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  • An above average remake, but so much better than the 2016 reboot

    Just like every other remake, this remake is no different, and it's just a disappointment to the original. But the 2016 reboot is 10X worse! At least this tried to be it's own thing.

    If i look at most of these reviews there either "WORST SHOW EVER" or "THE ORIGINAL WAS AWESOME"

    which really doesn't make since this show isn't trying to copy the original it's trying to be something new, and I think when you watch this series you should treat it that way, it's not perfect but it's not the worst, that goes to the 2016 reboot, the story is important to an "anime" and it doesn't change in this one, unlike the orignal every character has there own personality and backstory, which wasn't really needed in the old version but in this one it fits in this version, nobody should treat this like an extra season but like a show inspired bu the original, the show ended nicely but the "fanboys/girls" want more and with all the fanfiction it shows this show is pretty good if cartoon network rebooted this series it wouldn't so bad but most ppg fans know what happes when cartoon network brings back stuff i'm looking at you 2016 ppgr.
  • Strong disgrace to the original!

    The Powerpuff Girls are the best Cartoon ever SUCKS, sorry
  • Powerpuff Girls Are The Best

    The Powerpuff Girls Are The Best Cartoon Ever !!!! YES Better Than Bad Ben 10 And Ben 10 Is The Worst Cartoon HAHAHA
  • Disgrace to the original.

    Really disgraceful to the original PPG.

    Plot: Lots of unnecessary editing. It's cluttered up. Professor Utonium had a son named Ken, they had an experiment on their invented chemical on a drum, Chemical X. But was altered after their pet robot dog named Peach accidentally had his cake fell on to the chemical, turning it to Chemical Z. Less explained. Can a cake change the compositions of the chemicals? Maybe. Then an iceberg appears, and it's moving towards the city they live on, and Ken, decided to use a weapon based on Chemical Z, which was successful in destroying the iceburg. But the bad thing was, the iceberg shattered with some strains of the chemical in it, anyone who was hit by those will undergo in mutation. And there are two colors of it, black and white. Black could turn you into an evil one, and white. Black can turn a person in to an evil mutant, while the white is the opposite. Three girls, Momoko, Miyako, and Kaoru are the ones that are hitten by the white shards, thus, turning them into a Powerpuff Girl. After this incident, trouble ensues all over the city, and the trio are there to protect it. Unnecessary addition they made.

    Characters: Okay, the original characters have undergone into some changes, really BAD changes. Voice acting is poor.

    Humor/Action value: Reduced to nothing. Abysmal.

    Art: Everything's gone colorful and also, the artwork of the characters are also poor now. Animation movement is good.

    Overall: 0.3. This is disgraceful to the original, and mostly contained bad, annoying changes and irritating nature.
  • PPGZ: A Review

    I don't know what it is about Powerpuff Girls, but the show had a wide appeal to both boys and girls of all ages. It was fun seeing the girls on their adventures, and every episode seemed to be different from the last. Everything was pretty simple, and I guess that's one of the show's appeals.

    When I heard of a sequel of sorts to this show, I frowned. Especially when I heard its name: Powerpuff Girls Z. It didn't seem like a good idea and I hoped that it would live up to the name.

    I recently watched episode 1 of PPGZ, so this review may be a bit biased.

    The first half of Episode 1 is the 'normal day' opening - It's the hook. It shows what the series is going to be like. Since it's the introduction and doesn't build up from any back story, the viewer is left wondering what has happened since the PPG's last adventure.

    This 'hook' isn't very effective. Mojo comes around with a fairly lame scheme. He's stealing candy from... children. He also appears to be fairly obese to boot; his clothed body takes up a large amount of space. If one compares this Mojo to the original Mojo, one can see that the new villain simply looks ludicrous.

    At any rate, he's stealing candy to power his candy-powered machine. Anyone who's watched even one episode of the PPG can see that the standards have been lowered a fair amount in this show. But fair enough, let's suppose that this show is aimed for a certain audience.

    The girls 'transform' to their magical-girl selves in order to fight Mojo-Jojo. In my honest opinion, this could have been better thought out. The girls use some kind of apparatus and a belt in order to transform, when they clearly do not need anything of that sort (in the second half of the episode, the girls' backstory and how they got their powers is explained, but at no point at all the belts are explained). They take what should be a full minute to transform, but the scene feels like an eternity. To newcomers, this scene is a copious amount of fan service. To people who've seen PPG before, I'd like to say that these girls are only 13 in the show. I don't need to go on further; I'm sure people had the same reaction as I did.

