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  • This show is terrible. It has all the elements needed to be a great show, however much like a failed recipe for casserole, the best ingredients mean nothing if the recipe is for garbage feces dirt.

    Not every single idea that comes to you for a show is a good idea to make, especially those that come after a weekend of binge drinking brake fluid and gasoline. Those ones that seem so irreverent and unique and hilarious just end up sucking. I don't know if something gets lost in translation form the idea board to the actual broadcast, or if the show was just terrible in all of its forms. This show, is beyond terrible. I can tolerate many things, I have a very high tolerance for this esoteric medium that is television, however this, this terrible excuse for a program is irredeemable. It literally has no redeeming features. How a brilliant man, who used to be a part of the genius that is and surrounds Conan O'Brien, could throw up a show such as this is unfathomable. How? Why? I mean honestly, how did anyone watch the first episode and say, yes, this is good, or this has promise, this is a show I want to watch. I love most shows on Adult Swim, but this, I almost want to cry, just thinking about it. Its so bad its difficult to even sit through an entire episode. In the history of bad ideas that were turned into even worse shows, this takes the cake, this show is to bad shows what a hurricane is to an ant hill. To say the whole voice alteration aspect is annoying is the biggest understatement in the cast history of understatements. But that and the whole mask things aren't even the worst parts of this show. No, no friend, if those two strokes of genius weren't enough, the actual writing for the episodes is apologetically horrendous. They take a terrible premise, and cover it with feces and beat it with baseball bats till its some completely different kind horrible. Don't waste 15 minutes of your life watching this show, don't even waste 5 minutes, you'll never get it back.
  • I am having a good ti-ime! A-beedee-beedee-beedee-beedee-beedee-beedee-beedee-beedee!

    If you shudder at the thought of something as premisey as this, I think you'll be surprised how well it's pulled off. The show doesn't abandon the premise altogether, but the seemingly realistic universe the show exists in slowly reveals its bizarre quirks, overshadowing the "witness protection" and "reality show" aspect of the series.

    Jon Glaser is very funny. His voice is pitched down and you never see his face, but his Glaseriness shines through in how big a jerk he is and in how he moans and yells.

    I'm still not sold on Eugene Mirman. He's perfectly fine, but he's yet to really make me laugh. The kid is very funny (see the Barbados scene). The girl who plays his girlfriend is extremely cute.
  • The best show ever, Sorta.

    This is probably my 2nd favorite show because it is just so funny! When you think about it, it sounds like it would be a serious show, but it is funny though. When it comes out on DVD i am going to buy it the very same day. I tried to do that with Tim and Eric Awesome Show; Great job, but it didn't work. My favorite characture is Jon, because he is the funniest, by a mile! Yvgeny makes me so mad! My favorite episode is probably the first one, because it made me laugh, like every other episode!
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