Delta State

Sunday 10:00 PM on TELETOON Premiered Sep 01, 2004 In Season


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  • Rotoscoping! Needless to say... I am... IMPRESSED!

    What can I say about this show except that I was simply awed by it? It was fascinating and everything about it just blew me away! It is basically about four friends who are living together struggling to pay rent, deal with unlikely romance and trying to hold jobs... and not just that... but try to protect the human race while also trying to remember their past lives before they ended up in this situation. Confusing? I know... it has many unbelievable elements to it... very unique things including love, trust, betrayal, irony, agony, etc.

    This was on Teletoon some time ago and I indeed got very upset when they took it off the air. It was a show I miss very much. I wish they would bring it back.

    To get right down to my point, the animation was simply awe inspiring, the voice acting was very well suited (although Philip and Martin do sound rather similar but I can deal with it, their voices still fit) and the music (although somewhat repetative in most instances) was absolutely fantastic! None of it ever got annoying for me.

    I cannot say I watched this series in order but since they took it off the air, I feel somewhat angered that I will never have a chance now to sit back and watch it the way it was meant to be viewed. Oh well...

    Highly recommended to people of all ages!

    - Tinker
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