Deion & Pilar: Prime Time Love

Tuesday 10:30 PM on Oxygen Premiered Apr 15, 2008 Between Seasons





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    Personally speaking I've been a fan of his for years far back as "FOR THE MONEY" Keep it coming MR.PRIME TIME love the show u can't sleep on Deoin. So stop being haters give credit were credit is due you know his show is hot and his wife is dam good looking and looks good after having three kids. Some people just can't handle stand to see other people doing good and Deion still has his game togehter after all this time he looks good that man is allways going to be Prime Time in my book much love Vegas.
  • Tisk Tisk

    Pilar...Girl...Why do you put up with him? It must be the Love. You are a strong woman and would need to be to gracefully take in what almost presents like insults, about everything. I was totally in your corner when you attempted to teach him a lesson by hiring the help; but, they forget so quickly hmmm? Iv'e been watching the show cause I feel for YOU but, I am growing weary of listening to your husbands GOD complex. I get that its not your entire lives on the screen but, that boy isn't very roamntic and no matter how "real" you want to live your life and raise your children; where's the romantic nights out? Anything? Your husband gets on my last nerve and Im afraid if he were mine well, he'd need mo money than he's got to keep me and yes, Im worth it and so are you Pilar. My first husband was a multi-millonaire (thats right, good looking enough to be married four times). Single and loving it Pilar or straighten his butt out. I cant watch this train wreck anymore but your kids are adorable. Deion you can't always be joking with your kids on serious topics just cause they aint gotta worry bout their future and the money.Arrogance is what you said you wanted to stop people from believing about "African American" families. Stop acting the fool Deion! Respectfully, April
  • If you watch trash reality hoping it is REALITY --just check this out.

    You want reality about Pilar Biggers and her catch? The show, let me tell you, has nothing to do with reality. I know Pilar for years now and I am very sad that she's using people like you to get some fame, which is all that she ever wanted and Deion knows it. I feel bad for him because he thought he was getting a good wife for his kids and all he got is a gold digger. Has Pilar ever even shown her real face to anyone? Pilar comes from Elmira, New York and she had very hard working parents. She tried college for a while but she went to Miami to visit her sister Kandie and her brother Scottie and she met her first catch... Johnny Mitchell from the New York Jets. He met her in a club and, like the movie Pretty Woman, bought her clothes, a car and a ring. She was engaged to Johnny one month after meeting him She was only about 20 years old and against her family's advise she moved to New York City with him hoping he would marry her. At this point she had quit college, of course, which was Syracuse University and her father and mother had fought very hard for her to be able to attend for the past 2 years. Keep in mind that her sister and brother, Kandie and Scottie had to start working at an early age and they could never attend a 4-year university. So it was a very big deal. But when things didn't work out with Johnny Mitchell about 4 months later, she didn't go back to college, she went back to Miami. Then she tried to be a model but it didn't work at all so she just left with a friend to Chicago. There she did some print work and tried hard to hang out with Chicago Bulls players. After some months she left with someone else to Los Angeles. She again struggled with modeling, got into music videos... and she met her second catch, who you wonder? Wesly Snipes

    He's a much older guy and wiser so she did not get an engagement out him. But he did buy her a new car. About 1 year later she met Deion, her third catch, and this one fell all the way! She got him through the God talk and religion because he was going through a lot at the time with his divorce. He really wanted a mother for his kids. What's funny, if you have watched Beyond the Glory in 1999, in that show, Deion explains how she is an angel sent from heaven!! She really is a good actress, you should hear her. Now the story is that she always wanted fame for herself and attention and Deion does not like that. So she is playing the very hard working mother who is smarter than him and struggles a lot taking care of the the mansion, the money.... and he does not let her have a career. Well she says she is a former actress/model so she wants to get that back. Of course, now she is Pilar Sanders, not Pilar Biggers. So if he would help her she could be like Tyra Banks or one of those successful ones!! That's how smart she is. Yes, she is smart because through this show she may very well get enough sympathy since she married a very very bad man, Deion, who according to her, is not a good husband because she cannot be equal partner with his wealth and success. So that's reality. A lot better than the show, don't you think?
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