Deion & Pilar: Prime Time Love

Tuesday 10:30 PM on Oxygen Premiered Apr 15, 2008 Between Seasons





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  • Tisk Tisk

    Pilar...Girl...Why do you put up with him? It must be the Love. You are a strong woman and would need to be to gracefully take in what almost presents like insults, about everything. I was totally in your corner when you attempted to teach him a lesson by hiring the help; but, they forget so quickly hmmm? Iv'e been watching the show cause I feel for YOU but, I am growing weary of listening to your husbands GOD complex. I get that its not your entire lives on the screen but, that boy isn't very roamntic and no matter how "real" you want to live your life and raise your children; where's the romantic nights out? Anything? Your husband gets on my last nerve and Im afraid if he were mine well, he'd need mo money than he's got to keep me and yes, Im worth it and so are you Pilar. My first husband was a multi-millonaire (thats right, good looking enough to be married four times). Single and loving it Pilar or straighten his butt out. I cant watch this train wreck anymore but your kids are adorable. Deion you can't always be joking with your kids on serious topics just cause they aint gotta worry bout their future and the money.Arrogance is what you said you wanted to stop people from believing about "African American" families. Stop acting the fool Deion! Respectfully, April
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