    At the point where the girls fight Mojo-Jojo, fans are further insulted by the use of children's toys. The girls all wield 'weapons'. Blossom's is understandable as using the yo-yo as a weapon is not unheard of in Japanese anime. However, Bubbles' weapon - a bubble wand - is absurd. At any rate, the fight scene is pretty lame until the girls replenish their power by eating ice-cream IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FIGHT.

    Anyways, I digress. I'll finish now.

    Fan Appeal: This show is EXTREMELY focused on a specific audience (ages 6 - 11). People should treat it as such.

    Originality: The show brings a lot of Japanese influence, so prepare for all your preconceptions to be destroyed. The show now has a transformation sequence, is extremely cliched, and has none of the original's charm or peppiness. For little boys and girls, the show will be alright.

  • This Powerpuff Girls Z show looks soooooooooo cute!!!!!! please bring it here in U.S. pleaseeeeee? These girls are gorgeous!!!! They're CUTE!!!!

    I would love to see this cartoon show coming soon here in U.S. on Cartoon Network. Please Cartoon Network? I would love to see this cute show. Please? If I see that cartoon show coming soon. YAY!!! This cartoon show is great as Puffy AmiYumi as can be. please bring this show here in U.S. soon. Please Cartoon Network. Please agree to launch this show soon? This show looks cute as baby kittens. It's so cute, I can stare at every episode when it's on. pleaseeeeeeeee? I loved it. This show is sooooooocute as can be in my life. Awesome show.
  • Good show

    Anyone who loved the orginal Powerpuff Girls, will love The Powerpuff Girls Z, too. When turn into anime, it was made better than before, good graphic and sound, especially the story becomes more real now when the Powerpuff Girls are the normal girls, they go to school like any other girls but when they transform into Powerpuff Girls Z to fight crimes, they will have special abilities and everyone has their own weapon. All the characters are cute and stories are really funny. This show will make you feel happy and comfortable after a hard time studying. If you are a fan of the Powerpuff Girls, you will have to see it now
  • Powerpuff Girls Z is often silly, but it is always irresistible.

    Putting a new face on a popular show--particularly a popular show that has run its course--is dangerous territory. In the case of Powerpuff Girls Z, many American viewers feel that an original American concept has been corrupted in much the same way poor American dubbing corrupts original Japanese anime. However, although Powerpuff Girls Z borrows its characters and concept from an American show, it is unique in every other aspect, so that argument has relatively little relevancy. Despite a few shortcomings, there is much to be admired about Powerpuff Girls Z.

    For example, there is an unparalleled visual vibrancy in the environment and the characters. It maintains the relative simplicity of the original Powerpuff Girls while at the same time providing the detail and richness of the art found in anime. And the music is catchy, too, even if the tunes are often repeated.

    As much as this show tries to be unlike the original Powerpuff Girls, it often comes across as being unoriginal due to its similarity to other anime series of the "magical girl" genre. There is, for example, the obligatory transformation sequence not once but twice in nearly every half-hour episode. They aren't short, either, and annoyingly, the characters appear overly-excited, grinning wildly at the camera during each of their respective sequences.

    There are dramatic personality differences between the girls of "Z" and that of their inceptive counterparts. In Powerpuff Girls Z, Blossom is peppy and love-prone, Bubbles is affable and popular in school, and Buttercup is so butch that it's funny. No longer are the sisters related; they are coincidental victims of an accident in which they were affected with Chemical Z, a stronger version of Chemical X.

    So, too, have the themes of the episodes changed. One of the staples of anime are romantic subplots, and Powerpuff Girls Z does not stray from this norm. We often hear about Blossom's various infatuations, usually for comic relief; and in one episode, we learn of Bubbles' love interest. (Given Buttercup's overtly butch nature, her sexual orientation remains in question, but that's another matter.) Because of its inclusion of romance as a major theme, Powerpuff Girls Z fails to be original in the realm of anime.

