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Prime Time Love - Loving IT!

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    Ihave had the opportunity to watch the show. In the beginning I was very hesitate in watching another Reality Show. There is just so many that are flooding our airways, that they all come with the same story lines. Their is something different about this one. Deion is himself, arrogant, confident, just Deion, not trying to be someone he is not. Maybe that is a turn off to some, but this is whom he is and has been since being on TV. I am sure he has changed his life around and that is wonderful. I'd rather he be true to himself then to pretend to be something he is not. Pilar a very beautiful, talent woman, that has to hold it together without losing her mind. She runs a household(as many would say "hey who doesn't), there is much in her that we see in ourselves and wonder at the end of the day, am I appreciated for what I do? I think at times we don't think about it at the moment, to busy doing other things. I admire her for her conviction to continue to keep the family structure going, and trying to be the voice of reasoning. Having help raise part of her time children from her husband previous marriage, but never showing disrespect against them nor there mother, that is wonderful. I think many times, people are sick of seeing reality shows, but rarely do we see a Black Family Reality show, maybe it get's less love because of so, I support this show for many reason. We have to start looking for Structure rather then Destruction in Shows. Sadly many would rather not look at shows such at this, rather shows that depict controversy, sadly that is what this world lives off of. I truly hope they bring the show back for another season. Forget all the one's that hate the show,. As many that hate the show there are many that enjoy the show. Everyone is entitle to there opinion. Peace

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    are you a relative or are you being paid to post all this? You must have something to gain to be so into this family. You sound a little obssesed. There are many reality shows and many good black role models.
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