Delta State

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  • Season 1
    • The Final Battle
      The Final Battle
      Episode 26
      The foursome decide they have to return not only to the location of the lab but the actual time frame in which they were there. They enter Brodie's mind to travel back to the actual time when they met in the lab in Poland. They must combine their powers to get the full answer to their pasts. Only then can they destroy Brodie's rifter energy. They diffuse Brodie's rifter energy and all is well...until Luna has a vision of the future. She won't reveal what she sees - only that it is not what they expect!.moreless
    • Full Circle
      Full Circle
      Episode 25
      Brodie takes the foursome back to the lab in Poland where he discovered them. He engages their help to put an end to his life so that he cannot pose a threat to the world. Their powers are getting stronger as each day passes. When in the Delta State they enter into Brodie's memory and trace back his beginning in World War 2. They each receive more information about their pasts..moreless
    • Deja Vu
      Deja Vu
      Episode 24
      Luna is determined to also find out about her past now that the others have pieced theirs together. A trip to Delta State allows her to revisit the family she has left behind - but she is reluctant to leave and the group must rescue her from a the Delta State with a past that no longer exists.moreless
    • Restraining Order
      Restraining Order
      Episode 23
      After the group discovers that Brodie is a rifter they live in denial. A private investigator hunts down Martin and informs.him of a large inheritance and the missing links to his past..
    • The Orb
      The Orb
      Episode 22
      Philllip uses the Orb of truth provided by Maria to unravel the facts about his mother and his past. The group discovers.that Brodie is a rifter. He is failing and gone into hiding in the Delta State.
    • False Identities
      False Identities
      Episode 21
      Claire meets an old friend of David's who is able to explain what happened in the past. Claire learns about her past but Martin and the others are suspicious about the friend and do not believe he can be trusted. There is more to her past than he revealed. Brodie's alias as Carswell is unveiled and it is revealed that he is a double agent working for the government to tackle the rifter threat. Brodie's health is failing and his time is limited..moreless
    • Brain Scan
      Brain Scan
      Episode 20
      Martin finds out that Sven's using a bio-engineering company in an attempt to gain more rifters.
    • Sweet Dreams
      Sweet Dreams
      Episode 19
      Claire has an accident and is left in a coma. When she comes to, she has returned to her home and her previous life with.the perfect family. But is this really her past or just a past she would like to have? Yet another Brodie alias is the group.
    • Training Day
      Training Day
      Episode 18
      Brodie begins to train the four heroes to heighten their senses and increase their powers. They must learn to control the Delta State rather than letting it control them. Brodie becomes more mysterious and seems to have an agenda.that he will not clarify. Who is Brodie and how much does he know?.moreless
    • Mix Up Of Genres
      Mix Up Of Genres
      Episode 17
      Claire is captured and held hostage by Sven. Brodie becomes more elusive and there is a hint that there is a connection.between Sven and Brodie linking their pasts. Reality and Delta State start to meld in a way they never have before..
    • Labyrinth
      Episode 16
      Pierce Trueblood, a popular magician, captures the interest of Claire. His illusionary skills seem to be under an otherworldly influence and the roommates must travel to the Delta State to ensure he doesn't come under the influence of the rifters.
    • Couch Time
      Couch Time
      Episode 15
      Phillip's romance with Sophia the psyciatirst continues. He is blinded by passion and runs into conflict with the they become increasingly suspicious that she is not the woman she appears to be. Sophia's link to Sven is revealed.and a trip to the Delta State confirms that she is a rifter. But who else is she?.moreless
    • Road Not Taken
      Road Not Taken
      Episode 14
      Luna's personality takes a drastic change. Is this the real Luna from the past, or the personality she would like to become? The split personalities continue in both reality and delta. The roomates must rescue her from the Delta State where the new personality becomes a threat to Luna and to the others. The four heroes trace their past to an experimental lab in Poland.moreless
    • Claire's Crack Up
      Claire's Crack Up
      Episode 13
      Phillip's job as a delivery boy leads him to a romantic involvement with a psychiatrist who seems to have an uncanny understanding about him and his roomates. Claire meets up with her ex-boyfriend David. He provides information about her past. But no one else can see him. Is he real or a figment of Claire's imagination?.moreless
    • Awakening
      Episode 12
      Martin befriends an autistic little boy. When he suddenly becomes an extroveted genius, the foursome suspect that it is not a miracle, but rather a rifter influence. The answers to this change can only be found in the Delta State.
