Delta House

ABC (ended 1979)


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  • This classic television show is the best!

    Hello there, everyone, this is Derrick Ferguson from Little Rock, Arkansas. I like to watch this classic television show, and it's called "Delta House", because it brings back some of my memories. Please send me an e-mail to my new e-mail address, and it's Thanks! See you all again real soon.
  • This Delta House episode was quite good- not the best- but was quite sad.

    This Delta House episode was quite good- not the best- but was quite sad. tyhe chrtacters, are involved in a horrific car accident, and everybody scrapes through with various injuries, and she is in a very bad condition. She is hardly breathing, but they drag her out of the car and give her CPR. She is taken in an ambulance, and is close to death at the hospital, where he manages to save her.
  • It was OK. Not good but just OK.

    It was OK. Not good but just OK. At times, Delta House really bores the hell out of me but there were many savoring moments that made me watch it til the very end. Recommended only if you have time to kill.The story of this show is ok, but no way to say "This is nice".
  • A Bad Idea.

    Delta House was an attempt by ABC to cash in on the enormous popularity of the movie Animal House. They even acquired some of the production team and a few of the original cast members. But none of that mattered,folks. Animal House was a raunchy, R-rated movie. Delta House couldn't compete with that, network standards being what they were at the time. ABC canceled DH after a few months. If this show is remembered at all, it will be because it afforded most people their first glimpse of Michelle Pfeiffer. She played The Bombshell.