    The villains from the American Powerpuff Girls reappear, some with more success than others. We see far too much of Mojo Jojo; in this version, he is much more bland and far less cunning. The Gangreen Gang, too, proves to be no match for the Powerpuff Girls. In fact, there are few real challenges for the protagonists, and for me, this is the show's real weak point. It becomes easy to root for the villains when there is so little variety otherwise.

    At least, however, there is some original humor to be found in Powerpuff Girls Z, with the over-the-top characterizations of the villains contributing to much of it. It is genuinely funny to see the chaotic home lives of each individual member of the Gangreen Gang, including a brain-dead Grubber and an insolent Ace. Princess Morebucks, another revived villain, stops at nothing to be the center of attention. There are also a few quirky original villains, such as the pompous hairdresser, Michell.

    Despite the complaints I have about the show, I find myself coming back to watch time and time again. There's something irresistible about the characters, even if they aren't exactly like the original characters I also love. A part of that, confessedly, stems from a certain visual allure--particularly Blossom, with her bright red hair and matching ribbon. Bubbles is undeniably cute, and her subdued personality is spellbinding. Even Buttercup, with her independent flair, has a unique charm about her. It's because of the great characters, and often, the humor surrounding those characters, that this show manages to be greatly entertaining.
  • Powerpuff Girls were replaced by this weak immitation?

    Well,ok I heard some baad things about this show.Seeing as I used to watch PPG when I was like 5,i figured I'd like it.So I thought "Anime remake of a Cartoon Network show",interesting.So I went on youtube,typed in Power Puff Girls Z,I looked for the first part on Youtube with english subtitles,and so as I went along, I'm all "hey Utonium doesn't have son" or "since when were the PPG not sisters",and so I eventually watched the rest of the part to see if it was as bad as people claim,and then I meet the part where they're at school and find out about Mojoj's attack and I'm all "Hey weren't they in Kindergarten?" and then I see them flying to save the day and I'm all "Wait,the PPG are faster than that" they went to the battle and suddenly in the middle they start having some ice cream(WTF?) and then all of sudden everyone else joins in (doubles the WTF)and then they get back to battling.And Mojo ending all of his sentences with "Mojo",ok where was I those years after the REAL Powerpuff Girls were off the air?I am shocked to see that Craig McCrakken hasn't found out and reported who ever made this for copyright infringement of his own creation.And where did all the American trend references(and non American ones like The Beatles and Pokemon) go?That was made the original PPG good.I'm sorry to say I had the displeasure of looking at it.And you'd think a big anime fan like me would be rating this a 9 or 10.I guess it can appeal to most Sailor Moon and Cradcaptor Sakura fans(excluding me) s hey if you like it's fine by me.The only reason it gets a three is because of the good animation.I definitely won't be watching this when the dub comes on Toonami in November(if it ever does) and I can NOT believe I am saying this but I would actually be GLAD if 4kids got it a ruined it.Wery sorry to PPGZ fans
  • Well...the PPG being turned into an anime looked a bit...scary...but I was surprised when I discovered that it was good!

    I haven't watched much of the anime due to bad internet, but this is much better than I expected.I pictured it being butchered...which it was...but in a good way!
    The show is painfully cute and bright! The music is fun and I love the colors in the show so much....^^
    I really hope and pray that they release an uncut DVD with Japanese audio on it whenever this gets to America.^^
    I am still shocked at how good the anime turned out to be! I don't think it was as good as Bleedman's comic(If you don't know he draws fan-comics with cartoons in anime form and PPG was probably his biggest comic)
    I liked Bleedman's plotline and artwork a lot and I think it made me like the show slightly less than I would have because I'm spoiled now!
    This is a show that everybody must watch because...well, it's so weird to see the PPG like this, so even some non-fans wanted to see what it was like!
  • Great Concept. Bad Scripting. Wasted Potential.

    Turning the Powerpuff Girls into a Anime seemed like a great and productive idea. But alas, this show does not take the cake: at all. The show opens with complete rehash of characters, plot, and feel. In addition to the changing of the enjoyed setting; the creators atone for it with awful characterization, plotlines, and dreadful scriptwriting. What a sour taste.