    • Curse Of The Undead
      Claire reunites with David her boyfriend from the past. It causes a rift between her and Martin and raises suspicions among the roomates. Due to some computer error Phillip is told there is no record of his existence. He is technically dead and must cope with re-establishing his place in the world. Meanwhile a mad noble scientist is at risk of a rifter takeover.moreless
    • Blast From The Past
      Martin discovers a photo of a soldier from World War 2 that looks exactly like Brodie. Is it a coincidence, a relative or .has Brodie not aged in sixty years? As they dig deeper into the questions about Brodie it raises some clues about .their own past. The trips to the Delta State take their toll as reality and Delta start to merge.moreless
    • Mind Over Matter
      Mind Over Matter
      Episode 9
      Claire becomes obsessed with an internet video game. But when reports of deaths associated with people who have played this game begin flooding the papers, the others question just how "fun" this game really is.
    • Cabin Fever
      Cabin Fever
      Episode 8
      Claire, Luna, Martin, and Philip are at their wits end, and growing tired of each other's company as relentless rainstorms and other unusual weather patterns force them to remain indoors. But when it's discovered that the Rifters are behind the global chaos, they must put aside their difference and stop them before the ecological balance of the world is jeopardized.moreless
    • Vote Rifter
      Vote Rifter
      Episode 7
      After an attempted shooting on a candidate, the candidate goes into a coma. Is the candidate being aquired by the rifters, and can Philip, Martin, Claire and Luna save him?
    • The Girlfriend
      The Girlfriend
      Episode 6
      Philip has a girlfriend, and he thinks that her father is a rifter. Are Philip's feelings clouding his judgment, or is there something deeper?
    • Fusion
      Episode 5
      Phillip has a new job in the mailroom of a power corporation. When his trainer dissapears, Phillip stumbles upon an experimental process whereby they are using employees to tap energy for rifter immortality. Phillip's life is endangered and the roommates must go Delta to find the answers to the mysterious experiments at the corporation. A romance between Phillip and Luna seems to be in the making...moreless
    • The Reading
      The Reading
      Episode 4
      In this episode, Philip, Martin and Luna are watching TV, and poking fun at a TV psychic. Philip investigates her, and is confused on her psychic powers. Brodie explains that she can pick up "brain signals" and read them. Also, she would be able to defeat the rifters. Brodie also explained that it is dangerous to see the psychic, or Brodie because they would be putting themselves in danger. Despite Brodie's warning, Philip meets her again to learn more about himself, but is knowing his past worth it?moreless
    • Case Study
      Case Study
      Episode 3
      Luna witnesses the acquisition of a student during class, and the group move to determine the cause. Martin pursues his love of music, but his duties to the team suffer as a result. Investigating the mystery surrounding Professors (Dang and Stork) puts Claire in terrible danger. We also discover in this episode Phillip loves dub reggae and doesn't use tissue.moreless
    • First Contact (2)
      In this episode we get the first look at the opening title sequence narrated by Professor Brodie. Opens in Delta State, and recaps Luna's cliffhanger from episode one. We learn more about the strange effects of being in too long, and Martin's immunity to same. The hunt for Weller's "akasha" continues, while Carla "Hunter Rifter", Sven and the other (female)prepare for the arrival of a powerful Rifter Lord. Phillip emerges as this series' main character.moreless
    • First Contact (1)
      The team has 48 hours to close the acquisition of author John Weller, acquired by the Rifter Hunter Carla. We enter the team's apartment and meet the group, gaining insight into their interpersonal relationships. We see the conflicts that exist among them and within their own minds.