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Degrassi: The Next Generation

Season 9 Episode 6

You Be Illin'

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 18, 2009 on Much Music
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Episode Summary

You Be Illin'

Alli says she is over Johnny, but can't seem to move on. But, when he reveals a secret to her, which could change her life, she plans revenge. Peter wants to be back in the band, but they've already moved on.

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Alli thinks she's on her way to making up with Johnny when he wants to talk, but the news he has to share is much more important. Peter gets disappointed with the fact he's been replaced by Jane.moreless

    This episode was one of those episodes that I thought was just supposed to be one or two little storylines, and the directors would make something to stretch it out into a full episode. I admit, the genital wart thing was interesting; gross, but interesting; also called as "a thing on his junk". Meanwhile, Peter gets upset when he finds out Jane has taken his place. Now I am really hating Jane this season. First she cheats on Spinner behind his back, he still doesn't yet, and he invites her to be their new lead singer. One accident by Peter, and his whole life is wrecked. For the second time, a girlfriend of his moves overseas. He confides in meth, with results in him losing his spot in the Studz, or now known as: "Jane and the Studz", and also the loft to live with his mom. Things in his life are really going bad and I feel sorry for him. This would be a perfect time to bring Shenae Grimes back in as Darcy! But overall, the storylines in this episode were sort of 'hangovers' from "Shoot To Thrill" (Johnny and Alli "crisis") and "Close To Me". (Peter and the Studz "crisis") Really, it won't be my favorite episode of Season 9, I can tell you that.moreless
  • Alli and Johnny are broken up, but Johnny has a secret to tell Alli. Peter feels left out because his friend decided to replace him in the band.

    Brilliant A Plot, but lame B Plot. Johnny lied to Alli and he's actually been with many girls before Allie. It turns out he has a wart on his junk. I love the drama in this episode. I love how emotional Alli gets. I'm glad that she didn't get anything from Johnny. I also like in the end how sweet Johnny is. I also love how they chose a different issue to deal with like HPV. The B plot was very lame. I don't want to see Peter be all depressed because his friends replaced him. I give the episode an 8.5/10.moreless
  • :( Jalli splits up- possibly forever?

    Everything about this episode made me want to cry. Jalli was my very favourite couple. something like this could not possibly split them up right?

    Johnny and Alli, a couple few of us have worshiped, idolized comes to a crashing and surprising halt after this episode. will Jalli stand for what they believe in? or will it be "game over"?

    As much as i wanted to believe Jalli would pull through yet another obstacle this time it just didn't seem likely- as the tears came to me, Johnny kept hoping Alli would come back to him. so is this a good or bad thing?

    I don't care what they say- i will always be a Jalli lover and supporter, no matter what happens from here on out.

    Jalli, "is the only couple i want".moreless
  • Nice!

    Alli thinks Johnny and her will get back together, but Johnny reveals he has warts, and that Alli wasn't the first girl he had sex with. Now Alli thinks she may have an STI and her and Jenna try to get back at Johnny, who reveals Alli was the only girl he ever liked. But at the end Alli cannot go back to him because she does not trust him, and she cannot be with someone whom she does not trust.

    I liked this episode a lot and it could be one of my favorites. Definitely an A+ episode, In my Booksmoreless

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