    Its like a Sailor Moon reject Anime with a Powerpuff Girls theme. Except, y'know it's story isn't at all appealing (Sailor Moon has redeeming factors). I've seen this show quite a few times and looking at it: it's not a lost cause, if scriptwriters for the next season are fresh and creative and ditch their bastardization of their idea of the characters then the show can be saved and a lot more marketable to consumers above the age of 7.

    Lets hope this happens, otherwise this show is cannon fodder.
  • Professor Utonium created a new chemical to mix with Chemical X and named it Chemical Z. Ken spread the Chemical Z. Three teenage girls got affected by the Chemical Z and got superpowers.

    Cartoon Network made a decent adaptation of the orignal Powerpuff Girls series by making it anime style and it's a very good anime series well it's very cute and has ton of action.


    +Still has all of it's charm
    +Old Powerpuff Characters Return
    +Great Music
    +Nice Artwork


    -The episodes are short
    -Lame Storyline

    So anyway I would give this show a chance it has lots of actions and it's just perfect. Also it need some work on the storyline because the story is that lame. It could come in the american shores as long they don't ruin it but overall a great anime series for everyone and everyone who is a powerpuff girl fan.
  • this show is cute the rowdy ruff boys look better.

    so so i i i i i i ii i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i ii i i i loved it. bubbles rocks my socks. it is awesome and kawaii i wish it was in english.
  • They're kawaii with 33% kawaii! Yes 33% more! Watch it now!

    People always loved the original and so did I, but why do they think this is such a dumb show! I mean like yeah it gets annoying at some point but still! The girls don't have the bugs eyes anymore! Besides they almost have the same qualities. Well sorta. They are 13 yrs old now and Ms.Kenan is still their teacher. Bubbles (Miyako) is more mature but she's the most kawaii, Blossom (Momoko) is boy crazy and has a super sweet tooth, and Buttercup (Kaoru) looks like a boy, likes to fight and has fan girls. Nothing changed that much. But Professor has a son that's similar to Dexter on Dexter's Lab. I highly recommend this show.
  • silor moon rip off

    this was a sailor moon rip off! whats with the whole transformation junk??? i watched one episode and i found it didn't even last a year!! when i say its a sailor moon rip off. i mean by the way the transform and they wear the shortest skirts i have ever seen! why did they go mess with the amazing show which is the powerpuff girls and make this?? its just stupid! i hate hate hate this show and since when did Professor Utonium have a son and who is the mother?? thats all i really have to say about this piece of crap!
  • It could've been great but.....

    There are many things I hate about this:

    1.) The way they portray Blossom is just.... cruel, Blossom is not a girl who likes to eat a lot of food or fall in love so with boys, Blossom in the original power puff girls is smarter and very understanding, even though she's younger than the Blossom in power puff girls z, Blossom is very mature than her.

    2.) The villians' design are okay, But Mojo jojo here sucks so bad, The Mojo jojo in the iorignal ppg is smart, analytical and very talented in creating inventions, The Mojo jojo here in ppgz is just plain childish and all his plots are the common yearnings of a school bully.

    3.) The transformation was too long. waiting for them to transform for like one minute can be annoying, and they'll only transform if the robot dog said "powerpuff girls we need you!"
    How about in drastic times when that robot dog is broken, what would then happen?

    I honestly think it's great show, but it just needs some adjustments.
  • It's a totally cool J-Pop anime version of the Powerpuff Girls.

    I really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really l...o...v...e this show! It's much better than the American version. I love the animation and the plot. And the cute japanese names for Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup, and the whole secret identity thing is so retro and yet cool. I wish they would air it in America. The only way I could see the episodes is on the internet.
  • the show strays from the original with no powers no mayor with pickle fetish and the professor having a son its not the same. the only things i see staying the same are the girls colors a few villans apperances and the girls attitudes.

    i think its a good show it has good animation from what ive seen on youtbe and other websites but it seems to stray from the original story. ive watched every single one of the cartoon network series and many things have changed. 1. they arent sisters. the original the professor created them INTENTINALLY in the animea the beams just hit three random girls 3. in the original they had natural powers without the use of gadgets exept for the episode with the robot in the animea the they no longer have powers instead buttercup has a giant mallety, bubbles has a huge bubble wand , and blossom stays the same with nothing.4. the professsor never had a son or assistant hints the reason why he created the girls in the fist place .i still do plan to watch it when it debuts in america.

    ps. could i get a date on its arrival.thx :)