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This six-part drama series gives a contemporary spin on the legacy of Bram Stoker's Dracula. Philip Glenister (Life on Mars, Ashes to Ashes) stars as Rupert Galvin, who, along with his godson and friends, fights the demons walking the streets of London. Demons was a Shine production for ITV.
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  • Cheap and tacky Buffy rip-off which fabulously failed to secure ratings...

    Un-creative creative team Johnny Capps, Julian Murphy, Peter Tabern ("Hex" & "Merlin") gift British broadcaster ITV1 this horrendously cheap and tacky rip-off of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" presumably intended to cash in on the success of "Primeval" in a fabulously failed bid to aide the never-ending quest to secure ratings by any underhand means necessary. They attempted to hit the ground running with a complicated season opener that set up the season for a slow burning build up towards it's twisted conclusion and kept the audience asking questions about the characters and their motivations but may have alienated Saturday night ITV audiences.

    The nearly legendary Philip Glenister ("Life on Mars") turned down the U.S. version of the time-travel cop show to head up the cast and quickly establishes his domineering presence at the head of the cast despite being somewhat handicapped by an atrocious faux American accent. Support came from a seemingly ill-at-ease Christian Cooke as our pre-destined demon smiter, Holliday Grainger as the prerequisite damsel in distress and Zoe Tapper as the ever-present friendly vampire, but they struggled in Glenister's wake with Cooke and Grainger often descending into melodrama and Tapper barely making her presence felt.

    The filmmakers gave the series flashy fast cuts, slick CGI half-lives, and deliberately over familiar set-up that helped to make the it easy Saturday night family viewing but restricted the development of anything of any originality or interest that would hook viewers and keep them tuning in from week to week. After a somewhat shaky start that seemed very incoherent in its attempt to establish a mystery the series never manage to emerge from the shadow of its influential predecessors as it progressed through its run rapidly shedding viewers week on week as it went.

    "Grade 'em and smite 'em."moreless
  • A completely refreshing, cheesy delight! Over the top in so many ways and as goofy as a monster show could ever hope to be!

    This show is an instant classic! Its corny, over the top, pure cheese at its finest! One of the funniest "monster" shows i think i've ever seen! I had some pretty low expectations of this show, but, after laughing my way through it, I think its one of the finest gems to come out of the bbc in a long time. It seems to just begin to take itself to seriously and then wham, it pushes itself right over the top and off of the edge. The acting was a little hammy here and there, but, the writing was a riot!

    Hopefully this show will last a while!moreless
  • Demons focuses on a teenager called Luke who has discovered he is the last decendant of Van Helsing, the legendary vampire hunter.

    Why people don't like Demons is confusing me. It's a brilliant show full of action and horror. Luke Van Helsing, the main charcter, is going around, killing horrors called "Half Lifes" - while keeping it a secret from everyone he knows and loves. While slaughtering rat men and winged beats, he must discover the truth behind his father's death (S1, EP6: Nothing Like Nebraska). The episodes are exciting, and have vampires, rat men, winged beats, something nasty pretending to be something nice (a.k.a, the so-called "angel") and the revenge fuelled Gladius Thrip. That's my review of Demons in 105 words or so. Thanks for reading!moreless
  • Had it's flaws... but overall...

    I didn't like Luke. I'll be honest. He annoyed me with his overly typical teenage attitude (and I was thinking I don't know a single teen that would be that unconcerned that they have to stop the forces of evil or whatever).

    I also thought Phillip shoulda skipped the American accent. But his acting was superb. Tough, unconcerned and judgemental as hell.

    Zoe Tapper... amazing. Anyone that can play a blind person with this much skill deserves to be praised... only we didn't see enough of vampire Mina... and what a freaking cliffhanger! They couldn't have cleared that story up before cutting the show? *sigh*

    The show had a depth to it that didn't always reach the surface, but when it did, it was powerful. People have mentioned this whole half lives versus human thing was morally wrong- well it was meant to be.

    It was meant to make you think about how mean Galvin really is... who he is prejudiced and doesn't consider that half lives are anything but evil. He's just concerned about how big a threat they are.

    But the show does reveal this otherside of the half lives. Mina's ability to keep her inner 'freak' under control, even after tasters of the life she could have through the season. The informant that obviously meant no harm. The question of why Luke's dad was so willing to be friends with a group of half-lives?

    Things that the show will never again be able to explore.

    Shame, I was really getting into it. And Luke's acting was getting a little better too...

    And Ruby and Mina just rocked. :)moreless
  • Great show about eradicating demons employing methods from the ancient days of Van Helsing.

    Just because there a show like it here,(Supernatural)does not mean that another one can't come out that is just as cool from the U.K. I looked forward to it as much as Supernatural because it was entertaining. A show that deals with getting rid of demons in such a different way than Supernatural. I liked the fact that they use old methods like another new show here that I love, Warehouse 13. If there were more shows like it on tv it would be fantastic especially since the guys from Supernatural are wanting this Season to be their last...I wish that there were more episodes, I would like to see them!moreless

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