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Delta State

Sunday 10:00 PM on TELETOON Premiered Sep 01, 2004 In Season



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Delta State

Show Summary

Four young amnesiacs hold the fate of human kind in their hands. Their mission is to defend you from the "rifters" who want to control the human mind. Though they may appear to be harmless and self-absorbed, they have astonishing paranormal powers, and an invincible motivation: to retrieve the secrets to their past lives, hidden deep within the parallel dimension of the Delta State.

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AIRED ON 2/27/2005

Season 1 : Episode 26

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  • Rotoscoping! Needless to say... I am... IMPRESSED!

    What can I say about this show except that I was simply awed by it? It was fascinating and everything about it just blew me away! It is basically about four friends who are living together struggling to pay rent, deal with unlikely romance and trying to hold jobs... and not just that... but try to protect the human race while also trying to remember their past lives before they ended up in this situation. Confusing? I know... it has many unbelievable elements to it... very unique things including love, trust, betrayal, irony, agony, etc.

    This was on Teletoon some time ago and I indeed got very upset when they took it off the air. It was a show I miss very much. I wish they would bring it back.

    To get right down to my point, the animation was simply awe inspiring, the voice acting was very well suited (although Philip and Martin do sound rather similar but I can deal with it, their voices still fit) and the music (although somewhat repetative in most instances) was absolutely fantastic! None of it ever got annoying for me.

    I cannot say I watched this series in order but since they took it off the air, I feel somewhat angered that I will never have a chance now to sit back and watch it the way it was meant to be viewed. Oh well...

    Highly recommended to people of all ages!

    - Tinkermoreless
  • Not so bad...

    I watched this show on teletoon for the first time a couple of nights ago, because there was very little to do otherwise. I immediately regretted it, the animation was the worst that I have ever seen, the characters looked like their noses had been cut off, and that one guy with the green and yellow striped shirt... that hurt my eyes, the lines never moved along with the shirt, so it looked like the lines were shifting around constantly. The story made absolutely no sense at all, 4 kids have sleeping problems, so all of a sudden they can travel through space and time, and change peoples lives from "drifters" that possess their bodies. Don't get me wrong, I like fantasy, but this is one hell of a stretch even for me. There is no way this show should ever have been aired.moreless
  • i love the visual dichotomy between the way the characters are drawn,which is almost rough,and the way they move,which is so real in comparison. Delta State is by far my favourite example of rotoscopy to date (though i make no claims to be a connoisseur).moreless

    i love this show! i'm ridiculously disappointed that Teletoon has cut it. and presently, there are no specific plans (according to the rep who responded to my questions) to either bring it back or release more than the first 3 episodes that are out now.

    why is it that the minute i find something on television that is truly worthwhile, it's immediately cancelled???

    ahhhh... Firefly... sniff! at least i can own that whole show!

    for a small ray of sunshine, though, according to someone at Alphanim, a second season is being created as we speak... let's hope it actually gets picked up somewhere in North America!!moreless
  • Best show ever!!!!!

    i love this show but it was didn't have every many epsodes. I think they should make more epsodes. Delta State is the best show since Friends to me, maybe they should make it as long as the show Friends. My favourite chacter is Phil. He is so funny. I think this is the best show ever!!!!!
  • 4 young people who don't rembre their pasts and are gifted with extrordinary telipathic powers. there ultimite goal is to distroy all the rifters whom are trying to take over the world by means of mind controll through the delta state.moreless

    a very very ausom show!!! i havn't seen all the episodes but last night i watched "mixed up melodies"... defentially a personal favorite and just INSAINELY GREAT!!! it was soooo good! the plot is both intreging and stimulating, it really grabs the attention of people and is very easy to enjoy once you understand the basic consept of it. though the animation quality may be seen as bad at first, it is really interesting to find out that it is actually actors, acting it out then being dubbed over in animation form. the music by kid loco is also very good, i always try to check the music from shows if i really like it because in my opinion the music is what really completes the show.

    a very ausom show and you really have to check it out!!moreless