spike's pregnant.

    "White Wedding" part 2 is slightly better than part 1. I just like that this episode is a little more intense. Spike is pregnant and she's deciding on keeping the baby or getting an abortion. I'm glad that Snake and Spike end up getting married and it's cool that Spike decides to keep the baby. JT and Toby were actually funny trying to spy on Snake's bachelor party trying to see the stripper. I love how they got caught and got sent home. I didn't care for the Emma inviting Sean. I liked them in season 1 as a couple, but not in season 2.
  • Spike observes her options as Emma tries to interfere.

    So, we already know that Spike is pregnant and she's at a loss as to what to do. I mean she already has Emma and now she needs to decide what to do with this one. She's like the ultimate pregnancy out-of-wedlock character, right? Emma's super pro-life. She's really too personal about her decision, to be quite honest. Just because she didn't get aborted doesn't mean that no one else can be aborted. Emma is all about having the worst hair in this episode and trying to convince Spike to have the baby and at least tell the freakin father that she's pregnant with his baby. In this episode we also encounter Fancy, the hired stripper that Spike happens to do hair for, at Snake's bachelor party. Snake's quite reluctant to it all and feels like he's being unfaithful by enjoying a stripper. Emma feels bad for wanting to take back her invitation to the wedding for Sean. But before she runs over to tell him, she first screws everything up and tells Snake that Spike is pregnant. He freaks out and then Spike and Snake have their own boring scene where they work it out. Okay so the only interesting scene in this episode is the last one, where they're all at the reception and Joey catches the bouquet like a little girl, and then JT and Toby are dancing with Fancy, and then Caitlyn and Joey reunite, and Manny and Craig are seen dancing, and I made all those run-on sentences, remember? And then this wonderful little song "Just Jane" (not to be confused with "Walking in Memphis") plays and Emma's looking for Sean and then... there he his. In all his fourteen year old gorgeousness. They have this funny little conversation that really isn't at all relevant and kiss. But the hair kind of ruins it.
  • bad

    Snake and Spike are only two days away from the wedding. Emma styles her hair, only for it to turn out worse than she thought. Spike and Snake have an argument about having a baby in which Snake reveals that he's not ready for a child. Spike later finds out that she is pregnant...and plans to have an abortion. Snake has a bachelor party in which Joey invited a stripper. Emma catches J.T. and Toby spying on "Fancy" outside Joey's window on her way to tell Snake about the baby. Spike finds out that Emma told Snake, and they end up having a long discussion that makes them late for the wedding. The wedding goes on, and so does the reception afterward. Emma makes up with Sean and they kiss in the end.
  • Emma tells Snake about the baby. He and Spike have a long talk about it and come close to having to reschedule their wedding. They then get married in their jeans and t-shirts. Fancy is there as a guest, as Spike does her hair. Emma and Sean kiss.

    I loved this episode. Good way to do it too; putting in a wedding, and him moving in after, not before. It is rather refreshing. I can understand Snake's frustration; many new stepfamilies go through this since the single parent and child can tend to be very close. Ultimately, Spike should have told Snake right then, when kids came up, and he wondered what she'd wanted to talk about. Like say, but what if it's already happened? But such a moment does tend to be paralyzing. I wonder where were their families in all this? Spike was close to her mother, who would've helped her raise Emma for her first few years. And Snake's parents, including a mom, who he said in DJH to brother Glen "Mom can't wait to have grandchildren". And there it is; an instant step-granddaughter and one on the way. I get that Glen would've been estranged from the family since coming out, but I thought his parents were very involved in his life. And later in season 5, The Lexicon of Love, he said how the grandmas are fighting over babysitting Jack. One thing I also would've liked to see was a few flashbacks. Like in DJH when Ms Avery came to see Spike to bring her her report card. And reminding her that she CAN have a baby; not everyone can. Then she could've told Snake about that. Or brought up someone who went through secondary infertility. After all, in the next season, Snake is diagnosed with cancer, and cancer treatments often cause infertility, which would mean Jack would've been the only child they might have. I loved the wedding, though. And them running there in their casual clothes when they're almost too late. And with Emma and Sean, very sweet as well.
  • Emma has just been told that she was an accident. The wedding may be called off. Emma reinvites Sean realizing that she still has feelings for him as he mentioned he still had feelings for her. The wedding is still on, and Sean and Emma share a first kiss

    This was a very special episode because we find out that spike is pregnant and might give up her baby. She hasnt told Snake yet either i don't know how someone could do that. Emma also blows up at Manny for invting Sean in the last episode and now Emma realizes that she does want sean at the wedding. Which i think was a really nice twist to add in this particular episode. I love the fact that Sean and Emma had their first kiss at a wedding that was a nice romantic moment between the two of them yep
  • This episode is reli good, n it is one of mi favourite episodes of Degrassi. Its reli good, n i lke it lots n lots. Definitely one of their bestest episodes, in mi opinion.

    This episode is al about Snake n Spike's wedding. I reli lked their wedding n everything, it was reli cute. I luvd the ending scene when Emma n Sean have their first kiss, that is amazingly cute! I thought the whole JT n Tobey n Craig thing, with the stripper was reli funi. It added some humour. Al in al, this episode was reli good, n i reli enjoyed watching it!
  • Spike...?

    I can't believe Spike just dumped the problem of the abortion on Emma...what a rotten thing to do, and out of character for Spike who is normally such a good mother. Otherwise I liked this episode. I hate Eman but they were okay because Emma wasn't being a controlling nazi and Sean wasn't being an idiot. And the JT/Toby/Craig plot was beyond hilarious.
  • In this episode Spike and Snake are getting married, which means, kaus. also, emma and sean may stil have feelings for each other.

    this episode brought back together Ema dn Sean, who are, in my opinion the cutest couple there, and it was also a funny episode. they made good jokes, and it had a lot of drama, which is good. i liked it so so so so so so so so much.