Delta State

Season 1 Episode 22

The Orb

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jan 30, 2005 on TELETOON

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  • Philip's confusing relationship with Maria results in her giving him the Orb of Truth, a mysterious object that kills anything it touches, however, both Philip and Maria are somehow uneffected by it. Phil uses it to piece together some of his past.

    This episode is absolutely... I can't even pick a word for it, unbelievable is an understatement I think. Throughout most of the series, we see the Maria character as the groups arch-nemesis, evil, manipulative, yet beautiful. A while back in one of the earlier episodes, Philip and Maria start to wonder just how far a human/rifter relationship can go.

    In the previous episode we found out Brodie is a rifter, but the roomates don't know that yet, so at the beginning when Brodie calls them, you're on edge because you don't know what he's planning on doing with them.

    They introduced the sanctuary in this episode, it's a weird place where gravity seems to be meaningless... I think if the episode/series should lose something, that would be it... It's getting to close to the end of the season to bring in something like that I think.

    When Phil and Martin were hiding from Sven and Maria I just thought, well they're gonna hide and Sven and Maria are just gonna pass them by... But that wasn't the case, Maria saw Philip, but she didn't tell Sven. As soon as that happened I knew she was a good rifter. Then later on Sven brings up the very same topic to her, thinking that she's getting a little to sympathetic to the children.

    Then we see Philip asleep in his room (with a very weird song I might add) and we go in his dream, I thought this was a real great scene because it just shows you where each of them stand in the whole relationship idea. After the dream is over Phil wakes up and lo and behold Maria is in his room! This scared me because I thought, well if she can find out where they live, what about Sven? Phil starts having his seizure which I found a little freaky and when Martin helps him it happens to him too.

    I found the whole Brodie explanation scene long and boring, like most of the scenes like that... The only interesting part is when he mentions that Phil and Maria are the only two things that haven't been killed by the orb of truth when they touched it. From there on the episode gets a little weird and rushed.

    At the library (Phil saw it in his dream) he finds out about three words that have been heard around him throughout parts of the season: Teufelkind, Himmelskorper and Wahrheit... Literally translated as Devil Child, Orb, and Truth. That gets us into the whole idea of Philip being the anti-christ, devil child thing... I hope that's not the case but it would make for something interesting.

    The part I found the saddest is when Sven kills Philip's mother right in front of him, I mean Phil and his mom are holding hands there too! And right after Sven does it he attacks Philip and sends him flying across the room... Then you have to admit you saw this coming from a mile away... What a suprise, Maria sacrifices herself to save Phil (Sven flees, and I'm not entirely sure why because he took on Phil and Maria and won but oh well)

    They take Maria to Brodie he saves her and they find out he's a rifter. That's a part I don't understand... How do they know he's a rifter? He just saved her, they do things like that too.

    Anyway, The Orb is probably the best Delta State episode ever, my rating is a 15 out of 10... But it wouldn't let me put it that high. It's very very well done and a turning point in the whole Phil/Maria plot, now that Sven knows he's on his own from here on in. If you haven't seen this one, find out when it's on and tape it. Because you will want to watch it over and over again.