WOWOW (ended 2006)


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  • Season 1
    • Strange Eons
      Episode 12
      With Master Therion's return, comes the gate to bring about an evil god. With the final challenge in front of him, Kurou prepares to enter the gate for the final battle. What he isn't prepared for is Al wanting to break their contract and head through the gate alone. Will Kurou allow her to do this?moreless
    • 8/10/06
      Kurou and Al head towards the now dormant Black Lodge Base. Upon entering the base they are confronted by a stronger Augustus. Though before they can he begin to fight him, he is killed by an old friend. Things won't be that easy for Al and Kurou, as Ennea is actually Nero of the Anticross. Can they truly fight her?moreless
    • Metallic Warcry
      Episode 10
      With Claudius defeated, peace seems to have returned. That is until Tiberius arrives with Ruri as his prisoner. Kurou and Elsa refuse to back down, but they are no match for the rotting corpse. Could the return of a dear friend turn the tables of the battle?
    • The Hunt
      Episode 9
      Claudius has come to get revenge on Kurou for Caligula's death. Although he is no magician, Kurou goes to face him, but even with the help of Elsa, proves no match for him. With Kurou and Elsa temporarily immobilized, Claudius goes after Demonbane. Can Kurou and Elsa stop him?
    • 7/20/06
      With Al gone, Kurou can no longer pilot Demonbane. With their only hope lost, all seems lost for the people of Arkham. When an old enemy returns, things seem to grow worse, but this time he's here help. But will it be enough to stop Black Lodge?
    • Big "C"
      Episode 7
      Master Therion initiates Black Lodge's master plan. As the Black Lodge HQ hovers over Arkham, many robots begin flying in and start killing everyone. Will Kurou and Al be able to defend the city from this new threat?
    • Quo Vadis
      Episode 6
      While out during a rain storm, Kurou and Al find a girl named Ennea, who has forgotten everything but her name. Coinciding with them find Ennea, a member of the Anticross has disappeared and Black Lodge is dead set on finding the mysterious Nero. Unfortunately for Kurou, he runs into two of the Anticross while they are searching Nero.moreless
    • 7/29/06
      It's a day at the beach. Although it seems like paradise for Kurou, Al's jealousy makes it a living nightmare for him. But will that compare to the series of disappearances and what happened to the people?
    • The Invaders
      Episode 4
      Members of Black Lodge's Anticross invade the Hado estate. Unfortunately Kurou and Al are far from the estate, but are on their way back. With the Anticross drawing closer to Ruri, can Kurou and Al make it in time to save her?
    • Reanimator
      Episode 3
    • Reaninator
      Episode 3
      While Al and Kurou work to recover Al's pages, Doctor West is planning for revenge. When the two clash over some of Al's pages, Doctor West shows off his newest robot, a copy of Demonbane. Although Al and Kurou do their best, they prove to be no match for it. Luckily Ruri has a new attack for them.moreless
    • Evil Shine
      Episode 2
      With the help of Al and Demonbane, Kurou is able to defeat Doctor West. With their victory, Kurou does his best to escape from Al. Unfortunately for him, Al won't let him go so easily.
    • I am Providence
      Episode 1
      Kurou Daijuuji is just poor detective, who had to go to a neighborhood church to eat from day to day. When he is given the job of finding a powerful grimoire by Ruri Hado, he gladly accepts after hearing how much he will be paid. But is he prepared when a cute girl falls on him and claims she is a grimoire?moreless