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Demashitaa! Powerpuff Girls Z

TV Tokyo (ended 2007)



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Demashitaa! Powerpuff Girls Z

Show Summary

Professor Utonium and his son Ken are assigned to study Chemical X (a mysterious substance which mutates into Chemical Z when buns are dropped in it). Mysteriously, a glacier appears in Tokyo Bay. Ken attempts to use Chemical Z to destroy it but instead, it causes strange, black and white rays of light to slice through the city. When the black rays hit objects, people and animals the rays transform them into monsters. When the white rays hit three young girls, they are given superpowers and become a force for good called Powerpuff Z.
Emiri Katou

Emiri Katou

Momoko Akatsutsumi (Blossom)

Hideyuki Tanaka

Hideyuki Tanaka


Machiko Kawana

Machiko Kawana

Kaoru Matsubara (Buttercup)

Nami Miyahara

Nami Miyahara

Miyako Goutokuji (Bubbles)

Taiten Kusunoki

Taiten Kusunoki

Professor Utonium

Tomoko Kaneda

Tomoko Kaneda


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  • A mediocre remake just like Rob Zombie's take on Halloween

    Just like every other remake, this remake is no different is just a disappointment to the original. Even the upcoming reboot that comes out next year will be better than this.
  • Strong disgrace to the original!

    The Powerpuff Girls are the best Cartoon ever SUCKS, sorry
  • Powerpuff Girls Are The Best

    The Powerpuff Girls Are The Best Cartoon Ever !!!! YES Better Than Bad Ben 10 And Ben 10 Is The Worst Cartoon HAHAHA
  • Disgrace to the original.

    Really disgraceful to the original PPG.

    Plot: Lots of unnecessary editing. It's cluttered up. Professor Utonium had a son named Ken, they had an experiment on their invented chemical on a drum, Chemical X. But was altered after their pet robot dog named Peach accidentally had his cake fell on to the chemical, turning it to Chemical Z. Less explained. Can a cake change the compositions of the chemicals? Maybe. Then an iceberg appears, and it's moving towards the city they live on, and Ken, decided to use a weapon based on Chemical Z, which was successful in destroying the iceburg. But the bad thing was, the iceberg shattered with some strains of the chemical in it, anyone who was hit by those will undergo in mutation. And there are two colors of it, black and white. Black could turn you into an evil one, and white. Black can turn a person in to an evil mutant, while the white is the opposite. Three girls, Momoko, Miyako, and Kaoru are the ones that are hitten by the white shards, thus, turning them into a Powerpuff Girl. After this incident, trouble ensues all over the city, and the trio are there to protect it. Unnecessary addition they made.

    Characters: Okay, the original characters have undergone into some changes, really BAD changes. Voice acting is poor.

    Humor/Action value: Reduced to nothing. Abysmal.

    Art: Everything's gone colorful and also, the artwork of the characters are also poor now. Animation movement is good.

    Overall: 0.3. This is disgraceful to the original, and mostly contained bad, annoying changes and irritating nature.moreless
  • PPGZ: A Review

    I don't know what it is about Powerpuff Girls, but the show had a wide appeal to both boys and girls of all ages. It was fun seeing the girls on their adventures, and every episode seemed to be different from the last. Everything was pretty simple, and I guess that's one of the show's appeals.

    When I heard of a sequel of sorts to this show, I frowned. Especially when I heard its name: Powerpuff Girls Z. It didn't seem like a good idea and I hoped that it would live up to the name.

    I recently watched episode 1 of PPGZ, so this review may be a bit biased.

    The first half of Episode 1 is the 'normal day' opening - It's the hook. It shows what the series is going to be like. Since it's the introduction and doesn't build up from any back story, the viewer is left wondering what has happened since the PPG's last adventure.

    This 'hook' isn't very effective. Mojo comes around with a fairly lame scheme. He's stealing candy from... children. He also appears to be fairly obese to boot; his clothed body takes up a large amount of space. If one compares this Mojo to the original Mojo, one can see that the new villain simply looks ludicrous.

    At any rate, he's stealing candy to power his candy-powered machine. Anyone who's watched even one episode of the PPG can see that the standards have been lowered a fair amount in this show. But fair enough, let's suppose that this show is aimed for a certain audience.

    The girls 'transform' to their magical-girl selves in order to fight Mojo-Jojo. In my honest opinion, this could have been better thought out. The girls use some kind of apparatus and a belt in order to transform, when they clearly do not need anything of that sort (in the second half of the episode, the girls' backstory and how they got their powers is explained, but at no point at all the belts are explained). They take what should be a full minute to transform, but the scene feels like an eternity. To newcomers, this scene is a copious amount of fan service. To people who've seen PPG before, I'd like to say that these girls are only 13 in the show. I don't need to go on further; I'm sure people had the same reaction as I did.

    At the point where the girls fight Mojo-Jojo, fans are further insulted by the use of children's toys. The girls all wield 'weapons'. Blossom's is understandable as using the yo-yo as a weapon is not unheard of in Japanese anime. However, Bubbles' weapon - a bubble wand - is absurd. At any rate, the fight scene is pretty lame until the girls replenish their power by eating ice-cream IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FIGHT.

    Anyways, I digress. I'll finish now.

    Fan Appeal: This show is EXTREMELY focused on a specific audience (ages 6 - 11). People should treat it as such.

    Originality: The show brings a lot of Japanese influence, so prepare for all your preconceptions to be destroyed. The show now has a transformation sequence, is extremely cliched, and has none of the original's charm or peppiness. For little boys and girls, the show will be alright.