Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 8 Episode 6

With or Without You

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Nov 16, 2008 on MTV - Music Television

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  • Sav goes on a camping trip with the school but he has to bring his sister along.

    "With or Without You" - Initially, I liked Sav and Anya as a couple. But, starting with this episode, I don't like them as a couple. I like Sav when he's single. He's nicer. He acts like a jerk when he's with Anya. So I'm glad they broke up in this episode. I love Alli in this episode. She's doing her own thing trying to get close to Johnny. I don't like the character Kelly, so I don't know why Emma and Manny have a crush on him. I think it would be more surprising if Kelly was interested in Liberty. Then, it would be a first time when Liberty dated a guy that wasn't one of Manny or Emma's exes. I give this episode a 7/10.
  • Great Episode

    SaV/Anya: It was okay, Sav is a big jerk though. Not introducing Anya to his family, but I did see his reasoning behind it. He is stuck in a sort of impossible situation.

    Alli/Johnny: Loved this part of the episode the most. Alli and Johnny playing cards was funny. Johnny did like her. The garden snake thing was really funny. Connor got his sweet revenge, which cost Anya and Sav their relationship.

    Manny/Emma: It was amusing! Especially the sock on the door theme!

    Other Tidbits: Chante talking to Danny in the episode was certainally some forshadowing of their relationship in S9. I do think that Liberty/Kelly would have been great. Where was Clare. The niiners were awesome in this episode.
  • 806

    This episode just goes to show us viewers that season eight was not the best season of Degrassi, in fact, it might have been the weakest. We did get a lot of great stand out episodes like the movie in Hollywood or Riley's story line but overall, this season was a bit of a hit and miss, and here's why.

    I know this is Degrassi, I know that this show has to be focused on high school relationships and I like those kind of story lines for the most part, but the Sav/Anya scenes were just unbearable. Yeah, we know this has been done before, but it isn't that. Anya & Sav breaking up in every other scene? The ridiculous idea of Anya converting to a Muslim for the sake of meeting Sav's parents? Their dreadful breakups that you can't find any reason in? Sav & Anya might have been great in season 7 but now it's just downright annoying, not to mention the little field trip the Degrassi students had was just an attempt to try out something new, and it just failed miserably. There was one plot that really just salvaged this entire episode and that was the back and forth between Manny & Emma. All fans that have been watching since day one will enjoy this plot. Manny was hilarious, and we just got some classic interactions here with some pokes at the past. Overall a lackluster episode, a downright forgettable one especially since Anya & Sav get back together episodes later, but if you were truly a fan of this show, you just might have enjoyed it.
  • Sav and Anya celebrate their 6month anniversary by going on a field trip to the woods. Alli tags along and destroys Savs plans... and possibly their relationship? Also Manny and Emma try to see if Kelly is compatible with either of them.

    This episode was obviously a filler. If they were trying then it ended up bad. First Sav and Anya broke up because she wasnt invited to Savs family dinners. Then they got back together once Sav said he wrote Anya a song and she forgave him.
    The only interesting part was Alli and Johnny. Alli kept following Johnny and he eventually got used to her. Sav overreacted and yelled at Anya for being with johnny even though he was about to have sex with Anya. Later Anya broke up with him AGAIN. Very boring and pointless.
    Manny and Emma did their classic boy competitions. Kelly ended up admitting he liked one of them but didnt say which
    The drama was down except at the end when Anya gave Sav all their relationship presents. It was cool to see Alli end up with somebody unexpected. Im still wondering why Chantay is in the shows theme song thing. She needs to go unless shes actually getting a story.
  • Season 8, Episode 6.

    Ali: Hi, I'm Ali. What are you reading?
    "A book."

    LMAO! Sav and Anya break up because Sav didn't invite Anya to a family gathering. Boo hoo. They get back together. Emma and Manny both like Kelly. Wow. They both want him but have a policy where they cannot date him. How very unfortunate. Wow Ali and that Lakehurst kid are really hitting it off. They are both attracted to unavailable people, according to a compatibility test (Emma and Manny). People think that Ali hooked up with Johnny (the Lakehurst kid). Anya's storyline seemed a little pointless and like a filler, but I felt bad for her.
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