Delta State

Sunday 10:00 PM on TELETOON Premiered Sep 01, 2004 In Season


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  • 4 young people who don't rembre their pasts and are gifted with extrordinary telipathic powers. there ultimite goal is to distroy all the rifters whom are trying to take over the world by means of mind controll through the delta state.

    a very very ausom show!!! i havn't seen all the episodes but last night i watched "mixed up melodies"... defentially a personal favorite and just INSAINELY GREAT!!! it was soooo good! the plot is both intreging and stimulating, it really grabs the attention of people and is very easy to enjoy once you understand the basic consept of it. though the animation quality may be seen as bad at first, it is really interesting to find out that it is actually actors, acting it out then being dubbed over in animation form. the music by kid loco is also very good, i always try to check the music from shows if i really like it because in my opinion the music is what really completes the show.
    a very ausom show and you really have to check it out!!