Delta State

Season 1 Episode 1

First Contact (1)

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Sep 11, 2004 on TELETOON

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  • This show asks the question "What is Reality?" Wht we hold onto, while we still walk and move through life.. our past? Well, these kids have none to hold onto.

    I have recently become enthralled by this new animated series called Delta State.
    I never saw myself getting into anything that ressembles a 'fantasy drama'.
    I never understood 'trekkies' or 'buffy lovers' until I saw this show.
    Delta State is a visually stunning show and goes hand-in-hand with a documentary I saw recently called "What the Bleep do we know"
    It talks about the power of thought on the level of quantam physics.
    Apparently, monks can meditate on something as simple as water and modify its celluar structure, simply through the concentrated power of thought.
    This is a discipline.
    Now, these characters seem to have been 'given' their powers.
    No explanation. Like a nice giftie, but they have to have amnesia in exchange.
    A little spoiled.. perhaps.

    But the idea itself... most fascinating!

    You know... if you do your research...
    You might just understand, personally, the power of the Delta State.

    Just a cool idea who's time has arrived.

    To all of the creators of the Delta State..

    Keep up the good work!

    It is never easy to introduce something this original, visually stunning and cool plot.

    It's always a risk to think outside the box.

    To the creators I say.. You did it!

    Keep pushing the envelope.
    And thanks for some damn fine entertainment!
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