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    Deion your wife is a person not your slave.She has the right too sit down with the family and eat and have a relax time.She shouldn't be the only one doing all of the cooking in cleaning.Your older daughther can wash the dishes if her step-mother cook.Are they can switch off time too time.Deion you need too be more strict with your son fighting at school and kissing girls.Or you will be a grandfather before he turn twenty-one.Deion you need too help your wife with the cooking and clean also.She not the only one who made those kids.Deion forty is still young,you're not quiet there yet.Deion and Pilar you need too train your kids too stay and there own room at night and stay out of grow fork business.Deion when you call your wife too the closet for sex your son shouldn't have came too the closet.The reason they want stay out of grown fork business is because they saw mommy and daddy have sex and kissing.The reason they want stay out grown fork business because they haven't been taught too.Deion and Pilar both of ya are nasty too go up stairs in try too have sex on your daughter bed.And they saw what ya was doing,because of the monitor.Deion your butt is bigger then your wife,so that means your about size 6 or 7.She I know you give a lot of head.

    Pilar please keep your marriage business too yourself.I know homegirl is your best friend,but your business with your husband you shouldn't be telling her any of it.Oneday you might find her in bed with your husband.For what I saw on Television any women might be in bed with your husband.Pilar I don't really think you quiet except your step-kids.I sense on the show its some hurt feelings there.Because after ten yrs of marriage too there father they should be able too call you mom.And your step-son I don't think he quiet acept you yet.Ya need too really sit down in talk about ya true feelings.Your step-daughter talks too you more then your step-son.

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